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VOTE for the Second Drunk Duck Anthology Cover Design (OPEN) Throughout April; The Drunk Duck Awards Have Returned.

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 15, 2024

Photo: “Niccea Has Invited You to Join Drunk Duck Awards” Discord. (April 2024)

A Flock of Dreams Cover Vote

The second Drunkduck anthology is nearing completion, while there's still work to be done it's definitely very close.

With that in mind it's time for you to vote on the cover design.

A. Andrea Helifinger

B. Genejoke

C. Plymayer

D, Jason Moon

E. Banes

F. Banes 2

G. Emma Xross

H. Plymayer 2

“A couple of these have slight variations which I haven't included here, such as the first Banes design and Emm Xross's, these can be found in the following thread.”


“if you have any thoughts on which variation to use feel free to express them with your vote.

Voting will remain open throughout April.”

(Written and posted by Genejoke on the Forums)

“A Flock of Dreams Cover” Forum Link:


2024 Drunk Duck Awards

Planning for the Drunk Duck Awards has started.

Niccea writes:

“It seems that the off season for the awards goes by faster and faster. It is once again time to start up the biggest project on the site, the Drunk Duck Awards!

So I guess it is time to start getting things in order. The Awards celebrate the comics, authors, and users that make this site great. For a faster paced discussion (and frequently off topic), we do have a Discord here.”

Discord Link:

“Please look at this year's schedule and tell me what you think. I also would like to go back to having a theme for the For Your Consideration pages. Also if you feel like we need to change up the categories. The ones from last year are below.”

Planning ~ Now - June

FYC Pages Accepted ~ TBA - June 8th

Red Carpet Submissions ~ TBA

The Drunk Duck Award Design Contest

Submissions ~ May 26th - June 4th

Voting ~ June 5th - June 8th

Drunk Duck Awards Voting Opens ~ June 9th - July 6th

Tie Breakers (as needed) ~ July 7th - July 14th

Finalists Announced/Volunteers assigned ~ July 15th - July 20th

Judging ~ July 21st - September 7th

Presentations Due ~ September 7th

Emergency Wrap Up ~ September 8th - September 21st

The Ceremony Begins ~ September 23rd

“Drunk Duck Awards 2024” Forum Link:

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mks_monsters at 11:43AM, April 15, 2024

So participating in the award design!

IronHorseComics at 4:55AM, April 15, 2024

I vote D Jason Moon

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