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QUACKCAST 461 - Top Comic making 5 tips!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 14, 2020

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Today Banes and I chat about our top tips for doing a great comic page: What is most important? I mainly focus on art and Banes is talking about page design and writing tips. Bellow are our top 5s for ways to make better comics! We expand on these and explain them in the Quackcast.

Banes' tips for making a comic page:
1. Page layouts
2. Economical wording
3. Vary the camera
4. Don't always hide things you can't draw
5. Don't eat the ink off your brush!

Banes writing tips:
1. Avoid too much exposition up front.
2. Write things that matter to you.
3. Let different characters be different
4. Powerful stories have themes but work better if it's hidden
5. Avoid burnout by working too hard all in one go
BONUS 6. JUST DO IT! Jump in and start.

Ozone's comic art tips:
1. Practice
2. life Drawing,
3. Simplification
4. Backgrounds
5. Consistency

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Molly Lusc: Dark shades of grey, shadows in the night, penumbra, tenebrae, and twilight. We move in the not-quit-night, keeping our actions secret and behind closed doors. No one must know! The dual life and secretive nature of Molly Lusc is well summed up with this creepy noir tune of whispers and shadows.

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My top 5 comic art tips -

Featured comic:
The Watch Dogs -

Featured music:
Molly Lusc -, by Andreas Helixfinger, rated M.

Special thanks to:
Gunwallace -
Ozoneocean -
Banes -



Andreas_Helixfinger at 7:39AM, Jan. 19, 2020

Thanks for letting me know, Ozoneocean(Y)

Ozoneocean at 3:05AM, Jan. 18, 2020

Glad you liked the music man!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 8:58AM, Jan. 14, 2020

It's true. If you have a story to tell, just do it. Don't waste your time "planning" to do it. In my case, for most of these past years, I was just having such a freaky ball of coming up with all sorts of story ideas and writing them down, putting it together and picking it apart again and again until I finally, recently, landed with the stories that I knew without a shadow of a doubt I wanted to tell^^ But, yeah, whenever you got it, just do it(Y) Also, a big shout-out to Gunwallace for that smokin' tune! The soap munching seal-mutant with the hat and the cigarette holder approves from the shadows of my comic(Y)

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