Featured Nov. 29, 2017
Mature, 51 pages

Sometimes boredom is an enviable state. Unemployed mercenary Tameka is about to find out why, when the normal life she's built for herself is cruelly shattered and she has to take up her sword in anger once more… Tameka is a dangerous woman with a troubling reputation in her home world, how much is myth, how much are true stories? In this world though no one knows that. In this world she had peace… till now.
The art is fully digital and nicely coloured. The story has action, adventure, comedy and terror. Mercenary Bound skips along at a good pace with effortless flashbacks and forwards (very hard to do!), you'll find it a fun read, though you may have to zoom in to read some of the text on occasion!

Read Mercenary Bound, By Angelajal91, rated T.

Featured Nov. 22, 2017
Mature, 63 pages

In the ninety-ninth year of the fifth age, a chain of events changed the world forever. An immortal emperor is at the center of a planned attack and the group behind it maybe close to him. After a plan to hurt the lord is thwarted due to his unclean blood, his attackers stop at nothing to make sure he does not come back. This is a folk story told by dragons. “The armies will be defeated, the fortresses will be collapsed, the pious lose their masks, and the world will mired in chaos and madness. Or not?”
The art is drawn and painted digitally. All pages are in full color.
Enjoy this tale of Solme, the heart of the Universe, where the fate of the world is resolved and read Obsession eternal by Zakriyaza, rated M!

Featured Nov. 15, 2017
Mature, 58 pages

Wainwright and Marcel are investigating a derelict space hulk drifting in the void, when things start to get eerie… Marcel has a terrifying vision. Is it a trick of the mind, madness, or something more sinister? A vision of things to come perhaps. This is thriller, mystery, SciFi, suspenseful space story with more than a little trace of Cthulhu and cosmic horror! The Constellation Chronicle is a pretty, fully coloured graphic novel comic with fully digital art. It updates frequently so be sure to follow along with its progress!

By Emevsa, rated M

Featured Nov. 8, 2017
Mature, 15 pages

In a world that believed in powerful gods, the qualities of demi-gods have entered the gene pool. Unfortunately, a widespread disease has wiped out a large part of the population. Some of the remaining people left on earth are the descendants of banished demi-gods and have become stronger. They have connections to mythical creatures like large flying black birds.
The art is very professional and has very detailed and intricate character designs. It is in full color and the art is drawn digitally.
Look inside a world of magical beings with godlike qualities and read Spark Book 1 by FlyByThunder, rated M!

Featured Nov. 1, 2017
Mature, 395 pages

Life as an American Hero is a tale of revenge, sisterhood, national security and superpowers! Sylvia, Luna, and Rachel are sisters and rivals, but when tragedy strikes their parents they know they'll have to set their rivalries aside to team up and go after the bad guys. This is a manga style comic with a manga style story. It's really fun to see how much it sticks to all the tropes and styles! It has consistent, colourful artwork in the manga style, 100% digital. The story is a revenge action adventure tale with plenty of fights and drama. There's at least 330 pages here so quite a LOT to get going with. You'll find yourself devouring pages in no time.
Read My Life as An American Hero, by Angentny003, rated M.

Featured Oct. 25, 2017
Teen, 145 pages

A town overrun with monsters once had a short-lived peaceful history. Years before Pollard Landis was born, his father, the town's hero defeated a personified form of Fear and sealed it deep within the ground. One day when Pollard was ten-years-old, he witnessed his Mother being taken victim by a vengeful Fear Demon, leaving a stone frozen shape of his mother in its place. The Fear Demon has manifested in the town and five years later, a group of survivors is rising up to take back their home.
This comic is mostly in black and white and uses hand lettered text.
October is the best time to read this story, so kick off Halloween and read Do You Like Fear by sarokophoenix before you go trick-or-treating, rated T!

Featured Oct. 18, 2017
Everyone, 36 pages

Read Adventures with Captn Heroic, by Jonathan_Greer_, rated M.

Featured Oct. 11, 2017
Mature, 27 pages

Just in time for Halloween comes the frightful tale of a small town under siege by rabid ZOMBIE raccoons! These little critters are actually pretty cute until they acquire a taste for brains. This comic would definitely make anyone think twice before walking alone outside in the middle of the night. The jump scares in this story are pretty cute mixed with hilarious.
The comic is drawn entirely with digital ink. The pages maintain a limited greyscale color palette with small bursts of color.
You better hide in your home before undead raccoons begin falling from the sky and read Lexi's Fight Against the Dead by JhonCrowWorks, rated M!

Featured Oct. 4, 2017
Everyone, 44 pages

There's some troubled relationships amongst the tribe… when you're hunter gatherers living in a lush green forest full of dangerous animals, irresponsible behaviour could mean death! Harp isn't making many friends with her impulsive devil-may-care ways, riding a wolf-like gruuf through the middle of the hunting party… Things are about to get very real for her, Flow and young Fleet when the monstrously savage Nobre'kahn rips apart their little world!
The art is all full colour digital with and charming, individual style. It's an action adventure, fantasy story about friendship, fear and fearlessness.

