Featured Aug. 31, 2016
Everyone, 31 pages

A well dressed young prince stalks his way into the dark forbidding forest in search of the house the the rooster legs… He's come to beg a favour from the forest witch, but what will it be? Will she grant his request? At what cost? Krasnosvit is a retelling of a traditional Ukrainian folk-tale in all its charming glory. A historical fantasy, it's rendered in loving detail by MadMindInk. The digital colouring is fine and streamlined, the art is intricate and very pretty. The writing is mainly expressed through the images of the comic, which only has minimal dialogue, but the art is very clear in intent so it doesn't need more than it uses. Read Krasnosvit, by MadMindInk, rated E.

Featured Aug. 24, 2016
Everyone, 49 pages

Military Varient is an honest portrayal of military life from an infantry Marine during the post-9/11 years. The comic follows a slice-of-life comic strip format from the perspective of Detone, who was only eighteen-years-old when he decided to enlist because he wanted his life to have adventure and to do something greater than himself. The comic takes you on a journey from boot camp, the early days of the school of infantry, experiencing deployment life abroad, returning home with less employment prospects, and PTSD. There is an entire art series in the comic that pays tribute to fallen servicemen. In truth, this comic is a very important body of work because it creates a human connection to an infantryman. The art is drawn with pretty, stylistic solid colors. In some pages, the art transforms to look more realistic with feathery brushstrokes when the subject matter gets more serious. The comic is shown in full comic pages and in full color.
If you were ever curious about the day-to-day life, conflict, and struggles of an infantry Marine, then please check out Military Variant by Gdetone. You will find what you are searching for right here.

Featured Aug. 17, 2016
Mature, 64 pages

High Explosives Play Mobil is the tale of slacker dude Warwick ‘Ricky’ Chesterton. Ricky glides through by working at his fathers company and hanging out with his stoner friends, until one day he ‘accidentally’ consumes the contents of a bottle from a genetic research laboratory. Hi-jinks ensue.

High Explosives Play Mobil is brought to you by Drunkduck regular and musical genius Gunwallace (creator of Character Development and All Unicorns to Battle-stations.) and was written using the “Banes method”. All delivered with the wit and charm you would expect from Gunwallace via the medium of photos and children's toys.

Read High Explosives Play Mobil!, by Gunwallace. Rated M

Featured Aug. 10, 2016
Mature, 220 pages

In the beautiful, verdant and luscious village paradise of Pyll’ar, young sorceress Roxy goes about her daily routine, but this day things are to be a little different… A strange pale man with black hair arrives to fight a terrible beast, and fails. Roxy takes in Ronig and nurses his wounds, showing him the ways of her people. Will love blossom between them, like the lovely flowers on the island? Only time will tell. What what IS the story behind the mysterious Ronig?
Cosmos song is a beautifully rendered fantasy comic with an amazing rainbow of colours and lovely glowing effects. The story features action and romance, it moves along at a very good pace and it really quite addictive as well as a treat for the eyes!
Read Cosmos Song, by Peipei, rated M.

Featured Aug. 3, 2016
Everyone, 137 pages

Zoey is completely caught off guard and bewildered when her father pushes her into an escape capsule located in his old lab the minute the aliens arrive. In a single moment, everything she has ever known is taken away from her and she is left stranded on a barren planet. But sacrebleu! What's this? While Zoey is lurking behind a clay rock, a pair of rubbish scavengers made up of a personified feline and a floating round android show up on the planet illegally. When these two worlds collide, we will find out once and for all if they are currently on Earth and whether or not all of mankind has gone extinct.
The art is so gorgeous and colored with digital ink. Even though it is all digital, it still has that quality of traditional line work and making brush strokes with a sharpie marker.
If you enjoy space or have a strong animosity toward aliens that want to eradicate life on Earth, then read to the galaxy and back by 5thezombie, rated E!

Featured July 27, 2016
Teen, 94 pages

Scapegrace needs a new lead singer… and who do they get? MAN BUN! What? Nooooo! But yes, Man Bun Fred looks like being their new official lead singer, mainly due to drummer Amber having a mega crush on him. Guitarist Katie seems mildly impressed but keyboardist Ivy doesn't like him at ALL! There are tensions building in the band but they need a good lead singer if they're to compete in the battle of the bands and Man Bun Fred is the best they've got. The drawing style is very idiosyncratic and simplified, but it does the job. It's stylised and charming. The story is a slice of life comedy set in the real world of garage punk bands, hipsters and dirty apartments!

Read Man Bun, by Nicolette Karas, rated T.

