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MegaRdaniels at 2:20PM, Feb. 12, 2017
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When I write my stories, I always listen to
Spiritual Machines, Mark Moorison, Hellbilly Deluxe, Rage Against the Machine, Cage the Elephant, Foo Fighters and 3 Days Grace in my stories. But mainly Spiritual Machines. When writing a fighting scene I mainly turn to Spiritual Machines and sometimes Rage Against the Machine for inspiration for my comic book, Stringy and Mopy: The Adventure Begins.

Fighting Scene:
Ozoneocean at 8:44PM, Feb. 14, 2017
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I used to listen to music but my pages take way too long.
Listening to radio plays helps- BBC radio 4 and BBC extra are great for that!

I do listen to music when I have to write though. Instrumental is best for that. The Quackcast musical themes by Gunwallace are perfect:

PIT_FACE at 5:13AM, Feb. 15, 2017
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Same like Oz, there's really nothing specific that I listen to while I work on comics. It's more whatever I've got a taste for at the time. But music has played a big part in influencing my comic. Just look at how many random Thrash references are scattered throughout the beginning of PM,lol. There are specific songs which associate with my comics, though.

When I think of Putrid Meat, I tend to think of Megadeth's “Killing is my business…and Business is Good!” So sleazy and bad ass at the same time. Suits PM the best I think. This had been one of my favorite songs too. Still probably is I think. Would try and play it on guitar all the time.
Your text to link here…

Listening to Voivod's “Forever Mountain” really gave me my vision for The Epic of Blitzov- The way he keeps trying to climb the mountain and something about the flavor of the song. So those two are strongly linked in my mind. I think both the lyrics and th emusic really suit Blitzov a great deal.
Your text to link here…

And I snatched Exis right from this Politician looking dude from Coroner's “Masked Jackal” video. Especially his cunning little smirk at 3:57. That was the birth of Exis right there.

I don't really expect anyone to sit through these and ponder the “deep connections”, lol. But I figured I'd leave it here for posterity's sake anyways.

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haaaayes at 4:48AM, March 10, 2017
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I find I really can't listen to anything while I'm writing or pencilling - my brain just can't process the two things at once. But when I'm inking or colouring (somehow that feels more ‘automatic?’ I don't know why!) I love to have podcasts or The Pixies on in the background. Something about their aggressive energy just feels spurring and motivational, I guess.
Udyr at 2:00PM, Aug. 4, 2017
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I need music to draw if not I don't “feel” it!
Its a good way to set mood for scenes and things in your story.
Personally I make lists for EVERYTHING I do.
I plan scenes and the colors/light/etc out after the atmosphere of the song, with the right song it can be pretty awesome.

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