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Hiya, people! I draw stuff. To be more specific, Im the writer and the artist behind the webmanga Wave, kindly hosted by the great people at Drunkduck. About me, then. Im 17 years old, and Ive been drawing comics seriously for a little over 3 years now, although I drew little doodles for a while before that. I attribute most of my talent in drawing to having awesome friends who both help me and compete against me in drawing. Theyve really pushed me to do my best. In fact, my two best mangaka friends are on Drunkduck! Check em out. Blackfire and Zero7! Wave is my first comic to actually get off the ground, and Im gonna do everything I can to keep it going. Thanks for reading my babblings!

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There are 2Masters in this world, both of them have the powers to move heaven and earth, and they fight each other over the right to rule the world, humans under them must choose one to follow...

When you're hunting a renegade demon, there's only one thing to remember: never trust what you believe is reality.

The fantastic tale of the dawn of humanity and the great war that marked its birth into history.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.


a modern art japanese art style fused with ancient greek themes. Leo, a young thief, one day bumps into a mysterious man named Toro, whom he later finds out is his guardian angel. As conflicts come and go Toro reveals himself as Leo's guardian angel...etc

A mysterious meeting. Lives connected. A bond created. A lust for power. An unkown figure, and a shattered friendship. Despise, Abhor, Dislike, to Hate. Loathe.

A dark mechanical world where a strange entity slaves to create humanity in the proverbial Garden of Eden. This can only be done with the sacrifice of his first creation.

It's just a sweet romantic drama about making new friends and changing stubborn views and attitudes. ~ Shonen-ai / boyslove / yaoi / romance / drama ~

Here is some random pics I drew, this is to hold you guys over until I get an actual comic going.

Big guns, chemical explosions, video games, and insanity.

Hotaru Myoujou; renegade. Ronin. Total jerk. Loads of mindless violence, action, and tons of cool characters to boot! What more could you ask for?

In the span of a night's eve 3 lives are conjoint and blood, lust, and fear are the medium. However, the unity will be the cause of their everything falling apart. cyberpunk, unrequited BL, jesus-obsessed murder, guys with guns, and government plots

While searching for his brother, Rale falls into his own shadow. Now in a land where weretigers roam, angels rage battles, and cookies can stop wars, he needs to unravel the mysteries of this hidden realm to restore its glory and get back home!


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shino at 6:08AM, Jan. 24, 2008


deleted-byrequest-03 at 3:06PM, Aug. 10, 2007

Thanks for adding me as a friend. You have great comics :)

Blitz01 at 7:42PM, Aug. 9, 2007

wow, thanx for adding me!

vi___wong at 7:01PM, Aug. 5, 2007

*whines* OHMYGOSH, I so totally still have them.. I'll find them tomorrow when I'm not tripping off of caffeine! and of course you can recognize the style, I am of course the greatest evah. ANYWHO.. >> hope you like my yaoi scenes. bwhahaha

vi___wong at 11:07AM, Aug. 5, 2007

eyyo sweety!!!

athrun at 2:46AM, Aug. 5, 2007

thanks for the addage mate. ^_^

Zero7 at 7:34PM, May 2, 2007


Zero7 at 7:05PM, May 2, 2007

is there room in manga man for an artist notes page?

Zero7 at 9:32PM, April 24, 2007

yo Micah! Can't wait for Manga Man Issue 2!. We should start a webcomic Manga man and have exclusive content not found in our comics pr something like that. We could feature other artists too. Just a thought!

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