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Participate in the “Hawk and Flo Art collab!” On the Forums; Origin by Davidxolukoga Video Game Demo Playable since November 5th.

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Nov. 6, 2023

“Hawk and Flo Art collab!” Drawn by HawkandFloAdventures. (November 2023)

Excerpts from a recent PQ conversation with HawkandFloAdventures:

HawkandFloAdventures: I'm hosting an art collaboration that i've just posted in the forums. I hope it works out ^^

Hawk and Flo Art collab! Forum Link:

kawaiidaigakusei: I saw that on the forums earlier today. Would you like the announcement projected in next Monday’s news?

HaFA: Yes please ^^ it's to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Hawk And Flo Adventures. 😎

kd: Two years?! Already? That is phenomenal.

HaFA: Hawk and Flo Adventures was first posted online on November 22nd 2021. I went to Webtoons so no one could see me as I was getting the hang of uploading. The plan was when I felt comfortable to join the Duck and then try other sites. DD was always planned to be the series main site, it's the oldest account i've got. Headypigeon 4180 didn't exist when I joined here ^^

kd: Thank you, HawkandFloAdventures, this will be in Monday’s News posted November 6th, 2023.

Join HawkandFloAdventures and dress your Original Characters in outfits in the styles of Hawk, Flo, Lacey, OR Monk!! (How exciting!!)

Hawk and Flo Art collab! Forum Link:

Photo: “Origin Gameplay Screenshot”. Original story and characters created by davidxolukoga. (October 2023)

Origin Comic

davidxolukoga writes:

“Hey. The origin demo is officially out 5th of November. So it’d be cool if you could post this then. 

Origin demo is finally out. Note this is not the finished game but a little teaser:


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