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Thank you to all of you who have continued to believe I would return, and for all of you who didn't believe in me… I hope to re-gain your trust.
But first, re-introductions.
I'm animegal12! :) I'm a freshman and my favorite color is–I've already done this? Nonsense.
Anyway, I'm now a freshman in college (oh how time flies…). I like video games, j-pop, and drawing. And the color blue. And purple… and green…

Comics By animegal12

  • Adventure |
  • 62 pages |
  • last: Aug. 4 2011 |
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As the world falls deeper into darkness, only one girl can save everyone. Zorii always wanted an adventure, but she never expected anything like what is about to happen.
  • Fantasy |
  • 8 pages |
  • last: Oct. 31 2011 |
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Not really. It's just a bunch of sketches and four-panels...

Comics Assisted By animegal12

  • Fantasy |
  • 51 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
There is actully one main druid I'm sry about the spelling some of them i already inked out but thanks for reading it ;) yah i suck at desriptions lol
  • Real Life |
  • 16 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
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basically, killing, death, and torture... oh yeah, and randomness.

Comics Recomended By animegal12

An action/adventure/comedy of a ninja mouse out to avenge his late wife and son, as well as little mini adventures he gets involved with by the characters he meets along the way. Rated PG-13. Updated every saturday.

This is a short series of how young Izuna introduces a whole new world of Blitzboarding to the universe.

A fantasy supernatural horor-comedy about monsters and other horrible creatures like humans, made by and for the socially awkward malcontents. It's a character-driven story that features both whimsical magical elements and gory body horror, with big emotional drama.

Who knew that the stones in the temple of Azriel had the power of the apocolypse? Young Jernin finds himself in the midst of a war that could mean certain doom for all of Parelagia! ... Ok, not really. Chipmunks + Swords = Adorable bloody mayhem. PG 13

About two girls who find out they aren't what they thought they were.

A deadly war has errupted and all life is fighting for its own survival. Ryu, fights with the "Dragon Warriors" because they beleive the elimination of the Kaisers was wrong. but Ryu has no idea how strong he really is, and he'll have to learn soon.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

Four teenagers enroll in an "elite" boarding school on an island. What they don't realize is that there's more to this "prestigious" school than meets the eye...

A collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with none of the crazy stuff left out. Currently telling "Sweetheart Roland"

No longer updating! A remake is on the horizon though C:

The Light was the day when the stars overpowered the sun at dawn.Those who absorbed the rays were given great power,called the Blessed.They absorb remnants of power from Blessed Objects to evolve, but maddness and abuse ensues.Midori will kill her kind.

A tale about a girl named Luna and the Fantasy World she created when she was young (which she forgot and abandoned). But every Fantasy World needs its hero back eventually.... Pg for violence and magic.

Night School: Kojo Academy It is midnight, do you know where your kids are? Well if you are a creature of the night, they should be in Night School!

A guardian angel falls from Heaven, and bad things happen.

Even in a magical world, unexplained phenomena can happen. That's where Eredicus, Aries and their colleagues come in. They explore the paranormal in a world of fantasy, mythical creatures, and strong magic.

Little Kanoni and her brother, Yue, live in a small village that is plagued with a deadly disease. After the two bury their older sister, unknown intruders come to take Kanoni away. Brother and sister must be reunited by the Harvest Moon...

Stevie has created adorable plushies of her friends called 'Plooshies'. Though they seem cute and harmless, they show their ugly sides when they become animated with pure evil and attempt hostile stuffing-filled, cottonball bullet-y world domination.

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

includes fancomics for various videogames/animes, also some original comics with my own characters. status: random updates. description: mostly fan comics, but also includes short comics with my own characters.

Realm of Mlaer. Started in '06, relaunched in '08. Tis' a fantasy webcomic of magic and stuff. What's that? You think that this comic is all about good guys against bad guys? Why, nothing's a plain black or white out there, sonny.

16-year-old Colin Cooper has just received a rejection letter from the school of her dreams. What can a girl do in such a moment of bare desperation?! Plan to reapply as a boy, of course. [Reads from left to right~]

Demons have taken over Tusita, the heaven, slaughtering the angels in an all-out war with the gods. Fearing for their daughter's safety, the Gods send her to Amara, entrusting her with the Core of the earth to hide her. But, fourteen years later...

Shining Wolf is about universal Protection teams trying to keep the universe safe. Shining Wolf is a team led by the unique protector, Darcius Kai.

The Demon Inside is about two demon hunters created from the legendary demon Hanaki. The first to be created was Kenshin Titan. He was created as a key to the second to be created, Ken Titan's power. Their code names are the White Dragons.

Imagine yourself being chased and tortured by people who, not only are your friends, but also your enemies. To top that off, you don't even know that you are suffering because of them.

An odd experimental short Folk-like story. :) really, I am just experimenting! this should be 'manga' but prehaps not in the usual style ;_;... a small enjoyable read~

when you need a babysitter, be shure to call her! she's scared easily, and last time the baby jumped off the building!

Anything can happen. Especially when you are a murderer who is alone with your little sister. But when they find their village destroyed and the villagers gone, they set out to find what happened to them. Will they find the secret?

The sun set 500 years ago and science shapes a new path for life on this planet of two moons.

Bio-humans made for military purposes set their own way in order to stop a sadistic tyrant from making more of their kind and from gaining the ultimate dictatorship across the world.

While searching for his brother, Rale falls into his own shadow. Now in a land where weretigers roam, angels rage battles, and cookies can stop wars, he needs to unravel the mysteries of this hidden realm to restore its glory and get back home!


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