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Is it possible to make a cast page or webstore page for my webcomic?
MattDavise at 7:46PM, Oct. 18, 2021
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I'm trying to figure out if The Duck will let me include a cast page on my webcomic. When I look at the page for starting a webcomic, I'm not seeing an obvious way to do that. But maybe I'm missing something?

I also notice that the Simply Sarah webcomic ( has a set of links off to the lower right side of the main page. The links are external and embedded in clickable images. Is there a way for me to make link sections from the homepage like that, perhaps leading to an external page that shows the cast of characters? Or could I simply put images along the side like that as a way of showing and labelling the cast from the front page?
bravo1102 at 12:46AM, Oct. 19, 2021
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On the Edit Comic page look at the menu across the top. There is one labeled subpages. That is where you can put a cast page. It'll also create a link on each comic page to access the subpage.

There is also another called links where you can put in a link to an offsite page.

I'm not very up on such things but I did manage to put them together for my comic Belle's Best: the movies of BelindaBrandon. (link in signature below) so if I can do it anyone can.

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