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2017 Drunk Duck Awards Planning
Niccea at 3:37PM, Nov. 4, 2016
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It is that time again. It is time to plan for this year's awards.

Topics for discussion:
How do we want to handle “For Your Consideration” submissions.
Do any categories need to change?

Also, I would like to have a strong partner to help me out for these awards. There might be long periods of time in July/August that I might not be available. Knowing this, I would like someone to volunteer to assist with the awards and isn't afraid to do anything needed like managing volunteers or counting ballots. Thanks!
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PIT_FACE at 9:38AM, Nov. 6, 2016
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Hey, I know it's too late this year…I wanted to bring this up sooner, but I'm a selfish arsehole and forgot.

But cant we give Ozoneocean some sort of like “DD Overlord” kind of recognistion award. That dude has put more time, effort and money out of his OWN pocket into this site than anyone else. If it weren't for him, it could have tanked way back when all the WOWIO shit went down. But against the odds, it's still here, and in no small part, thanks to him. And I dont think we as community have ever really gotten together to thank him for it.

It's starting top piss me off a little bit.

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Niccea at 7:53PM, Nov. 6, 2016
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It has come up several times under the “Create Your Own Award” and “Community Achievement” for the Awards. Last year, it was recognized under community achievement.
KimLuster at 1:28PM, Nov. 8, 2016
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I'm all for giving Ozone extra accolades!!
Banes at 4:34PM, Dec. 1, 2016
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Yes! Richly deserved are some kind of kudos for ozoneocean! We should do something nice for that sonovagun!

Genejoke at 2:43AM, Dec. 2, 2016
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The great dictator award?
bravo1102 at 8:55AM, Dec. 2, 2016
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Charlie Chaplin holding a giant inflatable world?
Niccea at 7:27AM, April 2, 2017
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Awards season is officially here.
plymayer at 12:39AM, April 3, 2017
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Time to send out the tux to the cleaners. If it still fits.
bravo1102 at 1:37PM, April 3, 2017
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So what categories do we get rid of this year?

Best Drama worked very well. The traditional/ non-traditional medium awards worked well.

There are so many new manga comics I'd be loathe to dump it just because only one comic gets enough votes for a nomination. It's the same with Best supporting character. Every year there is one that sticks in your head and everyone seems to vote for that one so one just happens runs away with the award.

I don't think the comic jam FYC has worked very well. Seemed kind of weak. And what do we do for a storyline this year?
El Cid at 9:19PM, April 7, 2017
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I'm kinda sketchy about the whole Best Supporting Character thing.

Yeah, supporting characters are important and all, but given the way the DD voting process shakes out, you might as well be picking names out of a hat. It's an un-vote-able category.
Niccea at 11:55AM, April 9, 2017
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I feel that the Comic Jam was ok, but it limited the number of participants. I think going back to free-for-all with a loose theme would be the best for participation. Some themes that were suggested for a contest in 2015 were:

SnowTheHedgehog: WOWIO or the Drunk Duck Corporation or whatnot need a new (insert job name), now's your chance to apply!
Kou The Mad: The Zombie Army of Ghenghis Khan invades and steal the awards.
CallMeTom: Plot idea 1: Do to budget cuts the Drunk Duck Awards will no longer provide gold plated caviar powered limos! Now all FYC's need to make there OWN way to the awards! 

KAM: Space aliens, or a mega corporation, or a mega corporation run by space aliens, is looking to take control of some intellectual property that they can use to promote their ideas and make money so they're analyzing various Drunk Duck comics as potential properties to buy and conquer the world with.
JustNoPoint: JustNoPoint tried to cheat and see who wins early. He creates a time machine that malfunctions sending everyone on DD to different time periods. Now it's up to them to find their way back to their own timeline and get to the awards!

As for categories to be eliminated…I will still have to look into how last year went. I think we are ok. Supporting Character does seem to always end up being won by popular vote rather than the traditional vote/judge.
bravo1102 at 5:47PM, April 26, 2017
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SnowTheHedgehog: WOWIO or the Drunk Duck Corporation or whatnot need a new (insert job name), now's your chance to apply!

