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From Joseph Scarbrough, the Content Creator behind Steve D'Monster and MORON LEAGUE, this comic, inspired by the Jonathan Richman song with the same name, follows the story of Levana, a young vampire girl who lives a life of irony: the irony being that she doesn't want to be a vampire. As Levana searches for a way to fulfill her desire to become mortal, a team of determined, yet incompetent vampire hunters are out to destroy her. Will she find a way to become mortal, or will the vampire hunters get to her first? Completed.

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Also known as "Blake's Goblin Tech Emporium" elsewhere (Can't change that here!) A spin-off of sorts of my other comic, Drachronon, follows Blake the goblin conman and his niece/apprentice Picka, as they try to keep a business afloat, and preferably, stay out of prison!

A vampire tries to make it in the mortal world.

Peanuts inspired political satire of the GOP

The end is nigh. Thankfully, the bringers are lazy! Two beings created to help destroy the universe do everything except their jobs!

Life for Mari Mendez is a nightmare. Rent is overdue, her video store is being bullied by Flockbuster, she's lost the will to fight, and this weird cat is living in her apartment. As if that weren't enough, strange things keep happening. Random localized earthquakes, the cat reading a book, and an insane gorilla destroyed her front door. The real nightmare is just beginning... Updates Mondays and Fridays!

Phineus Beam and his friends in college. The 80's were magical!

A monk dies and becomes a ghost. He pledges to help other ghosts, spirits and youkai along in the afterlife.


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