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Blair D. Shedd was educated at The Kubert School, where he studied under such sequential art and illustration luminaries as Hy Eisman, Irwin Hasen, Alec Stevens, and of course, Joe Kubert.

Shortly after graduating in 1999, Blair went on to form oneGemini Studios. He now works as a freelance illustrator and writer. Blair's artwork has appeared in numerous publications and sites across the web, and can be found in many private collections across the globe.

Blair's past comic book illustration credits include THE GUILD for Dark Horse Comics, DOCTOR WHO for IDW Publishing, ZOMBIE BOMB: DARK DAZE for Terminal Press, AFTERBURN for Red 5 Comics, and DOROTHY OF OZ: PREQUEL for IDW Publishing.

He is currently working on his first creator-owned project, THE RAPTOR.

Blair resides in northern New England with his wife, three kids, a cat, and two loud birds.

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THE RAPTOR is an upcoming creator-owned comic book from Blair D. Shedd (DOCTOR WHO, DOROTHY OF OZ: PREQUEL, THE GUILD). Part superhero vigilante story, part police procedural, THE RAPTOR follows the eponymous character's fight against the organized crime families of New York City, and his interactions with the NYPD special squad formed to take him down. This is a special preview for

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