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Bravo1102’s Interstellar Battle Girls Blazes to 250 Milestone; HawkandFloAdventure’s Phantom Force 3000 Book Cover Released; JohnCelestri Completes Book One of Bloodwing Fire Fist Angel

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 5, 2024

Photo: “Second round All-seeing and The Federation page 246”. Interstellar Battle Girls created by bravo1102. (January 2024)

Message Regarding Interstellar Battle Girls

Time: 07:24AM
Day: 30 January 2024

Subject: Interstellar_Battle_Girls has reached 250 pages

Bravo1102 writes:

Amazingly the auto text suggested Interstellar_Battle_Girls reaching 150 pages. Well it has now reached 250 pages. 

Including five pages of filler content it is actually at 255 pages, but there are 250 pages of narrative. That makes it the longest single story I've done. (Belle_s_Best_the_Films_of_Belinda_Brandon is an anthology.) 

And did I mention guest stars? Characters from Star Trek have arrived to negotiate the entry of the Ungol Empire into the Federation. But the Artificial Intelligence called the All-seeing may try to stop them. Meanwhile Sil-Vera fights in the arena to keep her title of the undefeated. And moreover see if I can wrap up the plot before the summer because anything is likely to happen so I can finish this comic.

Interstellar Battle Girls Link:


HawkandFloAdventures has finished the Book cover for Phantom Force 3000

Photo: “Phantom Force 3000 Book Cover”. Phantom Force 3000 created by HawkandFloAdventures. (February 2024)


Photo: “Bloodwing Fire Fist Angel: Front Cover”. Bloodwing Fire Fist Angel created by JohnCelestri. (November 2023)

JohnCelestri writes:

“I didn't remember if posting 60+ pages of content qualifies as a DD milestone, but I remember that you said that milestones were noted in announcements. Well, I thought you'd like to know that I've just posted the final page for Book 1 of Fire Fist Angel.

Book 2 starts being posted this Wednesday.


Bloodwing Fire Fist Angel Link:

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Avart at 9:52PM, Feb. 6, 2024

Congrats Bravo!

Banes at 1:54PM, Feb. 5, 2024

Congrats! Milestones for miles!

plymayer at 11:54AM, Feb. 5, 2024


agentny003 at 9:44AM, Feb. 5, 2024

Way to go Bravo!!!!

HawkandFloAdventures at 4:09AM, Feb. 5, 2024

wow lot's of good news on the horizon. Best of luck to Bravo and JohnCelestri! ^^

lothar at 4:05AM, Feb. 5, 2024


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