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Ozoneocean on Feb. 6, 2017

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They can't get anything on the radio except for random stuff. Pinky is being rude and Betty is smelly. Pinky gets an idea and Betty runs with it and then says too much. Pinky hears and doesn't take it too well.

Ah the perils of transferring a story into a comic. Things are starting to get clunky and I don't think this flows too well, but at least the story's getting out. This didn't take very long to draw or colour for once, and I love how these colours turned out. Ah, I love colouring in a dark scene!

-I feature in a Cameo in Nancy the Necromancer!
-I've also been cruelly caricatured by Mazoo!
-I have a new Pinky Mecha gallery.
-Hey! Visit the new Pinky TA forum. I had it up at least two days before most people's forums because I got to test the thing early! Hahahaha! Anyway, the forum banner is below… I made sections for general stuff, mecha, characters, millions of self pics and there's even a fan fiction section that makes funny and disturbing reading!

- Code for the latest version of the black and white templates are here.