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I actually go by Nainami, but picked my screenname back in the day where your name was directly linked to your comic.

I have two comics:
False Gods - Written, drawn and colored by me.
Its very much an experimental story about good, evil and the legacy handed down from father to son. The style False Gods is in is a very minimalist/high-contrast style…. and because of that doesnt get a whole lot of attention. Thats fine, I dont love it for its popularity.

Palestra - Written by myself and drawn/colored by Lemonfruitpie and Sana. These two are an awesome pair.
Palestras had an unfortunate history of losing its artist after about 20 pages. This has really come to a close when lemon signed on but now school has stolen her away - I weep.
Palestra is a comic of the fantasy genre about elves, dragons, demons, warlords with gender problems and all the amusing adventures that happen in between them all. I love this comic and all its characters and Im happy to see that other people love it as well.

Other than that I associate with a group of people who go under the name of NegamiiX. Theyre a wonderful bunch and one day we will be a publishing company seeking out people like those on drunk duck and making it so the world can see their works, not just those here on the internet.

Thanks for reading.

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Drunk Duck artists, interperating each others work.

Quietly nestled in the American suburbs lies Huevine High Shcool, serene and calm... Things on the inside however, can be quite the opposite: Action! Adventure! Love Triangles! Late assignments! Join the DTDC gang in this comical take on high school - XD

Random comics i made

Raphael is the calm, soft-spoken son of a single mother. He never bothered with a social life, was a horrible volleyball player and always dreamt about being a writer and having children. One day he walked home and found blood...

{STORY \ Bruno Cotting {ILLUST \ Viviane {READING \ from left ---> to right [occidental] {GENRE \ Mystery, Thriller

Philosophy and absurdities of two fish in a fish tank... Occasional guest stars and external locations.

A tragic event is told through the eyes of several young people. It starts with the main character, then follows down the line of friends and family. Each chapter is told from a different point of view, and draw in a different style.

16-year-old Colin Cooper has just received a rejection letter from the school of her dreams. What can a girl do in such a moment of bare desperation?! Plan to reapply as a boy, of course. [Reads from left to right~]


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