Part 7 page 7

Ozoneocean on Sept. 25, 2007

Page description:
Pinky throws away her sub machine gun and goes for the flame rifle of one of her fallen victims. It turns out that it's just the thing for clearing the way. Ace comes along, tells Pinky what happened to her mum and Pinky decides they'll stalk out in the Trompers to the sea.

I spent too long messing around with the colour, just having a lot of fun painting, fun with light. This tends to happen when I do dark scenes, it takes longer and longer because you have so much more range with tone on a dark page than you do on a bright one.

Using the BCX button to see the colour version of this page without the messy text. As always, but this one looks cooler than usual because of the effects.
And vote using the Top Web comics button to see how this looks in line art without the added colour. As usual, but rather dull.

Dammit, I've left it so long without commenting on people's work… I have a lot to catch up on today, But I'm going to try and make an effort to start getting back into it. Trouble is, once you stop doing it for a while you get out of the rhythm. :(