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Eviltwinpixie at 3:10AM, March 25, 2007
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So we've seen your hero's design in the other thread, and I'm sure it's AWESOME. But unless you wrote a ton of stuff on your pic, we don't know a whole lot about him/her.

So let's put that here. ^_^

Name: Bite Girl.
Age: 20
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Super biting ability, immunity to related diseases.
Strengths: Compassion, diplomacy, ability not to hold grudges, teeth, FIERCENESS. Grr.
Weaknesses: Can't see without glasses, mushy, soppy centre, absolutely no balance whatsoever.
Short Bio: Bite Girl has been biting things and people from an early age, and in adulthood, realised she could use this skill to right wrongs in the world. She especially enjoys biting off faces. She opposes registration, fearing her husband and family may be at risk if her identity is known, from all those people who are now missing faces.
She likes cake a lot.
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laughing warlock at 6:16AM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Powerpuff Man
Age: 19
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Flight, Super Strength, & Laser Beams. Y'know, the typical generic super powers.
Strengths: A Stephen Colbert like attitude for taking initiative as well as the ability to recite every episode of Digimon by heart.
Weaknesses: Inability to mentally separate fantasy from reality. Thinks his cross-dressing is justified in order to protect his secret identity despite the fact that he's fighting on Zac's side and therefore he has no secret identity. Has a fear of godless killing machines (aka bears).
Short Bio: After being put in an insane asylum for his mental problems, Ian's fate didn't seem that promising until he found a magic genie in his crack pipe! With his first wish, he asked for superpowers and a cool costume to go with it. The genie, seeking to play a trick on him, gave him the same powers/outfit as the powerpuff girls. Rather than take it harshly, Ian was overjoyed and immediately took off. Then the Drunk Duck Civil War started and a one-strip-gag turned into a player in the event.
I'll remember you in therapy.
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mcman at 8:57AM, March 25, 2007
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Name:Arctic Wolf
Allegiance:Mr. Riot
Powers:Manipulation of water in the air in the form of ice. Mad fighting skills with the glaive.
Strengths:Cold Climates, Leadership, Moist environments, Loyalty, Agility
Weaknesses:Extreme Heat, Cats, Doggie Treats, Fresh Meat
Short Bio The product of a genetic combination between wolves and humans, he obtained the strange side-effect of his incredibly cold body temperature and his control of ice and snow. His body adjusted to this, so now he is very sensative to heat. In order to avoid constant pain, he air conditions himself constantly if he is in an environment above 60F. His form also gave him increased dextarity and strength, allowing his physical combat skills to improve. When he escaped the strange science station, he searched for a cause, finding it in Riot's cause. Knowing not who he may have been before, anonymity is ideal for him and he will follow Riot till his dying day.
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Hero at 9:01AM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Hero
Age: 20
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Orbiting network of satellite computers capable of surveilance, holographic playback, and make handy projectiles among other functions. Utillity belt with various gadgets. Can skate. Has capabillity to send pirate radio and televison broadcasts at the press of a button.
Strengths: Speed, Intelligence, Tactics, Deduction, Mechanics, Technology, Motivation, Human Resource Skills, Good at providing support for other heroes and generally at defense and evasion, High stamina and endurance.
Weaknesses: Not a powerhouse, relatively little upper body strength, thinks he knows kung fu but doesn't quite, nearsighted.
Short Bio: Born into a technological age to mild mannered technical service folk, our young hero learned at an early age an affinity for computers, constructing gadgets and taking things apart with screwdrivers. Learning to read and love reading at an early age as well, his introduction to the world of comics and novels led the heroic boy to have an overexaggerated sense of justice. When the boy saw the state of urban decay in the world, at an old enough age (when he could create his own comics) he took up arms and legs and gadets and other stuff to assist the world and it's heroes in their fight. Taking his moniker from a famous inventor, he not only fights crime himself, but shows others the path of righteousness from spontaneous radio and television broadcasts.

