Dispute over Dinner

PaulEberhartd on July 4, 2013

Hi, everyone! Any rumours about my untimely passing away have been greatly exaggerated; I'm back again!
I guess I'll never get used to apologising for my lateness all the time, but I'm pretty close. Anyway: sorry! The past few weeks were eaten up by a number of special tasks that kept me away from my drawing table, as a matter of fact I was hardly home at all. However, I think I have at least two really good excuses. Firstly, last week my oldest and best friend married, and I directed my skills at drawing and pyrography towards making an appropriate present for the young couple. Then (which has got to be the best excuse ever) I decided to write down all the ideas for this comic that have been going around in my head, lest they fade from my memory before I have a chance to draw them. As a result I produced twelve densely printed pages in font size 10. Since my scripts tend to be a lot more stenographical than my author's comments, and from past experience I know that each page means something between 3 and 6 comic pages (or more!). And new ideas keep rushing in all the time. I thought I should mention this to reassure you that despite my recent long absences this comic is far from over. More likely it'll just run on until death do us part. ;)
Well, this filler page should speak for itself. I'm frantically working on the next update, which will probably go online some time next week. After that, I might even return to my schedule. Really, I think so.
Have a nice weekend, and thanks for reading and commenting!
By the way, Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! (The discovery at age 6, when I visited the States with my parents, that there is a place where you can get fireworks in summer is a fond childhood memory of mine.) :)
Oh, incidentally: Free sketch of your choice to the first one to identify the mangled quote in the first paragraph of these author's comments! (unless you're my Mum; she'll get one anyway, if she wants to ;))