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Ryurei at 6:36PM, Feb. 24, 2012
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4/5 A little too long and live :/ I don't really like songs live. Other then that a really good song.
Excision - X rated (Shambhala 2011)
ayesinback at 3:59PM, March 27, 2012
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1/5 maybe the acme of not-my-thing. In fairness, i listened only to the first 3 mins - skipped the next 4 min.s and didn't like the following 2 min.s any better (although it didn't sound like machines belching anymore)

Florence and the machine - girl with one eye
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
gullas at 10:58PM, March 28, 2012
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I kinda find their style boring. But I like the lyrics of this one


Mastodon - Workhorse
oooh a live version!
Ozoneocean at 8:11AM, April 13, 2012
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Re: Girl with one eye- WOW, that was pretty hot stuff, loved it. 5/5

Re : Workhorse- 2/5 Growling vocals are lame. You're a singer man, fricken SING! It's not a damn kids “lets play pretend” “Listen while I pretend I have a big manly angry voice”. Black Blues singers from the 30's would piss all over you and laugh while they did it. You singing sucks!!!!!!!
Sorry Gulas, nothing personal man, just a bad mood tonight and growling vocal style annoys me. And yes, I was being an arsehole just there.
We can kiss and make up :)


My current music:
“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatas.
By NO means a classic, but it's grown on my subconsious over the years and now I actually sort of like it… Even though I found the singer's whiney little voice repulsive initially… 12 years it has taken this song to get to me.
Plus, the film clip has a nice litlle story.
Genejoke at 4:33AM, April 23, 2012
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Always liked the song, as you say it ain't a classic but it reminds me of an.. interesting time of my life. 4/5
More than this by Sansara
ayesinback at 5:10AM, May 3, 2012
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4/5 - I like it, but there's points where I got the feeling the lead vocal phoned it in.

Architecture in Helsinki Like It or Not
Thanks, Canadia
You TOO can be (multiple choice)
mattboy115 at 2:40PM, Oct. 5, 2012
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3/5 I kinda liked it. They sound a lot like Rusted Root. Only a little less……good. lol
Cave In - Owl City
DragonFire24 at 9:19AM, June 3, 2013
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5/5 I find this song likable.
(Yes I like video game music, retroish, new, or old.)
Blankfield - Danmaku Unlimited 2 - Stage 1
Kroatz at 1:19PM, June 15, 2013
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I'm not that big a fan of videogame music, and the music I do like is usually a bit grander, like the Mass Effect Sound Track, or the Skyrim one.

I've been listening to THIS lately. The original has lyrics, but those aren't really good…
The feeling you get, right before you poop.
That's the best feeling in the world.

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Fascher at 11:14PM, Feb. 10, 2015
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Singing was nice, buut it's just not my kinda music with all that techno
AnisykesComics at 8:39PM, March 14, 2016
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10/10 I really enjoyed this song and might even listen to the rest of the soundtrack at some point.

Here is the song I picked>>>>> Your text to link here… I use to hear this song EVERYWHERE as a kid and only rediscovered it from some fanart made by an artist I watch on Deviantart

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