Featured Aug. 16, 2017
Teen, 55 pages

A young orphan. A mysterious man in a cloak. A gorilla that can sing Italian Opera. A cute little green dinosaur. Welcome to the planet Barter, a planet that is supposedly a Black Market planet. Chapter One starts off with a young girl talking to a ghost in a junkyard, but it soon becomes apparent that the people of this world have an “every person for themselves” mentality. We soon learn there is a band of Outlaw Treasure Hunters that is also hanging out on this planet. This comic is filled with action packed chasing sequences and gorgeous art!
This comic was written by John Stork with the art drawn by Raul Trevino. This is an excellent example of a successful collaboration comic because the story writing is very original and funny and the art style is wonderfully lined and inked (Trevino draws excellent renderings of cars).
Hop on the seat of a high-speed motorcycle chase and read Tomb Busters by StorkStudio, rated T

Featured Aug. 9, 2017
Mature, 32 pages

Cyrenna is still a schoolgirl but she's already a footsoldier in the mafia. It's the family business, and she's part of “The Family”. Things are about to get very real for her… No spoilers! Two hard bitten professional mercenaries are sent in to clean up the mess, it's gonna get bloody. This is a noir, action, thriller story, it's tense and immersive, the art is amazing and pro; American comic book style, digital, full colour. This will be an exciting story to follow!

Read Kings club by AmeliaP, rated M.

Featured Aug. 2, 2017
Teen, 26 pages

No one in the village is quite sure how the Chicken Warrior came to be. There is speculation that he choked a chicken (or at least hung it) before placing the skin on top of his head and wearing it as a helmet. There is a horrible beast that looks like an evil goat loose and it has captured Princess Helen. It looks like the Chicken Warrior is the unexpected answer to the King and Queen's prayers. The art is mostly in black and white and drawn using digital ink. There is highly skilled usage of line strokes and shading techniques that is quite impressive.
You should read this comic if you have an insatiable hunger for puns or at least really liked the Conan the Barbarian series. Read The Chicken Warrior by The Chicken Warrior rated Teen.

Featured July 26, 2017
Mature, 63 pages

Fierce battles with sword, spear, bow and hammer, vicious Norsemen, hungry ghouls, scheming sorceresses and nobles … Sword of Kings is an epic saga of ambition, conquest, and love. Written, constructed and directed by Bravo1102, this is a whole new take on his original story “Go a Viking”. It's still an epic adventure, but this time he's honed the story and tried a whole new art style. It's a historically influenced fantasy, the art consists of photography of dressed figures posed against sets and then digitally manipulated.

Read Sword Of Kings, by Bravo1102, rated M

Featured July 19, 2017
Mature, 20 pages

One dock, three people. Una garza negra, the black dock.
It is sunset at a small pier as two men sit silently side-by-side when one of them breaks the silence. The two have an exchange of small talk when the quietest man begins a philosophical discussion about society and how appearances result in preconceived notions on how we judge groups. The pacing is slow and beautiful and reflects a small scene from everyday life. The mood reflects that of Vladimir and Estragon in Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot.
The art is So Gorgeous with its genuine line work. The illustrations are the real deal with its rawness and limited use of digital tools. In addition, all the font is hand-lettered, which give the conversations a realistic quality.
Step on the dock and read Una Garza Negra by Garza Negra, rated M!

Featured July 12, 2017
Teen, 66 pages

The Cherub Brothers is a panel-a-day comic about two supposed angels- Sun and Zel– told from the perspective of Corey; an everyday kid who observes the kind things the “brothers” do for others, despite their…quirks. Corey’s perspective as he talks to his friends gives the insight an urban legend like tone. The art is scratchy, energetic, and spontaneous, and fits the freestyle like feel of the comic. Magor trades regiment-like paneling for a freedom to compose the comic content as he or she wishes. If you’re looking for something you likely haven’t seen yet, check out “The Cherub Brothers”– where the cryptic meets slice of life.

