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I love drawing! Soon I shall have a comic uploaded. Very soon.

I did actually leave for a very, very long period of time, so I had a comic before that I deleted. My drawings have improved so much since then XD

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A cheerful Grim Reaper in training and her ultra-depressed assistant collect the souls of the recently deceased and bring them to the afterlife.

T-Bone, a deadly cow assassin, needs to get his revenge on The Evil Butcher Man. Things happen. Drama occurs. You'll laugh, you'll cry! ...moo.

Alicka and her little brother Winston are sent to Winkerkill Boarding School. The number one dumping ground of unwanted troubled teens. A miniature Gormenghast filled with bad seeds and black sheep.

Hell, Heaven, Earth. This comic goes everywhere. :) It starts out in Hell, where we meet the 3 main characters: Zoe, half demon, half human, Blaze and Kolos who are both dark angels. The 3 of them end up pissing off Satan and causing all kinds of trouble.

{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)


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shino at 9:50AM, April 16, 2008


Chaz McRich at 7:37PM, Nov. 1, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

RaiteLi at 4:55PM, July 30, 2007

/me ish wondering if I'll be able to do this... *looks around sneakily. NINJA POWDER! Poof*

mineyy at 4:38PM, June 1, 2007

hey rainy day it is me mineyy I was thinking why dont we do a comic togethere?

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