Hero has long since been patrolling the streets/forums of Drunkduck at twilight, protecting the rights of the innocent funkadellic masses and showing the man that there's always someone to stand up, dig? So when one of his informants told him that the cubes in office decided to start playing the name game, he picked up the horn and put it out for all those who those who weren't digging it to make the scene.
K.A.L.A-Dan: Rival!
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Glarg at 9:08AM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Glarg
Age: 23
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: The ability to transform into a super robotic butt kicking machine…unfortunitly he only has 2 forms.
Strengths: Liquir, Nudity, Weapons, Liquir, Hooters, Anger, and Liquir.
Weaknesses: Females, He is a Pervert with a HUGE Ego.
Short Bio: Glarg is an Alien from the planet Boanitia,a planet that used to be ruled by a race called Bonasions…until an evil robot race called the Otonatons raised a war and killed their race because thir blood contained a certain rare chemichal they needed to fuel their powercells. This war has gone on for years until finally The Otonatons were running low on their “Fuel” from the mass slaughtering. They tried to Genetically enchance Bonasions (To increase the amount of the “Certain Chemichal” )and keep them in holding cells to reproduce and fuel their machines. These Genetically Enchanced Creatures were a combination of Bonasions and Otonatons….Boanitians if you will. Glarg escaped the holding cells undetected and figured the only way to stop these beings was to blow up the planet. Glarg made a risky decision and activated the Black Hole Generator that was on his ship. It created a Blackhole that sucked up the whole Galaxy that Glarg was in. He was almost sucked in…but it evaporated (due to it being Relativly small) before his ships atoms were torn apart. Now Glarg waunders the universe…insearch of more Bonasions/Boanitians so he can Reproduce and Repopulate.
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Dockworker at 10:47AM, March 25, 2007
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Name: BlackVolt, a.k.a DockWorker, a.k.a Jon
Age: 20
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Electrokenesis (ability to build and mold electrial charges into offencive/defensive techniques), can absorb electicity from just about any local source (battery pack on his back, power lines, enemy technology, etc.)
Strengths: always good humored, strong scientific backround, inventive in the heat of the moment, sticks to his convictions even in the face of death
Weaknesses: Water (if he's splashed while molding electicity he it'll short circuit him), heads too often in the clouds, easily distracted by puppies.
Short Bio: Biological Science major and artist Jon Klein has always been eccentric, nearly to the point of lunacy. Periodically he has been sent to insane asylums where he was administered electro-shock therapy. In an unexpected side effect, the energy from these sessions was stored in his body do to some anomolous chemicals in his blood stream.
Jon is a comic book junky, as such, he has grown up with the ideal that “with great power comes great responsibility” and he now defends kind streets of West Chester as The incomprehensible BlackVolt.
“Denim Is the new Spandex” The Denim Avenger! Check out our new website: Crash'n'Klein comics!
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mechanical_lullaby at 2:46PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Mags
Age: n/a
Alliegence: Zac
Powers: She's robotically enhanced. Her right hand is a mecha-hand/canopener, and her left arm is equipped with a base capable of grasping death machines such as guns.
Strengths: No real strengths other than the mechanical arms. She is human except for the added machinery.
Weaknesses: electrical fields freeze her up, her own gun/any fired gun from within a foot away, rain and sodium chloride.
Short Bio: People think that she must have gone insane after the operation. She smiles whether or not she is happy. She feels heightened emotions and is over-the-top sometimes. She thinks that destroying those who will not conform will fix the injustice done to her own body by those who did conform. She also likes to touch Zac's hair.