Read Journey Through NhauWe, by Hunchdebunch, rated E.

Featured Sept. 27, 2017
Everyone, 47 pages

Reading Fun Streak is about as fun as running buck-naked across a football field during a half-time show. The comic strips vary between stand alone jokes that last a page to actual drawings made on the DrawQuest app. This comic has jokes that are inspired by pop culture references, modern times, and life.

The art is drawn and colored with digital paint. The pages sizes vary, but mostly show up in a half page comic layout.

Break away from a busy day with some humor and read Fun Streak by area5_1 E!

Featured Sept. 20, 2017
Everyone, 62 pages

Mallory Bash is a charming comic about the titular character; a brash, rough around the edges, little red haired girl who gets into adventures and scrapes. She lives alone with her kind hearted grandfather in the small town of Moonblush, a place inhabited by other equally interesting people! This is a humorous comic with a lot of heart. It only updates sporadically, but it's definitely worth checking out. The art is all digital, highly stylised with an emphasis on cuteness. The first series is in black and white and the second is in full colour.

Read Mallory Bash, by David Perry, rated E.

Featured Sept. 13, 2017
Mature, 250 pages

Apollodorus Kratos is a dashing, young artist and scholar of archeology stuck in the shadows of his deceased father and floundering relationship with his female colleague. He is generally an observer who captures secret glances of couples at train stations in his sketchbook. After speaking publicly at a conference, he crosses paths with something or someone from his past.
The comic is read right to left and makes use of artfully crafted grayscale and sepia toned color schemes. The usage of neutral colors is very pleasing on the eyes and complements Kratos' sketchbook drawings.
If you want to experience the true longing of a hidden love, then read Reversion by Kabra Kare, rated M!

Featured Sept. 6, 2017
Teen, 97 pages

Super Impact High is a hell of a dangerous place to be! A haven for delinquents, gangs, and expert fighters, this is the school young 15 year old Marcel finds himself as a new student, hot on the heels of his mysterious missing sister. Super Impact High is an exciting high school fight comic reminiscent of Fist of the North Star, it has a very unique art style that really compliments the on screen action. Most of the art is non-digital, black and white, which a heavy emphasis on action. This is a compelling fight comic, get into it!
Read Super Impact High School, by GuyWithChainsaw, rated T.

Featured Aug. 30, 2017
Everyone, 386 pages

Meet the wonderful, enlightening calico cat that is here to serve a daily dose of positivity every day. Motivational Housecat is exactly what the world needs right now. Find yourself in a funk? Motivational Housecat will give you a friendly reminder that you are Awesome and that “You Got This!”. The comic strip along with the inspiring words by the comic's creator, Drew Gold, are certainly worth reading to help you through a difficult challenge. The comic is drawn digitally and uses bright colors. The pages mainly feature the main character involved in different activities.
Open your heart with an open mind and let this little cat brighten your day by reading Motivational Housecat by MotivationalHousecat, rated E!

Featured Aug. 23, 2017
Everyone, 156 pages

Zinc comix is all about Japanese death poems called Jisei. Each poem consists of 3 pages: one page for each line of the poem, and all the syllables on each page add up to 17, the the haiku form of the jisei. Each poem is listed with a number and the pages are listed “A”, “B” or “C”. They're very cleverly done, silently contemplative. They're all paired with life drawings of people's faces, drawn with charcoal. Each new poem is paired with 3 different views of the same person, the the next one features a new person and so on. This is a very unusual sort of comic to feature, I hope you enjoy it! Read it and contemplate on eternity! Read ZINC COMIX, by Zinccomics, rated E.

Featured Aug. 16, 2017
Teen, 271 pages

A young orphan. A mysterious man in a cloak. A gorilla that can sing Italian Opera. A cute little green dinosaur. Welcome to the planet Barter, a planet that is supposedly a Black Market planet. Chapter One starts off with a young girl talking to a ghost in a junkyard, but it soon becomes apparent that the people of this world have an “every person for themselves” mentality. We soon learn there is a band of Outlaw Treasure Hunters that is also hanging out on this planet. This comic is filled with action packed chasing sequences and gorgeous art!
This comic was written by John Stork with the art drawn by Raul Trevino. This is an excellent example of a successful collaboration comic because the story writing is very original and funny and the art style is wonderfully lined and inked (Trevino draws excellent renderings of cars).
Hop on the seat of a high-speed motorcycle chase and read Tomb Busters by StorkStudio, rated T

Featured Aug. 9, 2017
Mature, 173 pages

Cyrenna is still a schoolgirl but she's already a footsoldier in the mafia. It's the family business, and she's part of “The Family”. Things are about to get very real for her… No spoilers! Two hard bitten professional mercenaries are sent in to clean up the mess, it's gonna get bloody. This is a noir, action, thriller story, it's tense and immersive, the art is amazing and pro; American comic book style, digital, full colour. This will be an exciting story to follow!