Featured July 5, 2017
Everyone, 32 pages

A young lady is living quietly with her quirky pinky-haired room-mate. She's trying to make her way in the world, working as a waitress while she studies at college- basically the life of a typical student. But one day something weird happens… The sandman is off work for the night and his replacement spills sleeping sand all over the poor sleeping girl's face, resulting is some pretty unusual things happening to her AND the arrival of a new companion, a magical hamster! This is a slice of life fantasy comedy. The art is digital colour and quite cute and charming in style. The writing is humorous and light.
Read LostandFound, by Roxi_ki, rated E.

Featured June 28, 2017
Mature, 41 pages

We might have heard a traditional version of the Holy Bible in the past, but it is very likely that the Albino Ginger version will be new for everybody. In a similar fashion as the original, this comic begins with Genesis, but the vivid twist and creative art energy will take your eyes on an exhilarating journey.
The art style is reminiscent of the animated shows on mTV in the early nineties. The colors pop and the style is refreshing. It is mostly colored using digital ink
Step into this version of the Holy Bible. It has dinosaurs, a flat Earth, and if you search close enough, you might even find a unicorn. Read Holy Bible the Albino Ginger version by Albino Ginger, rated M! (Some Bible-appropriate nudity, and mild language)

Featured June 21, 2017
Everyone, 29 pages

Forest Reckoning by Dpat57

Rover is a curious dog who is helped by Mauser, a clever and manipulative cat, to enter the forbidden city.
Bears act as guards to the forbidden city, yet one, Arktos is aiding Mauser for reasons not yet revealed.
Charming characters, witty dialogue and and intriguing set up give this comic a solid start.

What most people will initially notice is the 3D art. The art is all done in google sketch up and made from scratch. It has a retro low def feel and a distinct cartoony charm.

Read Forest Reckoning. Rated E

Featured June 14, 2017
Everyone, 28 pages

This is a weird one!The story starts with a gritty but hilarious reality TV show on in the background and then we slowly get into the MEAT of the story. There's a dinosaur, on sale… more a measly million dollars! But who has that kind of money? The pretty and perfect Betty Sue might, but how to get it, and why? Well as to that there is an embarrassing story about pubic hair in a lightning bolt shape… ah, but we won't mention that! Suffice to say this is a crazy and creative little story. Fully digital colour, this is a crazy, abstract comedy comic.

Read VCR, by _Murphy, rated E.

Featured June 7, 2017
Everyone, 107 pages

Will Draw for Food is a semi-autobiographical, slice-of-life, day in the life comic of Jim, a hungry webcomic creator. Some pages hint at the realities of finding food that some comic creators have to experience like having to buy raw ingredients to make bread. Several of the strips deal with the struggles of daily drawing life like having to come up with content for a new strip. In more recent updates, Jim dives into the world of relationships when he introduces a new character, Jordan. The comic is drawn in black and white and is mostly created using digital ink.
If you have ever drawn a webcomic, or have a family of pet cats, then you should read Will Draw for Food by JimShawArt, rated E!

Featured May 31, 2017
Everyone, 31 pages

In the near future a pandemic has wiped out much of the population. Most of the survivors are left with special powers and are referred to as AM's (amplified humans). Kayn is a throwback to bygone days and has no gifts, except he has done a deal with a non corporeal entity called Kourageous which will give him powers if he earns them.

The comic has fantastic black and white art and strong characterization that explores what it is to be who you are against a violent future.

Check out Kayn the Kourageous. rated E.

Featured May 24, 2017
Everyone, 19 pages

Monsters are a part of every day life here. Monsters are ordinary people, you can even have little monster pets! But there are also dangerous, gigantic MONSTER type monsters. A special government military squad deals with these… if the vigilantes don't get there first! This is an exciting action comic. The art is beautiful, professional, and painterly, limited colour and 100% digital. The story is fast paced and compelling, as you'd expect from an action comic. This comic is only starting out so you'll read through it in minutes and be hungering for more!

Read Monster Corp, by Dreamwips, rated E.

