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FEATURED COMIC --------> Forest Reckoning by Dpat57

Genejoke at 12:00AM, June 21, 2017

Rover is a curious dog who is helped by Mauser, a clever and manipulative cat, to enter the forbidden city.
Bears act as guards to the forbidden city, yet one, Arktos is aiding Mauser for reasons not yet revealed.
Charming characters, witty dialogue and and intriguing set up give this comic a solid start.

What most people will initially notice is the 3D art. The art is all done in google sketch up and made from scratch. It has a retro low def feel and a distinct cartoony charm.

Read Forest Reckoning. Rated E



dpat57 at 6:22AM, June 22, 2017

Hey thanks for that, much appreciated (and unexpected). Thanks for reading and commenting, too!

Avart at 12:10AM, June 22, 2017

Very good comic!

Banes at 11:26AM, June 21, 2017

cool art and "painted" color to this one. nice feature!

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