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Hello, Welcome to My pages. My name is Steven Prayugo. Im from Indonesia. And please add me as your friends. Enjoy !

Age: 14

Birthday : 08 September

Country: Indonesia

Shio: Pig

Horoscope: Virgo

Favourite Animal : Dog (Bulldog)

Hobby: Make a comic, Improve My Blog, Playing Games, etc.

My First Comic:
Its about Megaman fight with Sigma. But, Megaman in trouble… So, Megaman make a deal with the author (Yeah, thats me). So, the author put Megaman in Mario World… And together (Megaman and Mario) go to save Princess Peach for making their world into normal.

My Blog:


(Im sorry… My English is bad)

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The story is about Megaman fought with Sigma, then Megaman make a deal with the author of the comic (Yeah, that's me), cuz in trouble. So, The author is put Megaman in Mario world. And together they go to adventure for make their world to be normal again.

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