Featured July 20, 2016
Mature, 28 pages

A scratch on the arm may break the skin, but a nightmare of a bleeding woman in a dark alley runs deep. Newly widowed Charlotte is a dedicated florist at a flower shop. She loves her job even though she has to deal with her overly charismatic coworker, Mr. Tristan Burke. Charlotte's grieving process is about to get a little more complicated when Thomas, a recent customer begins to ask her questions about her late husband. It is possible that Thomas wants more than a floral arrangement from Charlotte.
The art is really, really professional and it is drawn thoughtfully using a Cintiq tablet. All of the pages are in full digital color. This story is just getting started, so it would be a great idea to hop aboard the Pestilent train while it is taking off. Hopefully Charlotte Coppens learns to cope with her husband's death by making new friendships. Please read Pestilent by Internecinevisuals, rated M!

Featured July 13, 2016
Everyone, 58 pages

It's that time of year again! The DD awards are upon us! Crashing down upon us from on high like a great avalanche of unhatched duck eggs of vast potential… WHICH will hatch the swan? Answer: none you idiot! Swans don't come from duck eggs duh! I can't believe how stupid you are… *shakes head*

Right now on the DD awards they have a thing going called For Your Consideration (FYC for short), It basically means that people who want to be voted for an award will present some artwork and a case for why they deserve it. But THIS year that's taking the form of a “comic Jam”, where all the comic creators get together and make all their art into an ongoing story. This one starts out with some TV Binge watchers on a couch watching Without Moonlight, this is of course done by Tantz Aerine!
Enjoy the FYC antics and please consider voting for the their comics!
Read Drunk Duck Awards 2016, By Niccea, rated E.

Featured July 6, 2016
Teen, 40 pages

Owen has just returned home from fighting in a war after being away for many years. All he wants to do when he gets back is cuddle up with his wife, Lily, and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. His lovely wifey is about to send some chills up his spine when he wakes up to see her acting more ghoulishly than girly. In the most unusual fashion, the reunion of Owen and Lily is going to play a darker role in the story than expected.
The comic has full colored pages with a possible mix of traditional inked black lines combined with digital ink. There are some biblical references in the story such as the battle between Lucifer and the archangel Michael.
Let that inner demon out for a while and spend some time in a world where Satan might be making a comeback and read Urthe by makingcomicsstudios, rated T!

Featured June 29, 2016
Everyone, 34 pages

Du’an Stahl has HAD it! The historical magazine that he's worked a for 10 years has turned into the History Channel. Now is finally time to quit and use his skills and intelligence on something worthwhile… it's finally time to write that book he always planned on doing. This time he's actually going to do it. He's quit his job and bought a plane ticket, there's no turning back now.
Eőrsike Lato returns to the house of her childhood where her elderly grandmother has recently passed away, a place of sadness, desolation and… mystery.
It will be fascinating to see how these two stories weave together along with historical titbits and flashbacks to the past as well as the eponymous assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. The story is a mystery drama, slow to develop. The art is delicious, full colour stylised realism.

Read The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, By Centrifugal, rated E.

Featured June 22, 2016
Mature, 1 page

Step into a forgotten realm of quandary and whimsy where two twin girls, Cochlea and Eustachia find themselves as test subjects in a lab experiment put on by a mole in Victorian clothing and a wheelchair. Every corner of this magnificent building maze contains hybrid creatures that come from the same twisted world as a Hieronymus Bosch painting. No matter how quickly the girls flee, a new monster awaits their arrival. The story is separated into chapters. Chapter one is entirely in black and white inking, while chapter two is fully colored with digital ink. The art draws upon stylistic inspiration from the Art Nouveau period and the inventive technology is reminiscent of the steampunk culture. The written dialogue is down to a minimum because the images on the page speak for itself.
The creator team behind this comic, hansrickheit, is known on Drunk Duck for their recently featured comic, DELIA. One good turn deserves another, and this is a more in depth look into their genius. Melt into a comic that is as surreal as it is intriguing and read COCHLEA and EUSTACHIA by hansrickheit, rated M.

Featured June 15, 2016
Mature, 88 pages

Torn Vines doesn't have any vines or tearing in it! Poor Adam has no work and no home. He's on the streets of cold Oslo during winter time, just him and his cat… and to top it all off he gets attacked and beaten up, only to be saved by a tall, statuesque woman. A transwoman. This turns out to be a fortuitous meeting for both of them and little do they know but both their lives are about to become much more complicated and much better as a result!
This is the second featured comic by Udyr. The first was sweets and giggles which is set in much the same world. This is a very interesting character driven story with a plot focussed on developing relationships and sexuality. The are is stylised realism, all digital with very pretty colours.
By Udyr, rated M.