Ozoneocean tearfully announces he has been fired by a power mad Quail (Duck being back in rehab) and it's up to posters to either support him or try out for his job…
Niccea at 7:24AM, May 14, 2017
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It has been a while since I announced something for the Awards. Here is the agenda. I will try to have the comic up and running next week.

Planning ~ Now - July

FYC Pages Accepted ~ Now - July 8th

The Drunk Duck Award Design Contest
Submissions ~ June 4th - June 10th
Voting ~ June 11th - June 14th

Drunk Duck Awards Voting Opens ~ July 2nd - 29th

Tie Breakers (as needed) ~ July 30th - August 5th

Finalists Announced/Volunteers Assigned ~ August 6th - August 12th

Judging ~ August 13th - September 23rd

Emergency Wrap Up ~ September 24th - October 7th

The Ceremony Begins ~ October 9th

I don't think the For Your Consideration pages will have a set theme this year. So just send in a page for your comic/characters stating what award(s) you would like to be nominated for.

Please note that the agenda is subject to change as I'm a expecting a little Niccea in July.
Mika_yi at 10:49AM, May 15, 2017
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oh wow! I just felt like it wasn't that long ago for the awards. I'm curious what is the for your consideration? is that for people to vote on your comic? or whose ever they post?

and OH NO! it in Aug. I won't be in country then. :( I wanted to draw at least one page again for the award thing like last year it was fun. and I tend to not be involved in a lot of stuff on here. (maybe I can try to get some assignment in July for one? so I can at least semi participate? ) I'll be in Korea july 31 to sept. 4th but I'd really like to draw at least one page for the awards thing again if possible. ^^" I know It may not be cause the judging thing.

bravo1102 at 5:03PM, May 15, 2017
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The For Your Consideration (fyc) pages are for you to tell everyone why your comic is worth voting for what categories you want your comic to be considered.

Hense for your consideration. The chance to tell the world why your comic is better than any other. To beat an uncaring public over the head with why they have been so terribly wrong not to have read your comic all this time.

If done properly, even an unpopular comic with few readers can get lots of nominations. Like mine.

Mika_yi at 8:55AM, May 17, 2017
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That's what I kind of figured. Although I think I need more cofindenxe to do one of those. Always have a embarrassed feeling about sharing my comics like that. But I admit I admire all those people that can do that! I have such low self esteem about my stuff, and that leads to me not updating weekly like I want.

But I still want to participate it was nice last year to draw at least one page and I did get to be introduced to lovely people on here and their comics.

Thank you very much for the answer bravo!
Niccea at 2:09PM, May 27, 2017
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Might help if I put up the categories, eh?


Best Adventure Comic:
Quests, missions, explorations, and/or other dangerous or exciting ventures.

Best Adult-oriented Comic:
A-rated comics. XXX No one under 18 admitted! Live nudes! Or excessive violence. Or both!

Best All Ages Comic:
Child-friendly comics that the whole family can enjoy.

Best Anthropomorphic Comic:
They act like people and think like people, but they look like foxes or dolphins or toasters.

Best Community Project:
Comics and projects that bring together a variety of DD members for
massive synergy! (DD Awards are not eligible, for giving ourselves an
award would create a paradox vortex from which there is no escape.)

Best Drama:
A story focused on a real world setting and is character-driven with a focus on emotions. Courtroom dramas, medical dramas, crime dramas, romantic dramas, high school dramas (but when is high school not dramatic?), etc.

Best Fantasy Comic:
Magical, mythical, mystical, marvelous. Comics set in fantastical
settings, involving magic or mythical creatures, abilities, or beings.

Best Horror Comic:
The dark, scary, and twisted. Monsters, psychological thrillers, and
ax-wielding psychos all have their place among these wonderfully
horrific comics.

