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Everyday Observations of Strange Humans
strixvanallen at 6:45PM, May 13, 2015
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@ozoneocean: Tell me about that! It was fun, but I definitely got lucky. xD
KimLuster at 7:43PM, May 13, 2015
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@Strix: Wow that creepy chat encounter was… creepy!! :D
ozoneocean at 9:36PM, May 13, 2015
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The manager of Athens House Hostel in Athens has a thick helmet of dyed coal black emo hair, he wears white clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a teen boyband member. He creeps about and talks in a bird-like falsetto. And he's in his mid 70s.
Nothing wrong with that, but it took some getting used to.
I'll be back there on Sunday D:
There was a guy on the train back from the Mexican border in San Diego, he reminded me of something from Invader Zim… sort of like a wide capital H: legs straight but wide spaced. I think that's because his shorts were very wide and falling down and his tummy was big. There was a big brown stain on the back of those shorts. His eyes had black dark rings around them… staring out of deep shadowed sockets of his skull. All his teeth were perpetually  bared in a very worrying grin.
It was very unerving to have him stare at you because he'd just look at you unblinking, with that bared grin.
Like a zombie.
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kawaiidaigakusei at 8:22PM, Oct. 15, 2015
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I was waiting in a short line at the key kiosk at Walmart when the woman in front of me get into a conversation with one of the cashiers that included the cashier's entire life story.
I was not trying to listen in on their conversation, but what I heard was this:
He is dating someone who already has a son. He has a daughter from another relationship and his girlfriend currently has another baby that is “cooking” (his words, not mine). The baby/fetus is five months along.
Anyway, the lady went on to ask if he was married and he said, “Oh no, THAT is not for me. You see, everything changes once you sign that paper. I mean, everything is fine and is going good right now, but you never know what is going to happen a few months down the line. Like if a woman started flirting with me, I would flirt back even though I got my girl and I know she would do the same.”
It turned out the guy was twenty-six years old. I wonder if he had a point and if it is true that a relationship changes its course once official marriage documents get signed.

Oh, and the woman who he was talking to rang up an entire counter of random stuff and when the total price showed up, she ended up not wanting any of it because it was too expensive.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
ozoneocean at 1:48AM, Nov. 12, 2015
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Sounds like he doesn't actually think too deeply about anything, he just falls into relationships like a dog or some other instict driven animal.
Two instances:
There was a heavy, very tall, bearded man who was standing in front of the doors on the train. When it came near to my stop I was starting to get a bit irritated at that because he was blocking the doors and he was so huge and frowning darkly. I got a bit of a “dangerous” vibe from him and was steeling myself to barging past him when the train stopped at my station.
So the train came to a stop and I'm standing a bit behind him but off to the side. There's small me all dressed in black, waiting to make my move…
The guy reached out and punched the door button so he wanted to get out too, yay!
But the doors didn't open…
He pressed it again, bewlidered. Nothing happened.
He slowly turned around, then he saw me. His eyes widened and he screemed in a high pitched voice “The doors won't open! They won't open! The doors won't open!!!” and he started puching the button frantically.
It was the funniest thing. I don't know whether he found me intimidtating or maybe he was just crazy.
Instance two:
This morning as I was walking away from the station towards work, I encountered a stange sight.
To walk to the street from the station you have to walk a little way along a bike track and then up a long ramp that ends in a nicely shaded corner. You turn there and you're at the street. Often people from the nearby office building go there and stand in that shady spot to smoke, and it anoys the shit out of me because there's no way to avoid it, you HAVE to go past.
So today there was a man standing there. I naturally though he was an office smoker. But as I got closer I could see that wasn't the case. He was dressed in jeans, a red T-shirt, and boots, all nicely clean so he wasn't homeless, despite his hipster beard.
He was standing there and yelping. Then he's go to pull his shirt all the way up and then tuck it deep in his jeans, before pullin it right up and and stroking his stomach, then tucing it and repeating the whole thing, all the while yelping and snarling…
And I HAD to walk past, very close to get by.
So I played it cool, not changing my pace, just striding up steadily and breezed on past the madly ranting half nude man…
When I neared the main entrance to the nearest office, suddenly a whole lot of fat businessmen came out in a hard. They were all staring at the guy with worried looks on their fat cowardly faces while urgently speaking into their phones. It was the funniest sight!
I'm pretty sure the guy was on crystal meth. A lot of it. He looked like a mine worker and that office building has the headquarters for a lot of mining businesses, so my guess is it's something related to them.
KimLuster at 4:56AM, Nov. 12, 2015
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lol Ozone you are a strange human magnet…!!

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