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Well, what to say?
The name is Linnea D.A, a 21 year old gal from Sweden (aka the northpole to some) that out of curiosity try out making a comic with a concept I have been working with for over a year now.
And well, I may not be the best in "human" art, but what the fluff, if I enjoy it, I do it.

What do I do otherwise with the rest of the hours of the day? Well, working with games, on my second education in game making after my intern, run around in the forest in my chainmail, sword and helmet on larp or just going nuts with my friends.

If somebody just want to say hello I'll be on my msn mostly durring daytime. (If I'm not way too busy)

Texting editor:
According to me one of the best artist on the northen continent of the cold dark sweden. Do have a look!

Comic updates are mostly once every two weeks.

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Did you know even hell have a prophecy; a tale that promise them a savior who would conquar heaven. But to gain something that importen, sacrifices have to be made. A sacrifice of the innocent.
  • Fantasy |
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  • last: July 6 2011 |
My sketchbook with characters and items from my comic The Savior of Hell and other characters that are from the same concept, but not from the comic. Enjoy!

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