Episode 257 - Accents in Comics

Feb 8, 2016

Using accents and different languages in comics can be a challenge, or at least a challenge to represent. Some people will actually have their text IN a different language or even a made up language in the case of aliens, and they'll have translations in a footnote. Some will use pointed brackets to represent the different language, some will use different fonts, and some won't bother showing that there is a different language being spoken at all. We spoke to Tantz Aerine and Pitface about this because that's something they both have to tackle in Brave Resistance and Tantz's solo comic Without Moonlight because it's very central to the plot: Tantz uses different colours for the languages. Pitface phonetically represents different accents in her comic Putrid Meat quite expertly. However, there can be challenges to phonetic representation when you get it wrong, most frequently in the case of Irish and Scottish accents! This was inspired by a newspost by Hippievan! Listen ad enjoy Gunwallace's audio interpretation of Aidana. VERY Pink Floyd!



Gunwallace at 5:07PM, Feb. 9, 2016

Glad you liked it. :-)

bvolkart at 8:35AM, Feb. 9, 2016

OMG ...thanks for the theme song Gunwallace! It really reminds me of "Marooned" by Pink Floyd....so my inner fanboy was screaming all along :D I love it

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