Cover: Part 4

Ozoneocean on Jan. 29, 2006

Ah, I’ve just updated Pink Skin, my Pinky TA spin-off comic.

Page description:
The cover for the fourth part of Pinky TA, with some nice uniforms. Pinky on the left in her crimson coat and fluffy hat, Cc on the right in nice white jodhpurs, leggings and peacoat.

There’s a better version of Cc’s outfit in this fan-art pic by Alejkhan. When I posted this page originally, it was after a considerable break… I’d taken ages to do a new page for one reason or another. I thought an update was long overdue and it was about time for another fun cover, so up went this page of Pinky and Cc in these fancy uniforms, not that they actually wear them in Part 4, they only really wear this stuff on the last page of part 3!
Their faces aren’t entirely right here, but then they never are. ^_^
I love cover pages, I really do.

Writer's challenge!
We’ve started up a weekly writer’s challenge in the forums. Each week writers try writing a short fanfic based on the characters of a DD comic we choose for that week. The first comic is Two Moons. See the details and entries here. It’s a fun way to practise your writing ^_^

A note:
Go to my main site for the latest work (27th January, 2006). I’m uploading one page a day with commentary and explanations here.