Featured May 17, 2017
Teen, 59 pages

Dragons, whether in human form or their own natural reptilian glory, are trouble. Some are more trouble than others… Meet Tanbyr, or Tan for short. She's a little pain in the bum for her brother Edan, also a dragon.These two fight like brother and sis… well, exactly what they are. We meet our “heroes” in the midst of a little tiff that ends with an entire hill falling on their heads and crushing them. Tan wakes up a thousand years later and sees how much the whole world has changed, and stayed the same.
This is a heavily stylised comic with many characters, especially Tan, having really distinct and unusual faces. The colouring is rich and warm and the whole art style is very reminiscent of Charby the Vampiriate in a sort of abstract way. The story is a hilarious fantasy and moves along at a good pace.

Read Drachronon, by Stinger9, rated T.

Featured May 10, 2017
Everyone, 48 pages

Silly Sweetie takes a close glimpse of the lives of adorable versions of a guy and a girl through little vignettes. The stories contain little to no dialogue, but they show the silly side of the two characters when they play practical jokes on each other or when they are enjoying simple day-to-day activities. This is a comic that explores the silly side of life and enjoying spending time with another person. Sometimes, one of the characters visualizes an outcome for a situation and then the scenario takes a surprising turn at the end.
The art uses a very soft color palette without using dark outlines or bright colors. The art is very calming and enjoyable.
If you feel like adding a bit of cuteness into your day, then you should read Silly Sweetie by Sillykid, rated E!

Featured May 3, 2017
Mature, 28 pages

The Beard by Trinket Trance

The Beard follows Coi and his friend Jankie as they meander through their misanthropic existence. In chapter one Coi starts a new job promoting an eco charity in the streets, which furthers his dismal view on modern society. The language is very fruity as are much of the visuals in this down and dirty look at the worst aspects of modern society.

read The Beard by Trinket Trance. Rated M.

Featured April 26, 2017
Everyone, 35 pages

Poor Peter doesn't know what he's in for… His very first day at a new school and the other kids are monsters, LITERAL monsters that is. He shares class with a Frankenstein's monster, a vampire, a mummy, and a Cthulhu to name a few. This was certainly NOT what he was expecting! He's just a normal kid afterall. It's going to be very interesting to see how he copes!
This is a black and white comic, all conventionally drawn, in simple, cartoon styled line art. The characters look great and the art is pretty consistent. It's a very funny, monster high school story. This comic is just starting so it's easy to get into and catch up. It updates weekly!
Read Scared by the Bell, by Dylandrawsdraws, rated E.

Featured April 19, 2017
Mature, 55 pages

Sexy teens, a summer camp down by a lake, hormones, a mysterious legend of a roaming monster, and ancient Indian burial ground… all the ingredients are here and ready for a deadly red soup of murder! And a good old fashioned classic sex comedy. My fave characters so far are Sandra Van Dyke the douchey lesbian and Patricia O'Brien the aggressive Irish girl. This comic is a LOT of fun!
The art is black and white, the style is a sex-comedy, horror thriller. I have only two criticisms of the comic: the text in the beginning is a little hard to read and character lines are sometimes a little clumsy. Apart from that it's pretty good and always improving!
BE AWARE: this comic is rated Mature and there are instances of full frontal nudity.
Read Slaughter at Camp Notamoovi, by Freakenburger, rated M.

Featured April 12, 2017
Mature, 254 pages

Meet Jaysin, a real talented comic creator who has made a new year's resolution goal to, wait for it, draw a new comic every day for 2017. The heart and soul of this comic explores a day in the life of Jaysin. Watch as he tries new foods, goes to museums, works on projects, hangs out with his friends, hunts for Pokemon, recovers from getting sick, and plays video games with his wife, Andy. This is a relatable comic to read especially for anyone who loves to draw comics.
The comic is drawn mostly in black and white, but there are panels with color thrown into the mix. The characters have great facial expressions and a wide variety of perspective angles are used.
Why have a slice of life when you can have the entire pizza of life? Read Half Hearted Headache by JaysinO, rated M for Mature.

Featured April 5, 2017
Teen, 59 pages

Ying and Yan by TonyAlpsen

Ying and Yan are twin brothers who are joined at the hip…and the shoulder, and everything in between.

