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goals-to some day get featured on DD

I love fantasy novels I suck at fight scenes and I love CHEESECAKE!

Location_lived in oregon all my life bah its too rainy

Favorate book- Vampire kisses

Free time-i draw and listean to music or watch TV but mostley drawing

Comics By Rubygem

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There is actully one main druid I'm sry about the spelling some of them i already inked out but thanks for reading it ;) yah i suck at desriptions lol
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okay i can't think of a description that would not give away stuff so no descriptoin
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Nicole a Chef has been at her dream job for quite some time. Though it is completely turned up side down when a new comer she has to train comes into the picture. He drives her up the wall sometimes.Hope you have some laughs while reading this comic.

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Heaven's broken. The enhabitants have fallen to Earth in order to survive. Any one of them who isn't in hiding is a slave, and those unlucky enough to land in U.S. are forced, bred, and trained to be serect weapons for the military.

Comics Recomended By Rubygem

The Cafe Buzz is a small little coffee shop where a wide variety of customers come and go. Step into the cafe and see stories behind the lives of these customers.

A collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with none of the crazy stuff left out. Currently telling "Sweetheart Roland"

An evil tyrant is destroying Farmillia. And now its creator has called upon the powers of an ancient sword to slay the dark king, and restore peace to Farmillia. Now a champion must be found. Will the wielder of the sword be found before it's too late?

Every story has a beginning and Final Fantasy is no exception. Join some of your favorite characters as they go through one of lifes' toughest adventures...high school!

Can true love really conquer all... even death? Hikari must figure this out for herself if she wants to save her soul. The hunt for true love begins!

Fantasy adventure story about a teenage boy who gets stuck in an world he doesn't belong. Whats even stranger is that he has sprouted elven ears.

16 year old Koku Katsuragi finds a magical ring, transforming her into a Magical bat-girl! but the ring comes with a history, and even as she spreads her new wings, evil forces threaten to destroy her!

Christine lives her life inside her head almost as much as out of it.With a crush on an older boy and the return of her ex-boyfriend who can blame her?But what happens if you try to hide that energy?Where else can it go if there is no room in her head?

NewGirl is about a young superhero female trying to be top in her league but it shouldn't be too difficult when the league is Useless! She manages to get by with her friend Edwyn and save the day for some reason.

includes fancomics for various videogames/animes, also some original comics with my own characters. status: random updates. description: mostly fan comics, but also includes short comics with my own characters.

Demons have taken over Tusita, the heaven, slaughtering the angels in an all-out war with the gods. Fearing for their daughter's safety, the Gods send her to Amara, entrusting her with the Core of the earth to hide her. But, fourteen years later...

During a war between humans and soul knights, space bandits Vacille Arai, Gonshiro Hayabusa, and Josuke Deegle, find themselves befriending a troopship full of humans smack dab in the middle of a battle field. What's in store for society of the galaxies?

Tri-Noble is about a young man that wants to prove that his brother is innocent of being a spy. And by finding out the truth his journey truly begins. Updates: MWF

Bio-humans made for military purposes set their own way in order to stop a sadistic tyrant from making more of their kind and from gaining the ultimate dictatorship across the world.

While searching for his brother, Rale falls into his own shadow. Now in a land where weretigers roam, angels rage battles, and cookies can stop wars, he needs to unravel the mysteries of this hidden realm to restore its glory and get back home!


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cameron11691 at 5:46PM, March 5, 2011

lol, nope, I'm here to stay. Not going anywhere.

ohnn at 2:09PM, Nov. 25, 2007

thanks for the add!

ReincarnatedParano at 8:26AM, Oct. 24, 2007

Heeey~ Thanks for the add! :3 If you are reading RAID (Which I'm not sure you are or not...) hope you enjoy it! XD;

Zero7 at 3:52PM, Oct. 23, 2007

thanks for the add! :)

Akki333 at 6:49AM, Oct. 23, 2007

thank you for the add XD

Gedanken at 7:40PM, Oct. 18, 2007

Thanks for the add <3! (and the nice comment :3)

Yuri at 4:59PM, Oct. 17, 2007

Hi new friend!

Chaz McRich at 3:37PM, Oct. 16, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

cameron11691 at 4:11AM, Aug. 23, 2007

hey hey check out my comics xD you've missed quite a few pages lol glad ur back XD

cameron11691 at 8:56PM, Aug. 3, 2007

hey i updated about 3 pages xD take a look!

cameron11691 at 4:12AM, July 22, 2007

Oh and be sure to check out the three new pages I put to U Chuu No Hoshi Hotoshi Tsuko lol I changed my shading style a bit.

cameron11691 at 4:05AM, July 22, 2007

*puts a pencil in ur hand* Draw another page, quick quick! lol ><

cameron11691 at 6:24AM, July 9, 2007

My name in ur friend list is right next to x2_gon. Ironically thats my bro xD

cameron11691 at 5:35PM, April 26, 2007

oi there Rubygem

Bowdy at 9:28AM, April 26, 2007

Your trophies show! no far! :-D Thanks for the add!

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