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My name is Todd Walker, i live in Alaska,USA. Most of my time is spent playing games or reading comics or manga when i am not working. You can catch me at

Height: 6??
Weight: 160 (Not sure how.)
Hair color: Dark Dark Dark Brown (Im not sure why its not just black.)
Eye color: Brown
Gender: Male
Nationality: Native american
Personality: (pros) Perceptive fast witted. (cons) Tends to be two faced.
Favorite game: Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
Favorite song: River below by Billy Talent
Favorite quote: None of you understand. Im not locked up in here with you. Youre locked up in here with me.
Favorite insult: Is that the best youve got?
Political stand point: Non-denominational
Religious stand point: Non-denominational
Least favorite kind or person: Those who do not admit faults in themselves
Favorite kind of person: Those who walk the line between genius and crazy
Heroes: Walter Kovacs a.k.a. Rorschach, Shadow the hedgehog, Snake, Link, Meta Knight, Mario and Deadpool

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The misadventures of Cru, a demented dwarf with a questionable grasp on reality and a penchant for perviness.

The World of NUL, taking Video Game Endings To a New Level. The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Mario Bros. and many MANY more video games shall come together in this Epic Adventure. Now: On Hiatus. Hope to be back SOON! -May 2011-

Sonic and Tails have grown bored of living in the country and have decided to move to the city, at least that's what Sonic decided. Warning: Contains Magi, demonic landlords, a crazy green guy, and suffering, lots and lots of suffering.

A world of wacraft webcomic that follows a troublesome,slightly perverted and annoying gnome mage named Quinn and his trusty priestess Uni as they go for a quest, searching for a cure for the plague. Contains humor, danger and hopefully so much more =]

The Sonamy couple is formed, Sonic and Amy has fought against the terrible Doppeldangers. Shadow and Rouge are trying to gather more informations about the new threat... This Chapter 3 begins with Knuckles, Tikal and Chaos Zero...

Sonic's on college... WITH SHADOW AS HIS ROOMMATE?! (this story is not in Another Sonic Comic's Storyline)

Zieromus just wants some sleep. But nooooo, the target of assassination attempts, child support scandals, and assailed by decay of the world (of Warcraft), the Warlock is constantly in peril. No rest for the charmingly antiheroic, I suppose.


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