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PinkDiapers at 3:24PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Pink Diapers
Age: 24
Allegiance: Mista Riot!
Powers: Flight, Strength, can somehow find art work, random sketches, supplies, ferrets, cans of food, comic books and radio active peanuts in her complete and total mess of an office.
Strengths: Knowing which direction you can go to get a decent bacon cheeseburger.
Weaknesses: Indecent bacon cheeseburgers.
Short Bio: After spending too much time next to a magically cursed scanner (The Scanner of Ill Refute) and then staring at it dumbly wile the rays shot through her brain, Pink Diapers accidentally gained super powers. She didn't realize this for several days though do to extreme inactivity in front of the computer and or drawing pad. Once she did realize though she quickly made herself a super suit (which is called a perv-suit by her significant other). Occasionally she would fight crime, you know when she remembers, and it's hard enough with a crappy job and a web comic to find free time, so why don't you just get of her back already. Now she must fight against Zac's horde to keep her terrible secret from coming out. Dun-dun-DUN!
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LIZARD_B1TE at 4:10PM, March 25, 2007
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NAME: Lizard Bite a.k.a. Nnaes
AGE: 15
POWERS: …. uh….. Hey what's that behind you? *runs off*
STRENGTHS: Sarcastism, tactical thinking, basic human things…
WEAKNESSES: ….I'm human, moron.
SHORT BIO: Someone who has chosen a neutral side in the Civil War, but that angered 5 gods of the internet, who desire the war's continued existance. They imbued him with a homicidal alternate personality called Nnaes, whose mission is simple: to ensure that the war continues, no matter the cost.
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Greenbot at 4:17PM, March 25, 2007
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Age: 4 (In Robot Years)
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Body made of hard green metalloid. Has his right hand as a chainsaw but can replaced with other things (laser beam, buzzsaw, etc.) His left hand is a hard iron fist.
Strengths: Has a very high tolerance for pain, Is always in the front lines for he has no fear and is basically a skilled killing machine.
Weaknesses: Can be reprogrammed to fight with someone else, so I guess loyalty. Plus he needs to be recharged every 24 hours or his memory will shutdown causing him to be unpredictable
Biography Built by America's greatest scientists in World War II, Greenbot was supposed to be a one man army. They found a rare green metalloid to make him out of so no bullet or missile could penetrate. However when they finally gave life to this machine,he attacked his creator out of confusion and pure rage. Desperately punching his way out, it wasn't until he found the MechaBlade that the true chaos was unleashed. With this weapon nothing could stand in his way. When he escaped covered in blood he decided to head toward California…..more to come.
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Kadiro_Kapira at 6:06PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Blitzman
Age: 22
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Super speed
Strengths: Strategist level intelligence, desire to protect friends/allies
Weaknesses: Attractive & seductive women, football (you'll get no help from him if a good game is being televised), french fries
Short Bio: Living in Ancinville (a city of slums), Blitzman occasionally ventures out to protect the citizens from crimes he deems important enough to prevent. Since he doesn't believe in secret identities, nearly everyone in Ancinville knows his identity despite him wearing a helmet (which he only wears because running at superspeed really sucks with no eye protection -AND- it's a modified version of his college football helmet). When he hears Rosencron's decree, he anticipates an upcoming conflict.
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Generic Human at 7:17PM, March 25, 2007
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Powers:Can change to look like other people (hence being the generic human, everyone yet no one.), the ability to make anything liquid alcoholic
Stengths:Can mix some mad drinks, knows ninja moves, stealthy
Weaknesses:Video games, youtube videos, bullets…you know the usual things that destroy humans physically and mentally. McDonalds too.
Bio:Bowie hails from a little known island south of the desolate Canada known as “Manhattan”. As a child going through her ninja training; an ancient style which had been passed down her clan since her grandfather got that job working as a delivery boy at the local chinese resturant, she came across a television. And on that TV was a commercial. And on that commercial was a drink. An alcoholic drink being mixed by a man surrounded by a white halo(special effects, she didn't learn till later). This man was a bartender. And from that moment Bowen knew that she wanted to mix drinks for a living. Sadly, she had to become a ninja like her father, and her father's father. But not her father's father's father…he worked as an accountant. Well anyway…Bowen grew up never feeling fulfilled…her desire to bartend haunted her dreams. Well luckily, a new club opened up where the theme was Pirates vs. Ninjas so Bowie got to fulfill her quest the bartend, and be a ninja. But trouble ahead! They wouldn't hire Bowen because it turned out she wasn't any good at mixing drinks! So off Bowen went, on a quest to find a master who could teach her the secrets of mixing the perfect drink. She came across a sprawling city full of the latest technology and awesomeness. This city was Chicago. Here she found her master, and went to the coolio art museum. For two years she trained to become the perfect bartender. She was the most promising student that her master had ever had, so he showed her his secret techniques. Bowen went back to the bar, and became head ninja/batender in no time.
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Toadman at 7:17PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: The Toadman (And Jose the Sock Puppet)
Age: 17 (Jose's 55)
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: High jumping ability, super long and strong tounge, can stick to smooth surfaces, and can store water in his body during the dry season
Strengths: Excellent at fighting underwater, is poisonous if eaten
Weaknesses: Being green, rough surfaces, snakes, and fire
Short Bio: His mother wanted a son. His father, a geneticist, wanted a frog. They got The Toadman. The Toadman got Jose, the talking Sock puppet, from a gypsy (or maybe just some really smelly old lady). He considers himself a “super-hero”, though he hasn't done alot of super-heroing. Until, that is, that Wizard of Oz wannabe Rosencron decided to make nicknames illegal. The Toadman, having a not-so-attractive name, decided to team up with Mr. Riot and protect the aliases of Drunk Duckers.

