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Howdy I’m Jack; author, comic artist, and purveyor of monstrous men

I've got a lot of stories to tell, nice to meet you

Come sit for a spell, if you like what you see

🔞 My works are intended for adult audiences, and feature mature themes. Please be mindful of content warnings


Comics By JCorrachComics

  • Fantasy |
  • 31 pages |
  • last: April 7 2023 |
A young urban explorer seeks answers to her hometown's missing persons problem in a forbidden part of town. An old theatre opens its doors for her. Will she be able to cope with what she finds inside, or will her poster join the others at town hall? Storyboard, writing & colours by Steadfastnomad | Lines and rendering by JCorrachComics Thriller/Fantasy, T COMPLETED
  • Romance |
  • 25 pages |
  • last: June 8 2024 |
Dr. Silas Brown has been skirting by on his luck and charisma for years, and now it's all but run out. Trying to start fresh in a new country, he's only falling back into the same patterns he had back home - and on top of this, somehow contracted lycanthropy. Struggling with these new explosive outbursts -and facing the reality that he could lose his job- Silas decides to lean into his bad habits and become even more impulsive. Enter Stuart: a homeless man he met at the pub and offered a place to stay. Drama/romance/erotica, R18+ Updates Fridays
  • Horror |
  • 73 pages |
  • last: July 10 2021 |
This is the story of the day that Trevor finally died. (Slasher/horror, R) COMPLETED

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The misadventures of Captain Beardlegs and Mr. Twee, two soup chefs that go from owning a failing soup-kitchen to becoming the greatest pirates ever known.

A fun and goofy comic strip about the strange and quirky crew of the interstellar starship GALAXY ONE as they explore the Universe searching for new planets while interacting with all forms of alien life.

What would it be like if Dilbert was a gamer? A DRUNK DUCK AWARD WINNER

In the Woods Somewhere is a surreal-horror, slice of life comic about a teenager with narcolepsy called Andrew.

Frontier fantasy full of steam, sorcery, and secrets! Mysterious and mechanically-inclined, Vane Black will pursue wanted rogue John Henry Hunter to the ends of the frontier ... with explosive and unfortunate results for anyone in their path.

Farmer Mary goes into the woods to collect firewood but instead finds a giant hand growing out of the ground. Who does it belong to? And does Mary have a place in its life? This is the story of Sapling, a tale of finding community.

A weird adult scifi graphic novel with some queer smut.

When a foreigner with amnesia washes up on the shore, a young woman decides to help him solve the mystery of his dreams, only to realize that his nightmares are coming to confront him.


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