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Few quick facts about the man that is me:

-I was born and raised in Saskatchewan (its in Canada for those who are geographically challenged).

-I was born in the year 1984, so you do the math to figure out my age. Learning is fun!

-I still live in Saskatchewan.

-There is usually enough caffeine in my system to seriously harm a small child.

-I work as a web graphic designer for a small company.

-If left to my own devices I would only eat Count Chocula.

-I never had any desire to be a cartoonist in the traditional sense, I always wanted to draw super hero comics. Then I sketched a Gary strip to serve as a back up in a Fireball comic and the rest as they say is history.

-I can also melt spoons with my mind

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An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

"Company Man" is about life and the funny things it can throw at you (Like monkey poop!). It revolves around the co-workers and friends at F.R.J. Media Group in Phoenix, Arizona. Company Man is filmed before a live studio audience and updated Mon.- Fri.

The tales of a bartending fangirl and her wierd, drunken friends. Always true, even when the creator wishes she was making it up.

Dark and twisted,yet stays crunchy in milk! Delicious humor with a fun toy surprise.

The 98.7% true autobiographical adventures of Tera Sanders, the Princess of Sylmar, California

Fitting in isn't easy, especially when you're a big green monster trying to reform. With a little help from his friend Bigfoot and his human roommate, Tad, the Atrox just might make it after all

RETIRED: 2006. Roommate insanity. 4 college grads getting by on mac n' cheese, ramen noodles & cheap beer. This was my "baby" for almost 12 years, I finally retired it after 8 sets of rejection letters from syndicates. R.I.P.

My sarcastic take on the world around me. Updates once a week. (Usually wednesdays, but no promises!)

The Comic based on the TnT Morning Show on 98.9 The Bear. Turner Watson and Parker Thomas are two rapscallions with a radio show, and this is their comic.

2 Aliens. Disguised as dogs. Here to study human life. Hilarity ensues. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Check back for monthly fill-in-the-bubble CONTESTS, too.


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