He dragged Jose along for the ride, too.
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Captain Jim at 7:36PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Captain Jim
Age: 15
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: Green Lasers from hands,Mild Reality Bending(AKA random stuff happening),form shifting Wiener Dog,Has a ROFLCOPTER for transportation
Strengths: Long Distance combat, confusin enemies with disturbing logic
Weaknesses: The real world,ACTUALL logic,Lasers deflected by shiny things,dog easily distracted by food.
Short Bio: Captain Jim(Who's real name has nothing to with Jim) was browsing the internet one day.Suddenly,he saw a super-power package (John Lennon Sunglasses) on ebay.He bought a pair for him and his dog,Chilli.They got a ROFLCOPTER shortly after with there Hero money.Captain Jim found out about the Registration Act from Rosencron's mail packet “The Registration Act and You:All you need to know about this friendly new law”.Jim was appalled.He just couldn't risk letting his identity out.People might send his loved ones Spam and ads for Free VIAGRAS in their email.He had to join…THE RIOT!
<—- This image is broken, but I support Riot

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Freux at 8:57PM, March 25, 2007
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Name: Freux
Age: 21
Allegiance: Zac.
Powers: Has no ‘neato’ abilities, really. Has little wings, but can only sort of flutter-jump. ( hey, it does add to her vertical quite a bit. XD ) Is pretty fast and agile and carries lots of pointy things upon her person.
Strengths: Has no remorse, is fast, can ‘fly’, opponents can't see what she's looking at because her eyes are hidden behind emo glasses of mysteryyyyy, is on so much medication that she can barely feel pain.
Weaknesses: Doesn't always think things completely through, obscenely paranoid, quick tempered, ADD, usually sides with whatever pleases her the most even if it isn't the right thing.
Short Bio: While having other people knowing her identity is scary enough, she can't stand to be in the dark about someone else's, so she's with Zac. It isn't the hair. … Really. She has no idea why she has black wings, but thinks it adds to her look. Her background.. is anyone's guess, really.
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ovion at 5:43AM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Ovion
Age: 22
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Super Intelligence, Head of an Evil Organization, Gene Boosted for Strength, Speed and Endurance. Also, can control any dead creature (create Zombies, etc, general Necromancer stuff.) - Control of the dead can only be done while wearing the Robe of Gaia.
Strengths: Cold blooded killer, Smart, Paranoid, Army of minions at beck and call.
Weaknesses: Armour needs a nearby support team, Power of the dead requires willing human sacrifices to unlock the case to the Robe of Gaia. has a soft spot for puppies.
Short Bio: Born to a poor family, started a life of petty crime. soon formed an evil organization from his gang of crooks to fund his plans for world domination.

Is now halfway through his preparations, and has made really really cool armour.

