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Gwen and Remy are twins raised by their gay adoptive parents. Can they deal with the drama of high school and bullies without tearing eachother apart?

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Meet K. She likes to shop, watch TV and smoke cigarettes. And God hates her. Lucky her.

You're not as crazy as you think you are..

Random comics i made

NOTE: This webcomic moved here- DTF6 is a psycological sci-fi thiller. After the mysterious disappearance of a young couple and Delta Task Force: Team 5, a new team is assembled to find out what happened at the rain forest El Yunque.

An angel and demon are forced to live together in a rare deal between Heaven and Hell.

Now Playing: Chapter 28- The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy. Updated Wednesdays-ish

Mars couldn't believe it when his life long friend and crush asked him out. Naively entering into this relationship, he doesn't realize what is really going on. Can he handle the dark secret he is soon to find out. Oh yeah! Lots of yaoi-ness ensues!

Raphael is the calm, soft-spoken son of a single mother. He never bothered with a social life, was a horrible volleyball player and always dreamt about being a writer and having children. One day he walked home and found blood...

A scifi comic that dips into the insane and odd from time to time. Follow Ten as he meets people and comes to grips with personal problems on his way to fulfilling his dream: becoming a pilot.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, society is shattered into factions and all live in fear of a second alien invasion. Wren and his team fight to unite the earth against its real enemy: fear itself.


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Scorpious at 12:29AM, Dec. 2, 2007

woohooo thanks for accepting the request! salutations from Puerto Rico in the atlantic carribean! :D

lapaix at 12:18PM, Nov. 14, 2007

Thanks for the add...

Chaz McRich at 2:25PM, Nov. 3, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

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