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What did you get for Christmas?
Ozoneocean at 11:35PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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I got lots of food mostly. :)
I like food, especially chocolates, cheeses and smoked meats. And that's what I got. That, and more. YUMMY!
A few other things as well… I'll be drinking my delicious mead for a while. ^__^

What did you guys get?
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Black_Kitty at 11:37PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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Off the top of my head:

-The Acme Novelty Library
-Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall <3
-Futurama Volume 3 boxset! I now have all four boxsets~
-The Chris Rock Show Season 1 & 2
-A box of chocolates with a $25 Esso giftcard
-A $25 La Senza giftcard
-A $10 giftcard for Second Cup

The Acme Novelty Library came in a big box with packed air. :D Packed air! As silly as it sounds, I loved the box. I don't think I ever got a present in a box that big before so I had a fun time opening that one.
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Beaums at 11:53PM, Dec. 24, 2006
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Off the top of my head:

-The Acme Novelty Library
-Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall <3
-Futurama Volume 3 boxset! I now have all four boxsets~
-The Chris Rock Show Season 1 & 2
-A box of chocolates with a $25 Esso giftcard
-A $25 La Senza giftcard
-A $10 giftcard for Second Cup

The Acme Novelty Library came in a big box with packed air. :D Packed air! As silly as it sounds, I loved the box. I don't think I ever got a present in a box that big before so I had a fun time opening that one.

Oooooooooooh nice! I own all four of the Futurama seasons on DVD, and they've provided hours upod hours of entertainment! The shows themsevles are hilarious and there's even some dopin' special features. (I quite enjoy the audio commentaries myself.) Season 3's a particularly exciting one, what with amazing episodes like "Roswell That Ends Well". Good stuff, good stuff…

And as for me, I'm just about to call it a day and hit the sack, eager to experience those dreams that involve those dancing sugar plums… So yes, I have yet to discover what awaits me beneath the ol' tree.

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kaminari at 12:02AM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Money is easiest to carry back on an airplane *nod*
So I got a pretty BIG sum of that.
I also got a pendant with an unusual stone.
A bell on a beaded string. (I dunno how else I can describe that, but its much nicer than it sounds.)
One of those mini battery powered fountains.
And a feather *nod*

I had hinted that I wanted Simpsons season 9, but… I guess I can use the money for that!

My brother who wanted a laptop opened up his present and was so excited when he pulled out Dell paperwork and the packing.. Only my dad had put this old corny computer thingy I had when I was a little kid in the box. My brother was confused by this and seems to have forgotten that it had been sitting collecting dust on a shelf in the laundry room for like 15 years…… It was amusing…. but then he got his real laptop.

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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Brinx at 10:50AM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Lets see what did I get? I've got…

New speakers for my computer. (And I needed them too cause for awhile i was using headphones as my speakers.)

An internet hub thing and eathernet cords. (Needed casue I was sharing internets with my brother.)

five new DVD's. (Three regular ones and two star wars DVD's with graphic novels.)

Scarf and sock.

A new jacket
A $50 gift card to EB games.
A Nintendo DS ^_^
Edit:Crap I forgot the last thing I got. A note pad and a package of lead pencils.

And that's basically it. Happy Holidays.
Forum games citizens.
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Terminal at 10:57AM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Let's see:

- $75 dollars at Best Buy and an extra $70 dollars.
- This huge Mario plushie (bigger than this one.) >_>

That's pretty damn cool, you know.
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Corvin at 11:18AM, Dec. 25, 2006
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- This huge Mario plushie (bigger than this one.) >_>

that there's one big damn plushie… can't imagine what the other looks like.

i got a shotgun.

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BigFishComic at 12:06PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got…

a bottle of shampoo and some sharpies.

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Green_Tangerine at 12:09PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Hey, merry christmas, everyone!

~ A watch
~ Hot rollers
~ Gift certificate to buy scrubs (I'm a Nursing student)
~ Bath products
~ Purses
~ Clerks II dvd
~ Chocolate, and lots of it!!
~ Art markers
~ The Office wall calendar
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Peipei at 12:17PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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A big bath set :3 with good smelling soaps and sponges and perfume and lotion and body spray ^^ really pretty. And a box of truffels :) yum ^^

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ccs1989 at 2:37PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got a lot of books. One is all about the various newspaper funnies by decade, so it's pretty cool. Then I also got the biography of Charles Addams, a comic called “Tiny Seppuku”, and Cowboys and Aliens.

The funniest gift I got was from, the print on demand publishing company I moderate for. They apparently think I'm over 21, so they sent me this big package with wine, and a bunch of food. Pretty cool. I'll have to regift the wine.