Has joined riot because his alias keeps him safe from his enemies.
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Tantz_Aerine at 7:11AM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Tantz Aerine.
Age: 28
Allegiance: Neutral, but if her proverbial b—s are really busted, then Riot!!
Powers: Lethal paper cuts to exposed jugulars, a mean quill that's MUCH mightier than a sword, and the capacity to write stories to die for.
Strengths: Fairness, objectivity, geekiness, packs a good punch, level headed, generally the one who is quiet until she decides it's enough, whereupon she kicks serious b***.
Weaknesses: Can't take liquor, won't take liquor, can't wake up early and can't see near without glasses- as in, can't read print. Will also freak out at techno music.
Short Bio: Tantz Aerine has been happily writing extremely long but engaging fantasy sagas and drawing comics about all sorts of unconventional heroines and those around them. Woke up one day being bugged by civil war advocates to take sides and did not find it logical to engage in war. But then unfortunately, the big bad grey warped wizard of DD Oz sent out minions. And Tantz absolutely hates minions. Though still declaring neutral, she will not bug Riot and his side and will definitely *ahem* actively offer non-help to Zac's side which unfortunately stands for oppression and extreme rudeness.
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beljanbobo at 1:37PM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Berglind
Age: 16
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Flying, Ice powers, and being really weird
Strengths: has great knowledge on material arts and ninja techniques (from anime and manga, can't really do them right though)
Weaknesses: Low stamina, nerdy, mood changes.
Short Bio:Because she has lived on a icy rock (iceland) all those 16 years of her life. Berglind started to gain powers to create and control ice.
Her mood can change in a matter of seconds. Her most dangerous mood is when she is feeling weirdly happy, random things tend to happen then.
The reason why she has wings is unknown yet but they tend to randomly appear when she needs them, and to randomly disappear when she needs them even more.
She has a really evil humor and will laugh at you if you fail, and she will laugh even harder if you are miserable.
Joined Zac because of his bishie hair.
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Phantom Penguin at 3:24PM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Joseph Kassabian (codename phantom penguin)
Age: 20
Allegiance: Zac
Strengths: Can run really far and fast. Large machine gun means tons of dead stuff
Weaknesses: Bullets, land mines, explosives in general.

What i'm on Zac's team so that means i'm me right?
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Chris chris at 4:06PM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Babe aka: Baby Girl
Age: 19
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Not very supernatural. She does have a heighten sense of hearing.
Strengths: She's able to use almost all sharp pointy objects, more specifically a butcher's knife. She's pretty good in hand to hand combat, but even better at sword fighting. (Watch out for the swing of her cleaver.)
Weaknessess: She has poor eyesight without her glasses, and she's easily sickened around milk. She's also anti-social. Don't get her into a small tight space, she's very colstophbic.(spelling?)
Short Bio: When she was eleven years old, the dead came to live and killed everyone in the small town she lived in. Baby girl killed her own parents and sister with a butcher's knife she still has to this very day. She now goes around and kills any zombie or undead being walking the earth. She has very few friends of whom she doesn't keep in contact with. She's not too badly out of sanity, but she lingers insanity compared to most normal people her age. Babe is the kind of person you go to if you need someone killed, brutally, and then baried somewhere far away. For the loss in eye sight, she makes up for greatly in hearing things. She could hear the mouse climbing through the walls of an old house.