Featured June 8, 2016
Mature, 19 pages

A lonely bunny girl woke up on the wrong side of the bed because she is having one hellish day. First, she gets fired from her job at Starbutts and later starts getting followed around town by a dude that looks like Death (well he does!). When all attempts to make an honest buck fail to deliver, she has to take it to the next step and see how far down the rabbit hole goes. Welcome to a very special Pluto Adventure. What crazy things are going to happen on a planet so tiny, that it can only keep on shrinking?
All the pages are colored in monochromatic red. The style is surreal, whimsical, and is very reminiscent of indie line art. The emotions from the pupil-less dinner plate eyes are very entertaining.
Take an adventure to Pluto or at least figure out the secret to pole dancing correctly and read Pluto Bear by plutobear, rated M for language.

Featured June 1, 2016
Everyone, 27 pages

In the frozen forests of old Russia the mother of a small peasant family dies, leaving her husband and her two children, a boy and a girl. The father sends his daughter off to a big town for a finer more refined life than he can give her… it doesn't work out that way though. Little Pine Cone finds her new life hard, cold, and friendless. But don't worry, a magical adventure awaits. This is a fairy story, very much in the style of 19th Century author George MacDonald: magical, with nature spirits, but it doesn't shield you from the sadness of the life of the main character, who we learn about only in third person.
Coincidentally I was listening to Joanna Newsom's album The Milk-Eyed Mender while reading this, which was a great accompaniment, and in the song “Sadie” the lyrics mentioned carrying a “Pine Cone” as the Blue Eyed Hog was doing just that in the story. A nice coincidence!
The art is all hand drawn inked style line work, very free and gestural, in a sort of stylised realism that suits very well to the subject matter. It often includes lovely decorative patterns in the margins that are evocative of Russian folk art or one of the themes on the page. Little Fir Cone is a fairytale picture book, with a gentle, all ages, magical story.
Read Little Fir Cone, by Growler Comix, rated E.

Featured May 25, 2016
Mature, 162 pages

Imagine a city inhabited by squirrels. No, not the ordinary squirrels that you would find in an ordinary city. This is a city where squirrels wear hats, wear glasses, smoke cigarettes, play with puppets, and even attend University. Delia is an educated squirrel lady who has yet to find the right squirrel companion. She moves along her day by waiting for the bus in the rain, traveling to the college where she works and meeting with professors. She loses her job on one unfortunate day, but her secret hobby dealing with radio transmission leads her to an unexpected connection. The night life in this squirrel city is bustling and there are many squirrels to meet in the bar scene. However, one seems to stand out, a nice young gentleman named Theodore who is a professional puppeteer by trade. Delia and Theodore seem to hit it off after a chance meeting encounter. Unaware at first, Delia is about to find out that her new friend is connected to one of her University professors, and he is much closer than she expected.
The art is SO AMAZING. Hansrickheit's drawing style is so charming and is evidence of years and years of professional comic creation. The comic is in black and white and makes a great use of line art.
Read DELIA by hansrickheit, rated M!

Featured May 18, 2016
Everyone, 95 pages

Bruno Harm is getting on, he's old and a bit paunchy, but he's still one hell of a PI! His unorthodox methods will solve most cases faster than any po-faced CSI crime team, with a good deal more humour and fun. He sees himself as an old time nior detective and would like us to see him that way as well, it doesn't quite work out like that though.
The art is highly stylised and cartoony, hand drawn with digital colour. Bruno Harm is a comedy nior detective comic strip and it's incredibly funny with a clever joke on every page.
Read Bruno Harm, by Bruno Harm, rated E.

Featured May 11, 2016
Teen, 106 pages

In the depths of eternal darkness, a young man makes a sacrifice in exchange for his father but there is an even darker force in charge of his fate. His wish might have been granted, but it was accompanied by much dire consequences. The story is set in a small, middle of nowhere town called Pinewood. A tired loner named Amanda is about to meet the effervescent Trixie, a new girl in town who needs help catching up with classwork. The two are an unlikely pair of individuals to start a friendship, but living in Pinewood is also an unlikely circumstance.
The art is drawn digitally in pure black and white. The art style hearkens back to traditional comic character designs of the 1940s with emotive facial expressions.
Read The Magpie by BonesMcKay, rated T!

