Page 2: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 5, 2012

I'm putting together a big crossover project in the same vein as the Crossover Wars. If you're interested in participating, e-mail me at or PQ me here. It'll be fun and also benefit charity.

Top page: So we see a weakness of Astral's, which is psychic phenomena. The villain here is using technology to simulate psychic abilities, but it still works. Also, panel 7 was my attempt at detailing the background a little more, but I ended up with something less impressive than yesterday's special issue page. But at least for one panel you get an idea of what the walls are supposed to look like. Also, the villain mentions the hunt for Energize, from the comic Energize, and the villain Deuce (the very first villain of Heroes Unite). This comic takes place in the year between the first Energize storyline and the Hunted storyline (and one can assume that it's possible Heroes Alliance hasn't even started, or has just started).

Bottom page: Tempore sees the aftermath of the Halloween Cameo Caper 2006. I didn't include characters from every comic who was involved, but oh well. I tried for a different effect in panel 1–Tempore is supposed to be projecting the events of the past into the spot. In that panel, Tempore is seeing Kori of Darian's Friends barrelling towards Bobby (Life) and Steve (Death) of Life and Death on his motorcycle, about to run over Steve's foot. You know, I'm surprised at how well the motorcycle came out in both its panels, considering I am not good at drawing vehicles. Plus, I finally drew Bobby, the more rational counterpart to Steve.
Panel 2 shows the saloon in the same model as it was drawn in Pr0nCrest's part of the caper. Panel 4 has the sheriff of Shelterville. I don't know who created him (but I think it's Ron of Magical Misfits that did). Panel 5 has the web's favorite axe-weilding cameo tracker. First time (of possibly many) that I've drawn him. Since this takes place before the comic actually appeared online (the weirdness of setting it in the past), this Hogan doesn't yet know anything about me. He's just annoyed that there is yet another character to catalogue, and knows there is a creator out there, somewhere, that might need to be axed.
Panel 6 has Steve again, as he appeared for the Blade of Toshubi part of the caper. Don't worry, he got out okay–it's hard to kill Death. Panel 7 has the trunk KAM has been dumped in, which was part of the Darian's Friends and Division/bell part of the caper. Panel 8 has the ever-lovable Wander of Magical Misfits partying. He doesn't have ears like that in the comic, but I decided to go with the way Hobbits are depicted in the Lord of the Rings movies (since he's a halfling). Panel 9 has Nikki the Red from the KAMics, as part of the hilarious bit of the caper when she would up naked on Kori's out-of-control motorcycle.
Hogan's line at the end is supposed to give this bit another time context–when the Crossover Wars started, CameoComic had him, Caitlin and Matt finishing their creation of Scale, who would become the central hero of the Wars. So, he's going off to meet them (likely after changing his clothes, considering that's not what he was wearing in those comics).

Tomorrow: the scale of Astral's predicament and Tempore moves on to another world