Pinky TA 8: Page 4

Ozoneocean on Oct. 10, 2014

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Pinky has some unwanted oversight. Hard to do your job when hose in charge don't give you the resources you need. ;)
I went for a holiday to Europe. It was lovely! I saw a whole bunch of stuff an even met Tantz Aerine in the amazing city of Athens.
I learned some important lessons about landscape there too: In Austalia the horizon is always visble all the way to the curveure of the earth, unless you have some reeeeaaaly strange weather conditions, so basically almost everything is in crystal clear detail no matter how far away… which makes landscaps a bit overwhelming to paint.
However, in most of Europe it's very different. Things fade away into the sky very quickly so you get a lovey hazy, dreamy atmospheric persepctive effect. It was particularly cool in the big fertile valleys in Turkey. Greece seemed to have the clearest skys, but even there the sun isn't quite as harsh as it is in Australia.
Oh, BTW, Genejoke and Banes do some great reveiws of Pinky TA here: I love the mean hillbillyone :D