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shino on May 5, 2009

yes im back im sorry, i need'd a lil space away from this and that… im looking for a new life. a lil bumbd out about somethings but i guess i should just try to move on and be happy.
love you guys hope you havent forgoten about me and TH;
llawliet11: thanks for the 5
Sei: hahaha okay ill see what i can do. andi i know she learnd from me ^w^
Urd: yes… we know Cliffy.
Foxy_Kitty_Girl: hehehehe aahhhwww thank you i love you to… and if that's true… i needs to meat you hahaha
konstan_tina99: i should start a fan club.
DreamDutchess: yay!!! DIRTY PICTURES!!! hahaha and yeah it is i LOVE SHANE!!!
Flamingbunz: ahw thank you im trying!
Anonymous: ahw thank you … but how are you?
inlovewithaline: i'd like for you to do that ^w^
Anonymous: ^w^ HOW ARE YOU!?
randomraavi: thats cool i hope you stick around and like what you see.

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