FRONT COVER: The Adventure Begins Iss. #4 Vol. 1.

MegaRdaniels on Oct. 30, 2022

Hello ladies and gents! Boys and girls, I am proud to present to you all the NEW COVER for Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins Issue #4. Sorry for the year hiatus. I had a lot of trauma this year. Lost a lot of folks, especially one that hits to home. I was extremely busy for the past few months, trying to get the animation, to which as of right now, is in pre-production.

I was flirting around wirth Blender, and modeled some of the characters just in case if I want to do it in 3D, but I think at this point, I kinda wanted it in 2D. I don't know, time will tell.

Anyway, I hope you guys stay for the updates coming up. The date for when the comic premiers is on .

Also, I have a printed comic on my website, if you guys want to check it out. Here is the link for the book:

My website:

Also I am going to revamp my YouTube Channel, so be on the course for that! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your day, Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins, #4 (which will be the LAST ISSUE for this volume) will be uploaded on this date: June 2023.

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