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New Years' Resolutions

Tantz_Aerine at 12:00AM, Dec. 29, 2018

It's almost 2019!

Yes yes, I've already made an article about the year ending, but what about the one starting?

Among the singing and the partying, we also tend to make resolutions about how we'll do better in the coming year: we'll diet, we'll make more art, we'll find better jobs, we'll start gym or sports or hobbies, we'll read more… the list in endless.

And all the while, it's possible that at the back of our heads is the nagging little voice reminding us that we totally dropped the ball on the resolutions we'd made the year before.

But does it have to be the case?

Resolutions are basically goals, and when we're making them we're goal setting. So instead of going for the ideal, what we'd like to be able to do, it might be worth considering to see what we can improve slightly, with the determination to keep improving it slightly without stopping, all through the year.

If we want to make more art, like say, update regularly on our webcomic, instead of setting a goal of weekly updates (or for the even braver, daily ones), a new year's resolution could be to update at least once per month. If we conquer this, then at least twice per month. And if we conquer that, at least thrice per month, and so on.

Before we know it, we'll have surpassed our resolution, and feel gratification way before hitting next New Year's Eve.

Same goes with most things… so- what are your New Year Resolutions, if any?

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AmeliaP at 6:41PM, Jan. 2, 2019

"what are your New Year Resolutions, if any?" My resolution is to sleep more and take one day a month to do absolutely nothing.

Ozoneocean at 11:35PM, Dec. 29, 2018

I resolve to work on my comics at least once a day, no matter how busy I am.

irrevenant at 2:31PM, Dec. 29, 2018

Weirdly, I reckon that approach in the cartoon might work better than a resolution to actually go to the gym. It's gonna be hard to consciously drive past the gym two e a week without eventually going "Oh fine, I'll go in!"...

JaymonRising at 12:53PM, Dec. 29, 2018

My resolution is to ignore people who make fun of the Jews, even if they are Jews themselves.

usedbooks at 10:13AM, Dec. 29, 2018

I resolve to replace my "I'm sorries" with "thank yous" as much as possible. Aside from that, life is too uncertain for me to be setting goals. I will do the best I can with what life gives me, put forth the effort, and try to go easy on myself. (If I can pay off a debt or two and find a more sustainable financial situation, that would be good.)

rmccool at 8:03AM, Dec. 29, 2018

Yeah got to set realistic I will visit a pokemon gym at least twice a week..or

mks_monsters at 5:01AM, Dec. 29, 2018

Well, I'm going to make an effort to keep my resolutions also because I'm married and I want to be healthy for my better half.

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