I'll have a pic of her up soon.
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Azaeziel at 4:39PM, March 26, 2007
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Name: Karen
Age: Several Hundreds of Thousands of years. Very long time. Don't ask for exactness, or she gets a bit upset.
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Incredibly fast reflexes, able to travel between dimensions freely, Can create fire at will (or at anyone else who gets in her way), Superb hand to hand fighting skills (she has six arms and can fight with all of them simultaniously while wielding various swords, axes, flails, spears, assorted candies, Etc…), Total Immortality (She can't die. Though her physical form can be destroyed, it just reforms back in the bowels of the Abyss. She gets upset when that happens.)
Strengths: Hand to hand fighting, unafraid of death or physical destruction.
Weaknessess: Knows she cannot die, so sometimes takes what others would view as unneccesary risks and chances. Does not play well with others. Because death is meaningless to her, she frequently does not think of how it might affect her allies.
Short Bio: Karen spent an unknown length of time fighting in the great Blood War between the Demons and Devils of the Lower Planes. She finally got to retire from army life and go home to try and live a more peaceful life, but this was not to be. The Abyss had changed drastically from what she had remembered it, and it was now filled with ‘laws’ and ‘societal rules’. She has tried to fit in, but with the passing of the ‘Registration Act’ and it's endangerment of her most bestest friend (Azaeziel), she has come out of retirement, taken up her swords again, and now fights to keep her friends safe from such vile concepts as ‘laws’ and ‘rules’.
Character Pic:
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SarahN at 5:28PM, March 26, 2007
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Name: S.N.
Age: 19 1/2
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Metal Ruler skillz, blue eyes that cause apathy and headaches
Strengths: Interrogation, farely quick on her feet…erm…good long-term memory
Weaknesses: Sweets, caffeine, bad eye-sight, shiny things, can change her opinion abruptly, impatient
Short Bio: Sarah came from the dark, dreary world that is Ohio, USA…which is really all you need to know. It sure explains the madness.
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ozoneocean at 5:46AM, March 27, 2007
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Name: Ozone Ocean
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Knows everything about everything! Leadership skillz! A hat that can win the hearts of many. A steal shafted umbrella that can stab through things… Oh, and my impenetrable logo shield for protection!
Strengths: My amazing style, lovely hair, and sexy winter clothes.
Weaknesses: Vanity, hot weather, deadlines…
Short Bio: From the magical land of Australia, which is often called Oz for short (just like me!). Is driven to fight to maintain the ultimate order, preserve good, right, and justice: as he sees it!
Character pic:
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Cheeko at 8:04AM, March 27, 2007
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Name: Cheeko
Age: 19
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: Transformation! Cheeko can change from her typical “anthro” form to a fully draconic creature. When not in her transformed state, she has regular strength and size, but also large teeth, claws, and her tail. Transformed, however, she has increased strength and the ablities to jump large expanses and crunch through metal with her jaws. She CANNOT breathe fire unless she eats unhealthily spicy food.
Strengths: Cool headed, logical, and hopelessly optimistic
Weaknesses: Hopelessly optimistic, the word “plump”, and nuts
Short Bio: Cheeko first appeared sometime in 2003 or 2004. Very little is known about her because she prefers anonymity above all else. The new policy of “real names only” is the main reason why she has joined the dissenters of Mr. Riot. If she ever actually put her real name online her mom would kill her, and she also prefers keeping her real identity in the dark. It's fun when people guess. She currently attends art school.
Character pic:

-Romans 8:28-
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MrRiot at 10:40AM, March 27, 2007
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Reading all of your bios was so much fun…I had to do mine too.

Name: Mr.Riot.
Age: 26
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Bad-Assery
Strengths: Hitting things, jumping off of other things, making Captain America-like speeches when the moment calls for it.
Weapons: Adamantium/vibranium blend folding chair
Weaknesses: Beer, cute goth girls, chocolate chip cookies
Short Bio: Since the tender age of 13, Mr. Riot has lived in the annonynimity of the internet. Trained in the arts of the Ninja by watching GI Joe reruns and mimicing Snake Eyes' moves, and hardened by a tour of duty in the US Marine Corps…he cannot stand idly by as he sees the freedoms of his fellow internet geeks threatened. Combining two of his childhood heroes (Snake Eyes and Captain America), and adding in his propensity for hitting people with a folding chair, Mr. Riot has become the rallying point for the anti-registration forces and will not rest until he's secured the freedoms of his newfound friends. He also likes pie and it's many luscious fillings.

Visit my comic: THE PATH: Lovecraftian Horror meets Arthurian Legend
Visit my website: Old Dying Kitty
Proud Co-Founder/Member of Mediocre Militia
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TheTopHat at 11:57AM, March 27, 2007
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Name: TopHat
Age: 19
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: None (im a little wee helpless human…really!)
Strengths: Cornetions - can get here gubby little mits on anything if she really tries. Not a bad shot and has cool gadgets (night vision et)
Weapons: Guns, Bladed top hat, explosvies and some more ‘intesting’ tricks.
Weaknesses: Depentent on her suff, no powers her-self. Sambuca.

