Action scene comic book page

fallopiancrusader at 8:37AM, Feb. 15, 2018

A 48-minute time-compressed video of Fallopiancrusader creating pages 74 and 75 of his comic, “Mindfold”, with commentary about the drawing techniques and composition choices that he used.

How to Use "Actions" in Photoshop to Help you move faster

cdmalcolm1 at 8:40AM, Dec. 13, 2018

So, What is “Actions” anyway? “Actions” are presets that you can use in setting up a bunch of things for a PSD file. You can create your own ‘Actions’ by setting up a layer to make a gold FX, Speech Bubbles, or just about anything for your illustration. So Let me get right into it.

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Improved Line Art Technique (with Actions)

Graz73 at 6:08AM, April 28, 2009

Use Channels in Photoshop for your line art to create better results than using the “Multiply” layer.

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Facial Expressions - How To Use Them

DOUK at 12:31AM, July 22, 2009

Add some depth to your character's actions, for styles from Anime to Animesque to Cartoony.

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