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Ozoneocean on Oct. 31, 2006

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Tanks and their crews wait in the desert under a hot sun while the colonel in charge of an Imperial Crimean heavy armoured cavalry training battalion gives them a last minute briefing just as they're about to set off. Pinky is bored and not in the mood to listen� -Narration is provided by Pinky.

This tale relates an earlier time in Pinky's history, a few years before the story that's just finished. It's based on a short story I wrote about a year or so ago. As I've said previously, these tanks are based on the German Panzer IV, but modified as I've seen fit. The camouflage is different to the cover pic because that was an old painting and I couldn't be buggered changing it to match this page.
This pic was going to be a simple comic style affair, but I couldn't help myself, so it ends up detailed and painted like usual. Tanks are a pain to paint though: You simply cannot make them painterly, the surfaces have to look flat or they don't look right. -_-
(Unless they're meant to be dirty, which these were not)

*Ok, My idea is to update every Wednesday, all nice and regular… Like Pinky TA used to be in the past.
*Pink skin has updated, check it out.
*Pinky TA updated yesterday as well, with a cover page!