Read Kings club by AmeliaP, rated M.

Featured July 26, 2017
Mature, 155 pages

Fierce battles with sword, spear, bow and hammer, vicious Norsemen, hungry ghouls, scheming sorceresses and nobles … Sword of Kings is an epic saga of ambition, conquest, and love. Written, constructed and directed by Bravo1102, this is a whole new take on his original story “Go a Viking”. It's still an epic adventure, but this time he's honed the story and tried a whole new art style. It's a historically influenced fantasy, the art consists of photography of dressed figures posed against sets and then digitally manipulated.

Read Sword Of Kings, by Bravo1102, rated M

Featured July 19, 2017
Mature, 31 pages

One dock, three people. Una garza negra, the black dock.
It is sunset at a small pier as two men sit silently side-by-side when one of them breaks the silence. The two have an exchange of small talk when the quietest man begins a philosophical discussion about society and how appearances result in preconceived notions on how we judge groups. The pacing is slow and beautiful and reflects a small scene from everyday life. The mood reflects that of Vladimir and Estragon in Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot.
The art is So Gorgeous with its genuine line work. The illustrations are the real deal with its rawness and limited use of digital tools. In addition, all the font is hand-lettered, which give the conversations a realistic quality.
Step on the dock and read Una Garza Negra by Garza Negra, rated M!

Featured July 12, 2017
Teen, 148 pages

The Cherub Brothers is a panel-a-day comic about two supposed angels- Sun and Zel– told from the perspective of Corey; an everyday kid who observes the kind things the “brothers” do for others, despite their…quirks. Corey’s perspective as he talks to his friends gives the insight an urban legend like tone. The art is scratchy, energetic, and spontaneous, and fits the freestyle like feel of the comic. Magor trades regiment-like paneling for a freedom to compose the comic content as he or she wishes. If you’re looking for something you likely haven’t seen yet, check out “The Cherub Brothers”– where the cryptic meets slice of life.

Featured July 5, 2017
Everyone, 39 pages

A young lady is living quietly with her quirky pinky-haired room-mate. She's trying to make her way in the world, working as a waitress while she studies at college- basically the life of a typical student. But one day something weird happens… The sandman is off work for the night and his replacement spills sleeping sand all over the poor sleeping girl's face, resulting is some pretty unusual things happening to her AND the arrival of a new companion, a magical hamster! This is a slice of life fantasy comedy. The art is digital colour and quite cute and charming in style. The writing is humorous and light.
Read LostandFound, by Roxi_ki, rated E.

Featured June 28, 2017
Mature, 62 pages

We might have heard a traditional version of the Holy Bible in the past, but it is very likely that the Albino Ginger version will be new for everybody. In a similar fashion as the original, this comic begins with Genesis, but the vivid twist and creative art energy will take your eyes on an exhilarating journey.
The art style is reminiscent of the animated shows on mTV in the early nineties. The colors pop and the style is refreshing. It is mostly colored using digital ink
Step into this version of the Holy Bible. It has dinosaurs, a flat Earth, and if you search close enough, you might even find a unicorn. Read Holy Bible the Albino Ginger version by Albino Ginger, rated M! (Some Bible-appropriate nudity, and mild language)

Featured June 21, 2017
Teen, 38 pages

Forest Reckoning by Dpat57

Rover is a curious dog who is helped by Mauser, a clever and manipulative cat, to enter the forbidden city.
Bears act as guards to the forbidden city, yet one, Arktos is aiding Mauser for reasons not yet revealed.
Charming characters, witty dialogue and and intriguing set up give this comic a solid start.

What most people will initially notice is the 3D art. The art is all done in google sketch up and made from scratch. It has a retro low def feel and a distinct cartoony charm.

Read Forest Reckoning. Rated E

Featured June 14, 2017
Everyone, 28 pages

This is a weird one!The story starts with a gritty but hilarious reality TV show on in the background and then we slowly get into the MEAT of the story. There's a dinosaur, on sale… more a measly million dollars! But who has that kind of money? The pretty and perfect Betty Sue might, but how to get it, and why? Well as to that there is an embarrassing story about pubic hair in a lightning bolt shape… ah, but we won't mention that! Suffice to say this is a crazy and creative little story. Fully digital colour, this is a crazy, abstract comedy comic.

Read VCR, by _Murphy, rated E.

Featured June 7, 2017
Everyone, 127 pages

Will Draw for Food is a semi-autobiographical, slice-of-life, day in the life comic of Jim, a hungry webcomic creator. Some pages hint at the realities of finding food that some comic creators have to experience like having to buy raw ingredients to make bread. Several of the strips deal with the struggles of daily drawing life like having to come up with content for a new strip. In more recent updates, Jim dives into the world of relationships when he introduces a new character, Jordan. The comic is drawn in black and white and is mostly created using digital ink.
If you have ever drawn a webcomic, or have a family of pet cats, then you should read Will Draw for Food by JimShawArt, rated E!


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