Chapter 7.23.217

LanceDanger on Feb. 28, 2008

In case anybody missed it, I uploaded a page (finally) yesterday =3 Also, I uploaded all 12 pages of the prologue, relettered and formatted for your viewing pleasure XD

I actually had a lot of fun with this page =3 Ha, Electron did not see that one coming, that'll wipe that smile off his face XD There's about two weeks left in this chapter, then chapter 8 begins (no, no break in between chapters this time, either). Anywho, thank you all for reading, and please look foward to the next update, have a greta weekend, everybody! =3

Used Books: Yeah, it would indeed suck if that kind offace was the last face one would see 0_0; Peipei: Fred seems to be becoming a bit stronger everytime =3; Popenfresh: Probablt not as painful as what just happened XD; Kyupol: Thank you, cool new avatar, btw!; Salasvexx: Lol Fred IS the Walrus! XD; Janen: >PHEW< That's a relief, been having so many computer troubles this past month, I'm almost paranoid XD