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QUACKCAST Episode 143 - 2013 DD Awards reboot

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Nov. 26, 2013


Niccea is the guest for Quackcast 143 because Banes and I are talking to her about how the 2013 DD Awards are going now! With the great DD blackout of 2013, the DD awards suffered a titanic blow… Things were just getting underway for the year when BOOB! …or “BOOM” rather… it was all over. But on the urging of kawaiidaigakusei, Niccea kicked it into gear again! Now the awards are progressing in good order, but Niccea can always use more help so if you'd like to be in on this please follow the link in the Quackcast notes to the award forum.

Featured comics:
Master the Tiger -

Topics and Show Notes:
Remember that our URL is currently -
2013 DD Awards are happening here:

Extra news:
Niccea and Banes have joined the team as forum mods, so send all your forum issues to these two and they'll do what they can!
Our heroes and latest forum mods:
Commander Niccea -
Sergeant Banes -



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