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If I were to characterize my experiences with my comics, I'd say that it has been a long and interesting journey of the building of one's own character just as much as the comic in question. I've had to train myself from scratch, and as a result, I do have some bad habits when it comes to my artwork (see sketchiness issues), though I am trying to work on making said issues better.
That said, I've been enjoying writing comics since my early high school years- albeit on different topics completely. Superhero comics have always been fascinating to me, though I had tried to lean mostly in the Japanese manga through most of my high school and college career.
Dueling Heroes was actually not the first thing I've worked on by a long shot. A small comedy strip called MedicFTW! was my first attempt, though work on that halted after my colorist was unable to keep up with demand (real life cut into his time, not his fault). I didn't really have faith in my abilities to try again until after Otakon 2010, at which point I launched the pilot to what would later become Dueling Heroes- EFFEX, starring one of the main characters of DH. However, I was unready for this as well, lacking a good plan and ended up letting college life overtake my responsibilities with EFFEX. As a result of my lack of confidence, I shelved it until ‘I was better’.
Back in October, I had seen enough comics and read enough to know that there is no magic level at which one must be to wade in- and that endless preparation will not make a perfect comic suddenly. Therefore, I launched Dueling Heroes once more, refurbished, rebooted, and with a whole new devotion to the material. I intend to make the best comic I can, but I'm not afraid to make mistakes. Let's hope it all goes well!

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Crime and malice are rampant in Cetacion City- and two heroes have arisen to fight them back- and the city may have a chance, if the two can stop getting in each others' way.

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