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The Future Generation of Webcomic Creators

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 4, 2019

With fewer art programs in schools these days on average, the next generation of budding artists looks bright.

In elementary school, students take a piece of paper, place it on top of a personal tablet and trace an image using a technique that is similar to using an animation light box. Then after having the full black and white outline, they continue to color the traced image using colored pencils and crayons.

Last week, while at a middle school, I sat in a classroom during lunch to supervise an anime club meeting that was going on. They told me I had to play anime music on the radio, which I did, but I was also curious of the types of hobbies the students had in addition to anime. I looked around the room and students were drawing in sketch books with natural art skills that surpassed mine in 7th grade.

There was one student with a tablet and a stylus that cost $99 (I do not even own a stylus that expensive!). I asked her how she started drawing and she said her parents both taught her from a young age. Her dad was a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and her mom knew how to draw art digitally. I asked what app program she used to draw and she said Ibis, it had all the layering functions and multiply functions.

During the club meeting, I heard a student say, “Who wants to read webcomics with me?” And a couple of students sat down at a table and began reading webcomics during lunch.

It is just interesting to see the next generation take on an interest in drawing comics and webcomics. It is quite fascinating, actually. It is like watching Saved By the Bell: The New Class if I were in the original Saved By the Bell cast.

Good on you, parents who are teaching their children how to geek out on webcomics and draw art with other like-minded students during lunch.

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RobertRVeith at 9:12AM, March 5, 2019

My niece is one of my editors and a creator in her own right. Compared to where I was as an artist and story teller at her age, she is way ahead of me.

AmeliaP at 2:07PM, Feb. 6, 2019

Now ask to these parents if they want their kids become artists XD

kawaiidaigakusei at 8:11PM, Feb. 4, 2019

Yes @ShaRose49 teach them how to geek out and make comics, too!!!

Hapoppo at 5:12PM, Feb. 4, 2019

It's nice to see, especially since the webcomic "gold rush" is over and we know these kids are truly passionate about comicking.

ShaRose49 at 4:27PM, Feb. 4, 2019

This is really encouraging. I’m totally gonna rear up my kids to love webcomics too lol.

mks_monsters at 10:04AM, Feb. 4, 2019

This is why I have faith in humanity in general. We do have it in us to improve, open our minds and recognise the truth. In this case, being an artist is true work that deserves respect and recognition as work. There is a reason some people have it in their calling.

Banes at 7:42AM, Feb. 4, 2019

This is great to hear - once in awhile I'll see a young person, like working at a gas station or the movie theatre or whatever, sketching away and the level of talent is sometimes shocking! The ability, and of course, the technological know-how is off the charts compared to me. It's inspiring actually!

bravo1102 at 4:30AM, Feb. 4, 2019

I had tracing paper, coloring books and comic books. The tech is just updating the old school tools. The passion is still there.

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