hello 2010

Locoma on Dec. 31, 2009

It's over.

2009 was a really busy year for me, paying this expensive flash course with my freelance job while trying to keep on with it wasn't easy. I barely had time to see my friends, let alone make anything else like starting a new comic.
Most of the time I was juggling with the stuff I had to do to get money and the stuff I needed to do to practice for the course, between the usual life's curve balls.

But the year is over and last Monday I got a job as a flash developer. Going to a million interviews I got through the papers finally paid off and I'm starting this year with a fresh perspective, and hopefully more time to get in the “comic” game again.

It's… OVER.

Happy god damn new fucking year!!!!

Edit: here are the source files of this flash if you want to use it/see how it works