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FEATURED COMIC --> Tales of Omnizari

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 28, 2023

Foreno has been ordered by the King to recruit twelve individuals for a “boring” (aka Very Important) mission. His inner left wrist is scribbled with numbers and an incomprehensible language; the right wrist holds a countdown timer and when it gets to zero, everything known, loved, and hated will be “gone forever”. In order to increase the amount of time, It is connected to a higher being that gives orders and must be obeyed. Omnizari is a world where men and women’s roles are reversed—Unshaven armpit hair is a topic of casual discourse. It is here where the fox-eared, cheerful Vanitoza, known for their healing abilities reside.

The art is in a middle completion phase with some backgrounds showing sketched out line work in grayscale alongside complete and digitally colored panels.

Spot the Roblox and Donnie Darko pop culture references and read Tales of Omnizari by memo333, rated E!




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