It's a simple, perfect premise for standalone jokes playing off the brothers' conjoined status, or the difference in their personalities, or snarky commentary on life in general.

The tone is somewhat dark but accessible humor, and reminds me of Willie Weirdie, the old series by Al Jaffee.

Ying is more open, curious, and straight-laced, while Yan is the snarky, mischievous one. That works out quite handily - if Yan's wry one-liners and punchlines came from the twin on our left, it would make the word balloons awkward! Tony Alpsen lucked out, there!

The art is digital, in full color, with simple character designs and facial expressions that are a lot of fun, especially the different reactions the brothers have to practically every situation.

The comic is a single-panel gag format. I flew through the archive very quickly and smiled and chuckled the whole way.

It's a premise I wish I'd thought of!

Ying and Yan by Tony Alpsen is rated T for Twins!

Featured March 29, 2017
Mature, 87 pages

High school student, Hitomi ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time of night when she witnesses a young girl wearing her school's uniform get attacked. Strange events begin happening around town including an unexpected visit to her room by Hayate, a young man who was seen the previous night during the attack. Should Hitomi make acquaintance with strangers?
The art is drawn in the traditional manga style. It includes sound effects written in katakana with translations below each panel. The pages are drawn using a variety of mixed media, but the clean black and white lines are from using vectors. There is incredible precision used in each step to draw the characters that can be seen in Avart's other comic page: The Gloom Portfolio.
Unlock the mystery of these strange visitors in town and read The Gloom by Avart, rated M! (mature language, blood, mild violence, some fan service)

Featured March 22, 2017
Teen, 117 pages

Numb by NiinaEveliina

Numb is a mysterious tale of three long term friends, Susan, Levi and Tim. I really can't say too much as it would spoil the comic for you,
but I highly recommend checking it out for the otherworldy feel and sumptuously inked and water coloured art.

Read Numb. Rated T

Featured March 15, 2017
Mature, 12 pages

If you ever wanted to know some more about famous ancient Greek heroes and gods, but were fed up with the cartoony versions touted by Disney and the insane versions in Hollywood movies and video games, then this is the comic for you! This is a faithful retelling of the stories, coupled with amazing artwork that shows Greek people actually looking like Greek people. The artwork is beautiful, all in soft colour, there's great attention to detail on architecture, armour, clothing and even hairstyles. The writing is nicely adapted from original sources, but perhaps rather terse at times, although there is a lot of ground to cover in these stories so the brevity is understandable. -Warning: there is some tasteful nudity and a tasteful sex scene. Art by Anna Kharitonova, writting by Dimitris Manos, the same pen that brought us The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
By Centrifugal, rated M

Featured March 8, 2017
Mature, 76 pages

Poor Isabella finds her life turned totally upside down in a way she would never have expected… But then it gets worse. The ultimate indignity a teenage girl can suffer: being cut off from social media! That tips things over the edge, and when the going gets tough, the tough get weirder. Isabella and her best friend Marybeth become hitgirlz for the mob! This is a fun, murderous, action comedy from the the same team that brought us GAAK and Chevalier, the pen of Daryl Hughes and the brush of Monique MacNaughton. The art is in Monique's signature style, but slightly anime-fied this time, and all in black white and grey.

Read HitGirlz, by Coydog, rated M.

Featured March 1, 2017
Everyone, 19 pages

Were you ever excited to go on field trips to the planetarium or natural history museum when you were a kid? If the answer is “Yes!” then you may get a kick out of Sedna, a comic about two brainiac youngsters that like to make science references to space astronomy, dinosaurs, chemistry, and geology. Sedna is a very smart girl who is constantly seen with her enormous telescope. Dini is her best friend and frequent play buddy and the two are always seen making references to science. This comic is adorable, but most importantly, it is educational and you might learn a thing or two about Saturn's satellites by reading the archive. The art is drawn digitally and makes use of a monochromatic color scheme for each individual page. The art style has very clean lines.
Bring out your inner science nerd and read Sedna by thomasmcdonell. Galileo would be proud.


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