I also got money and chocolate. I asked for a Wii, but none of those are available.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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Generic Human at 2:50PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got a DS, nice!
and I think my brother is giving me his old desktop!
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marine at 3:00PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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A dead best friend, banned from one of my favorite sites (4chan), and called a “fuck face” by my mom.

Other then that, I've had a merry christmas.
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Zac at 3:15PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got an Intuos 3 tablet
a 160 GB External HD
and Money


Yay ^_^
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hat at 4:04PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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All I got was a wii that I didn't want.

What am I gonna do with that!?

I also got an external harddrive, Call of Duty 2 and some new speakers.
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gggggggghhhhhhhh55 at 4:11PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I'm such a spoiled brat. XD My sisters and I were flooded with gifts and things this year. Not going to lie when I say….I LOVED it. ^^

My mom knows the art director of Mad Magazine, and a lot of the artists signed a new issue of it to wish me a Merry Christmas. ^^ It made me very happy. I got “Crow Princess,” a comic by Rachel Nabors. I got the Fruits Basket soundtrack, Inuyasha season 3 box set, some art supplies, many awesome t-shirts, the new FF game I know I'll really enjoy playing, some funky colored nail polish, a Balto 3 DVD, and many other things. I'm very grateful for this year and I am going to get my parents something as a thank you. But I could only afford gifts for my sisters, so I'll have to save a few dollars for my parents myself. X3
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Mazoo at 4:25PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got a lot of good stuff.

I got some clothes, a poster, a couple of books, some money, a wicked jewelry box and 2 CDs.

The Cds are pretty much the highlight of my gifts because they are Peter Paul and Mary and The Kingston Trio, the two bands I pretty much grew up listening to. My family lost the cds we had from when I was little but now I have other ones. Ah, nostalgia.
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suzi at 5:51PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Arrghh I had a fucking fantastic haul this year:

- Bit of Fry and Laurie DVD
- Journal
- Sketchbook
- How to draw portraits book
- The Overachievers (a bestseller written about my high school :/)
- LittleMissMatched socks (one set of knee high, one set of regular, all striped neat colors)
- Crazy ass piano music box
- Pocket French/English dictionary
- Silver Chinese coin looking pendant necklace
- LotR: Fellowship complete movie score (SO awesome…it's 3 discs long and has all of tracks used in the movie, in their entirety, which means more than you hear in the movie!)
- Colored pencils and mini sketchbook
- Printer/copier/scanner, which will remain unopened until I go to college. It's a really really nice size, too, just barely bigger than the scanner bed (which is just slightly over 8.5x11). I didn't even think about a printer at all, but I will definitely need one!
- $100 from my aunt, $100 from my parents, but it's all going straight to my bank account ): oh, and $25 from my parents to spend. Which is actually just going to go towards a stylus for my tablet.
- Blanket from my friend Jack
- Hideous strawberry flavored life-size penis lollipop from my friend Vicky (dear…god…why…)

And the kicker…

A LAPTOP!! Which I am posting from right now. Sitting in bed. Oh god, what a ridiculously amazing present…I asked for one sometime between Christmas, my birthday (in April) and graduation, since I'll need one for college…and…-wow-. I can't believe it happened.

Heh, I feel really spoiled :/
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Juliechan at 6:25PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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-I got some anime I wanted. (Gals season 2, Rayearth season 1 and 2, and Spiral)
-A Spiral Artbook
-Travel guide for Ireland (going on a forien exchange trip over there during the summer)
- Some random jewlry
- Two movies: Phantom of the Opera and Little Miss Sunshine
-As well as a Hello kitty Toaster

Talk about your random holiday gifts.

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Aussie_kid at 6:40PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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A bunch of formal shirts I will never wear.


- Battle Angel Alita #1
- Dragonball #6
- Dr Slump #2
- .hack #1
- Trigun #1
- Zatch Bell #3

- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
- Dead or Alive 4
- Star Wars Battlefront

- Austin Powers
- Click
- Futurama 4 (Got all now)
- Red Dwarf 8 (All them too)
- Law and Order: SVU 3

And yeah, that's everything
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Red Slayer at 7:11PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got a pair of Converse and some money.
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NecroMouse at 8:34PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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Let's see…

-RE 4 for PS2
-Kingdom Hearts (pS2)
-New Super Mario Brothers
-Samsung Digital Camera
-15$ gift card to EB Games
-Lenore: Cooties
-Pre-order for Burning Crusade (w00t)
-Pokemon Leafgreen (don't laugh, I love Pokemon :3)
-Yankee Midnight Cove Candle
-A neato smelling Candle (called Christmas Wreath or something)
-A frilly candle holder I don't need/use
-Lotion which I hate

This is unusually good for what I normally get O_o *hides*
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Whirlwynd at 11:02PM, Dec. 25, 2006
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I got loads and loads of food. Candy, beef jerky, cookies. My grandma was known for her cooking, and every year for Christmas she would make tons of treats. When she died, the rest of the family picked up where she left off. Each of us picks one of her recipes and makes enough of the treats for every household that picked a recipe.

