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Interviewing Nic and Ben of Potato & Kraut

damehelsing at 12:00AM, May 9, 2021

Hi! I’m damehelsing from The Drunk Duck Community and for today’s Sunday article I will be interviewing the lovely duo, Nic and Ben!!

So, Nic and Ben! Give us a little introduction!

Ben: well, my name is Ben, I'm the artist of Potato and Kraut, hosted on The Duck, of course, I do web development during the day and have more hobbies than I should, I live in Texas and I have a little girl, four cats, a dog and three chickens.

Nic: Dude, you have chickens now!? That's awesome!

Ben: yeah, we got three cluckers a few weeks ago. They. Are. Awesome.

Nic: Cool! Sorry I'll stay on topic! Hey there, my name is Nic, I too live in Texas, I'm a file clerk by day, a wannabe writer by night and a Zombie Slayer anytime. And I'm also the writer of Potato -; I really can't wait to learn more about him and the future of Ada and Imy!

Which by the way, during this project, what are the biggest struggles you both faced, either with each other or alone and what has been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Nic: Struggle - Imposter syndrome, for sure. Reminding myself that it's ok that I've never written on a professional level or written a comic before. Or that most of my writing consists of silly ideas/scenes that I scribble down in a notebook and don't dare share with the rest of the world lol That doesn't make me a fraud. It doesn't mean that I can't call myself a writer. I'll admit, I've been working on not cringing slightly in shame if some generous folks refer to me as a writer, or when I admit that I'm a writer of a comic. After all, they're right. I AM a writer. Never said I was a good one but dammit I'm still a writer nonetheless lol
Accomplishments - every single time we get a page up. the fact that we're making this happen at all.

Ben: True story. For me, time is the great enemy, and it's become much worse during the pandemic, it takes about 12-16 hours a page, depending on the complexity and it's just hard to find that time in the week.
As far as greatest accomplishments, we crossed the 100-page mark pretty recently. I've got all the files set up to be able to work as a print book and we're hoping to be able to do a print run of the book at some point.

Nic: We both have full time jobs. Ben has a family to take care of. I have a family of dogs I'm trying to put through college. We're busy people!

Ben: Lol, yeah, you would think that the pandemic would have made it easier but I actually got most of my drawing done commuting to and from work and over my lunch breaks, I'd head out on the weekend and grab a couple hours at a coffee shop too but that's all gone and making that time happen is just so hard right now.

Nic: Ben isn't paid to do this. It's a labor of love for both of us. And I love that we're actually making this story happen rather than just keeping it my head and saying “one day I'll get to making that comic….”

Ben: Yeah, it feels really good to be creating something that's out there and being read by folks. That's a huge driving factor.

Nic: I think everyone on the Duck should acknowledge the fact that they're awesome for putting their work out there and sticking to it.

Aw, I love that you two are happy with the fact that you're getting your story out there and enjoying it while you do! And yes! WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE DUCKLINGS READING!

Okay, so for the last question, do you think you two might want to create more stories after Potato ););) <3

Ben: Lol, yes.

Nic: Absolutely.

I love this! Instant confirmation!

Ben: We’ve already talked about our next story, but we’re trying to get through P&K first.

Nic: Yeah, it’ll take a while but we’ll get it done and go on to the next one!

Ben: I have another writer friend who always talks about how it's really hard to finish off projects because when you're slogging through a story, you'll get a shiny new idea and it's more fun to run off and start something new than finish something old, but I think we're both very committed to seeing this one through to the end.

Nic: Agreed.

Ben: There are some upcoming scenes I'm very excited about and I know we have some readers that are interested in us returning to the war. There will be some great scenes coming up for everyone, I think.

I know I definitely can't wait to see more Potato & Kraut! I'm checking it every Saturday and Sunday for new pages!!

Thank you Nic and Ben for agreeing to do this interview! It has truly been a pleasure interviewing you both and getting to know the writer and artist behind the wonderful story that is Potato & Kraut! <3

Ben: Thank you so much, this has been a really good time :)

Nic: Thank you so much for reading our comic and for this honor of interviewing us :)

Hey, it's been my pleasure, seriously!! <3

Hey Ducklings, interested in reading Potato and Kraut? Just click the image below and dive into an emotional story with LGBTQ romance, characters that feel so real you could touch, war, history and more!



Andore Mordre at 9:29PM, May 11, 2021

Awesome interview! Been enjoying P&K for a couple of years now, loved reading some behind-the-scenes info! :D

PIT_FACE at 2:48PM, May 10, 2021

I echo what PaulEberhardt said. nice work! I'll have to check this comic out, now.

damehelsing at 5:12PM, May 9, 2021

@Ferney, Nic and Ben are quite the duo!! :D | @Paul, thank you! I plan to do more!! This was my first time interviewing someone ever so I really hope everyone enjoys it! | @NicandBen, you're welcome! It was my pleasure! And yes I had so much fun!! | @everyone: I just realized today is Mother's Day, so Happy Mother's Day to you all!

PaulEberhardt at 11:13AM, May 9, 2021

Great idea to put interviews in the community blog. They're a cool addition to the interesting stuff in here.

Ferney Perdomo at 5:25AM, May 9, 2021

Love this webcomic, and I can't wait see more! Also Ben has chickens and Nic is a Zombie Slayer!? That's awesome!

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