Short Bio: Hearing of the act that would abolis the right to anmoity, tophat took up arms and when to find the figerhead of the opersion. That and she dosn't like being told what to do.
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black_emerald at 12:55PM, March 27, 2007
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Name: Black Emerald
Age: Unknown; appearance around 26.
Allegiance: Rare, but in this case, Riot.
Powers: Can summon a Shrouding Darkness to blind everyone else nearby, however he and up to five other people, can be made to see through the darkness. Can also cast a searing emerald fire.
Strengths: Effective support weapon using Shrouding Darkness and can easily manipulate his fire to burn in specific ways (i.e. hot and painfully). Maintains physically fitness, and is a good hand-to-hand fighter.
Weaknesses: Overly independant and not really a team player. Often has his own agenda, which will take priority if possible, and cannot be counted upon to come to anyone's aid.
Short bio: Not completely aware himself, Black Emerald only had memories from the time he has come to call ‘The Conception’; of these, the oldest are fragmented and disturbing. His goals are shrounded in the darkness he wields, but currently they are intertwined with the defence of the identities of his fellow Rioters as he seeks to remain hidden from that past that seems to be hunting him.
Very short bio: Arrived, had powers, joined Riot.
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Black_Kitty at 5:17PM, March 27, 2007
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Name: Black Kitty
Age: …5 cat years?
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Possess an insatiable hunger and as a result, can and will eat anything. If she can't bite through it, she'll swallow and her stomach can inflate to accommodate her meals. Jaw can also unhinge (think of how a snake eats.) Can also walk on two legs and talk.
Strengths: A strong stomach
Weapons: Her mouth and tummy. Has a decent set of teeth and claws too.
Weaknesses: Is always hungry ;____; Oh why won't someone feed me?!
Short bio: Black Kitty is a chubby cat that heard about DrunkDuck a few years ago. Looking forward to a delicious meal of alcoholic waterfowl delight, she soon realized that there are no duck dishes. Only webcomics. And worse, those webcartoonists are so scrawny! What's up with that?! But there are cookies. So she stayed.

Unknown to everyone on DrunkDuck, she's actually a highly advanced proxy for the real Black Kitty. (Her insatiable hunger is actually because she needs a lot of fuel to operate.) After a bad experience as a superheroine, the real Black Kitty faked her own death and stays at home as a recluse. Her only communication with the world is through her chubby proxy cat.
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LIZARD_B1TE at 5:22PM, March 27, 2007
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Unknown to everyone on DrunkDuck, she's actually a highly advanced proxy for the real Black Kitty. (Her insatiable hunger is actually because she needs a lot of fuel to operate.) After a bad experience as a superheroine, the real Black Kitty faked her own death and stays at home as a recluse. Her only communication with the world is through her chubby proxy cat.

Now that you have said this, I should point out that it should read: “Previously unknown but now commonly known to the people of Drunk Duck…”
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Black_Kitty at 5:33PM, March 27, 2007
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Now that you have said this, I should point out that it should read: “Previously unknown but now commonly known to the people of Drunk Duck…”

Or I could just eat the whole lot of you. You might make a good stew.

(I thought about not saying anything but then I worry it'll just become troublesome later. I kind of see this as sort of a comic jam kind of community project so I can't expect people to know what I plan. ^^;;; )

Here's the bio for the real Black Kitty:

Name: Black Kitty
Age: N/A
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Enhanced senses, agility, and strength. High tolerance of pain. Good balance, excellent fighting skills. Ability not to catch a cold while wearing tight superhero outfits.
Strengths: Beating the stuffings out of people, pretending to be dead so everyone can leave her alone.
Weapons: Arm guards that end in sharp claws. Explosives. Tail is part of the outfit and can act as a whip.
Weaknesses: Five years of being a recluse means she's a bit rusty when it comes to working with others. Values her privacy just a wee bit too much.
Short Bio: After a particularly bad experience as a superheroine, she decided she had enough. She faked her own death and lived her life as a recluse ever since. She interacts with the world through a proxy cat which she communicates and controls through a microchip planted at the base of her neck. The cat does not need constant supervision, it can act temporarily on its own.
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