Also received -
A M*A*S*H hat
In the Heat of the Night DVD
Alpha Shade Volume 1
A sweatshirt from my college Ultimate team
A Philadelphia Eagles shirt
A deck of tarot cards
Brian Setzer Orchestra album
A Henry Mancini compilation

And a pizza oven from a white elephant exchange.

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Beaums at 12:38AM, Dec. 26, 2006
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I faired pretty good this Christmas… and there's more to come on Boxing Day. (Plus, let's not forget the packages sent in the mail that haven't made it yet.) But here is a list of all the Christmas presents received this year that I can name off the top of my head:

-Aerosmith: The Making of Pump (a pretty old DVD, but it still packs a punch)
-The Simpsons Season 9 (I now have every season of The Simpsons that has been released)
-Homestar Runner: Everything Else Vol. 2

-Big Shiny Tunes 11 (I now have every single Big Shiny Tunes CD that has been released)
-The Simpsons: The Yellow Album
-The Simpsons Sing the Blues
-2 HMV cift cards (they're in the “CDs” section because they came in empty CD cases)
-a photo album CD from one of my friends

Books, etc.
-I Am Plastic: the designer toy explosion
-Cartoon Workshop: How to create humour
-Dirty Little shirt Lifter - Book One: 12 Postcards
-Moleskine Storyboard Notebook

-a Sony alarm clock/radio (which is ideal because I rarely get up on time for school)
Best of all…
-an Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet (Hells yes!)
-Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (which came with the tablet)
-Corel Painter Essentials 3 (which also came with the tablet)
-a Cuisinart Popcorn Maker (which is actually for the whole family to share)

-Pigma Graphic and Micron inking pens
-Axe 34-7 Musk (deoderant bodyspray)
-some fancy n' formal shirts
-a Simpsons shirt
-candy (including a big ol' case of gum :P)
-GetSmallSeries by Upper Playground (a vinyl toy)
-2 Critter Splitters by Kid Robot (vinyl toys)
-new winter gloves (which I desperately needed)
-a new toque
-Subway gift certificates
-a new hoody
-socks (YEAH!)


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AQua_ng at 5:29AM, Dec. 26, 2006
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team.

That's it.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Aurora Moon at 9:02AM, Dec. 26, 2006
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I got:
–Okami for ps2 (hell yeah)
–Ati video card (which I was needing badly, snice my other video card is getting old and worn out… causes my games to act up. can't even play obivion anymore =( but thank god my bro knew what I needed exactly =) ).

and I also got a bunch of home appliance stuff, such as the instant pasta cooker, silocoine cookware, and other stuff like that. which is pretty good, conidsering that I do cook a lot. :)
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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sandy at 9:16AM, Dec. 26, 2006
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Everything I got I love.

- Dunkin donuts gift certificates, forty dollars worth of java. Hmmm, coffeeeee…
- a container of hershey's kisses. yum!
- Ghiradelli chocolate squares with mint cream inside. More yumm!
- a floral print apron, because I enjoy cooking also.
- a cat calander for my wall
- a tea light candle holder and votive cup, very pretty love it.
- a pair of gold dangly ear rings with beautiful precious stones inside.
- $1,000 from my mom and dad to put into my savings account.
- a hallmark keepsake christmas animated decoration.
- lottery tickets
- new pj's.

And that pretty much sums up what I got for christmas. And I'm very happy with everything. Since I normally take care of my own electronics and art supplies I figured I'd sprig for the big stuff for myself.
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LIZARD_B1TE at 12:57PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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-Final Fantasy XII
-Devil May Cry
-A thirty dollar Targets gift card
-Three Bionacle sets
-Suikoden Tactics
-Resident Evil: Outbreak

I plan to use the money to obtain Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.
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WingNut at 1:31PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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My mom took a screenshot of when my comic was featured and framed it for me. It was really sweet. She made it look really nice to, nice photo print paper. :)

Also, I got my passport, so Canada and Australia here I come. (The top of my rather lengthy travel destinations list)

It was a good Christmas. Got to be with my most awesome family.
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LIZARD_B1TE at 2:39PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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Oh, I forgot in my last post: A chair! I got my very own chair to sit on while playing games, no more messing up the furnature or buying chord extensions that break!
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