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? ? ? is lifting weights bad for Comics ? ? ?
lothar at 8:10PM, June 22, 2019
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Like, I wanna get supper riped for the summer. so I've bean ramping up my workouts and taking lots of supplements.
is it bad ? like, i try an draw between reps but my hands get to shaky so i just watch porn instead.

anybody have simular problems ???
BearinOz at 9:38PM, June 22, 2019
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lothar wrote:
…draw between reps but my hands get to shaky so i just watch porn instead.
anybody have simular problems ???

Ah, what a coincidence - I get the shakes sometimes (from medication, not work-outs) and so I'm forced to watch porn too ! Yes, very bad for comics B-)
bravo1102 at 7:59AM, June 23, 2019
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Any hard physical muscular activity will make the fine motor nerves shake for a bit.

You've given the gross motor function a hard beating, takes some cool-down time to get the fine motor function back.

I do some pruning, I usually take a shower because I know my hands are worthless for anything else for about a half hour. You can also meditate. For me that's focusing on inner peace and breathing to get the fine skills back. Cool-down.

Very broad strokes also work where you draw from the elbow or shoulder rather than the wrist, just to free up the muscles.
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Ozoneocean at 8:39PM, June 23, 2019
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Sorry guys, you're all going to be forced to watch porn from now on :(


Exercise uses up ATP, which is the energy source that your muscles need to work. Learn about all the details here:

-You don't have any issues, you're perfectly normal.
bluecuts34 at 7:28PM, June 26, 2019
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Good luck with your workouts! Being strong is a great goal.

Also the workout - draw - porn cycle sounds like you're living the goddamn dream there. Give me your life.
rickrudge at 11:39PM, Nov. 8, 2019
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Hey lothar. I can’t see where lifting weights would be bad for you. I’m not sure about those supplements though. Creating comics seems like a very sedentary activity. Work outs and drawing probably isn’t a good idea to do together. It’s like me drawing after drinking coffee. On the other hand, watching porn after drinking coffee sounds great! :-D

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