Chapter 7.25.219

LanceDanger on March 3, 2008

Looks like Fred is getting a bit stronger with every outing =0 And BOY did people LOVE the chibi-Exorcist! lol 0_o I think he kinda came out like one of those Pacman ghosts XD

The other week I saw the trailer for “Prince Caspian”, DAMN, I can't wait for that movie to come out, it looks AMAZING! =0 Anywho, I'm out for now, thank you all for reading, please look foward to the next update =3

Used Books: Ugh, it was a nightmare that time my mouse broke, the left click button just snapped off, and for some reason, the computer didn't let me program me to put the right button to do the left button functions, so I had to crazy glue it on, color for a bit, it would snap off again, and again I would glue it, my shoulder hurt for weeks after that 0_0 Lol it was fun to draw Exorcist that way XD; Magickmaker: Lol, indeed! XD; Peipei: Lol, thank you =3; Salasvexx: Lol, he was going to say before Electron found Warlord, but what Electron found was a punch to the face =0; Popenfresh: Iknow! I still feel ilke it was yesterday I was preparing to end chapter 5, and now we're in the final days of chapter 7! =0 ; Worstcase: Lol thank you! Who'da thunk it would catch on? lol; Janen: Jajaja gracias! =D; Kyupol: Lol, cool! =D; NY Japlander: Thanks, man! Hmm, I gues that would depend on either 2 things, either the last you saw the story it was in a “quiet” moment since those scenes dominate more than the action scenes and/or the constant change in cast/antagonists. Or you probaly saw another one of my webcomics (I have like 5 other webcomics here on the Duck) XD Enjoying Raw Fish and the Pictures from Japan stuff, my fellow ex-knikerboker! =D