Best Humor Comic:
Gags, jokes, lols, roflmaos, and such. Format and subject matter aren't important. It just has to make you laugh.

Best Mystery/Crime/Noir:
Crime drama, police, mobsters, mysteries, hard-boiled detectives, and/or meddling kids.

Best Parody/Tribute:
Comics that use the characters, worlds, or creations of other creators. It's not copyright infringement! It's an homage!

Best Philosophical/Political Comic:
Make-you-think comics that address deep topics from the spiritual and philosophical to the cultural or political.

Best Sci-fi Comic:
A form of speculative fiction so named because the fantastical
elements are rooted in or explained by actual or fictional scientific

Best Superhero Comic:
Too super for other categories.



Best Action Within A Comic :
Chase scenes, fights, big explosions; CRASH POW ZOOM – you know the stuff

Best Manga Style Comic:
Comics inspired by the artistic style and conventions of Japanese cartooning.

Most Deliciously Offensive:
These f&%#@ comics might p^@(# you the f*^^@* off.



Best Background Art:
The background, setting, environment, and surroundings. Including architecture, scenery, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Best Character Design:
The artistic design of the characters. This includes anatomy, facial
expressions, and clothing (but not speech, mannerisms, or

Best Comic Layouts:
The components of visual storytelling that harmonize the artwork
into a page and direct flow and pacing. Includes panel shape and
position, placement of speech balloons, lettering, and general

Best Dialogue:
It's all about what they say and how they say it.

Best Plot Development:
The overall story composition and pacing, and the use of storytelling elements.

Best Use of Non-Traditional Medium:
Comics that use 3D rendering, Photography, Sprites, or Macaroni Art
Best Use of Traditional Medium:
Comics that use traditional artistic mediums or the computer to simulate them.

Most Improved Art:
The comic that shows the most artistic improvement between July 2015 and now.



Best Protagonist:
Contrary to popular belief, the protagonist is the main character of the story whether they are good or evil.

Best Antagonist:
Opposes the protagonist. Doesn't necesarily have to be evil
incarnate, it could be Superman in a comic about Lex Luthor for example.

Best Supporting Character:
A noteworthy secondary character; can be good, bad, or other.


Outstanding Achievement Within the Community:
user that will win this award is always there to particpate in the
community no matter what. These people show their support for the site
within the forums and by participating in community projects.

Most Dedicated Creator:
That creator who seems to be a page-making machine, every day on
time – or maybe the one who has been at it forever and has a thousand
pages of the most amazing quality – or the one who is updating five
different regular comics on a schedule. Whatever they are doing, they
sure are DEDICATED.

Most Supportive Reader:
Maybe they leave the most comments or the most insightful ones, or
they draw wonderful fanart, or they are always available to discuss your

script ideas or send you cards when you're on hiatus.

Best Newcomer Award
Awarded to a newcomer who has come to the site who has really stood out. They could be creators or dedicated readers



Best Completed Comic:
Comics that were concluded sometime between July 2016 and now. (Indefinite hiatus doesn't count.)

Best Overall Comic Strip:
Best webcomic with stand-alone updates or short, unrelated story arcs, usually in a horizontal or vertical strip format.

Best Overall Story Comic:
Best webcomic that tells a continuous story, usually in full page format.


Create Your Own Award
Didn't see the proper award for the comic/person you were thinking of on this
list? Make one up. Create your own award and give it a winner. Best
awards will be chosen by a dedicated team of judges.
Last call to make changes to categories (and to help with a short description for the Drama A.ward)



Readers' Choice Award: Presented to the comic that received the most votes overall.

Best Presenter Award: Presented after the regular awards. Readers vote for their favorite presenter.
Anubis at 2:35PM, June 20, 2017
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Hmmm looking at that list, I might have to do a “for your consideration” type thing when the nominations open
Niccea at 9:17AM, June 22, 2017
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You can submit for your consideration pages now. They are accepted until the end of the first week of voting.

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