Featured May 4, 2016
Teen, 91 pages

Deep in a frozen icy waste, a story of dark treachery and vicious slaughter is unfolding. A returning elven caravan is beset by a massive hoard of vicious snow dwelling Shuntacks. The twilight world is rent by the sound of battle and the spilling of hot blood. This is a high fantasy comic with beautiful digital artwork, it has a lovely purple and blue unified palette. The story evolves swiftly, involving action, and serious drama. The text is in an unusual font that takes a little getting used to and sometimes the syntax is a little off but you get the meaning ok. All in all this is a very pretty work.
Read Fading World, by EllirhShaan, rated T.

Featured April 27, 2016
Mature, 43 pages

Ayla's day job is pretty tough–she is the speaker for the ones without a voice, otherwise known as the dead. It takes a strong individual to be able to call people out on their lies. It is even more difficult when all her clients are no longer alive. While at a crime scene, Ayla seeks out the help of a blind, bilingual priest to help her solve the mystery surrounding a homicide. She runs into many questionable characters including henchmen that might lead to the the answers she is seeking. Her search leads her into the dark, underbelly of New Orleans where she must visit and interview people at Big Mama's Strip Club in order to find a person that smells of cinnamon.
The art is in digital color and is displayed on full pages. There is a great usage of silhouettes on the pages and detailed line art that resembles traditional comic book styles from the 1990s.
Read Ayla Speaker for the Dead by JohnH985, rated M.

Featured April 20, 2016
Everyone, 401 pages

Bram and Vlad are two names you will probably recognise. These guys are famous, well their grandparents are anyway… These two are celebrity scions of illustrious lineages, but they're also pretty good buddies. The happy go lucky dorky vampire hunter Bram and the dark little nasty punk Vlad make a surprisingly good pair. They get into some silly situations as they learn about the pitfalls and prizes of each other's worlds, and falling for each other's “girl” also spices things up a bit too. Lucy and Bessie are two pretty interesting characters in their own right!
This is a humour comic strip that has evolved a lot over the course of its run. It's been on DD many years now, getting consistently better and better, especially the art style.
Read Bram and Vlad, by Strixvanallen, rated E.

Featured April 6, 2016
Mature, 161 pages

Silver, the Sean Connery-like James Bond of foxes is last of the old guard in Canada's prime international espionage and intelligence agency. He's a dashing guy, good with a gun and popular with the ladies, but they just don't do things the same way they did back in the cold war any longer, they need new blood in the agency.
This is an anthro comic, it doesn't take itself too seriously, there's a good mixture of comedy, some self-mockery, action, and even some racey scenes that sail a little close to the wind- but then what are mature ratings for? The art is all on black and white, digital work.
Read FOX Academy, The New Breed, Story by Dikran O, Art and Layout by Henbe, rated M.

Featured March 30, 2016
Teen, 34 pages

800 years ago, there was a battle against evil looking forces and they were thought to be vanquished during the middle ages by a wizard. The artifacts from the castle have since turned into a museum display for tourists looking for a few chilling secrets in the modern day. Now these characters are back including a re-animated corpse (otherwise known as a lich) and Grenadier. Their main quest is to search for a vampire. This is a fish out of water comic as this group of unregistered vigilante heroes from a different time try to adjust to life in the modern world. It is lighthearted and funny and a twist on the personality types of ghouls.
The art is sometimes in full-pages of color, but it switches into black and white. The pages are colored using digital ink.
Read Undead 20XX by maskdt, rated T!

Featured March 23, 2016
Teen, 105 pages

Welcome to the wonderfully creepy forest of Kellwood, a dank, yet cosy place, home to some very unusual inhabitants of the creepy yet deliciously cute kind… demons, vampires, werewolves and more! Poor Menu is a werewolf with no life skills who's starving, his only asset is an amazingly fantastic house. Charby is a streetwise stunted little vampire with big cute eyes, spiky hair and, no home. Meanwhile Zeno is a lonely demon, desperately in need of companionship. These guys need to get together…
Have you heard of Charby the Vampirate? No? Well that's certainly unusual, but do not fret my friend, Charby The Vampirate Revamped is the perfect chance to get in on the ground floor, to begin at the beginning and read along as it uploads. The story is broadly the same as the original, but sort of a fresh, cool take on it with all sorts of interesting details added or redone in a much nicer way. And I'm just happy to finally be able to feature a Charby comic.
Read CTV ReVamped, by Amy Of Darkness, rated T.

Featured March 16, 2016
Teen, 36 pages

“I am just a labyrinth of ideas stuck in the middle of nowhere. Death is the only thing that's real. Life is the only thing that deserves saving.” This first chapter's main title shares its name with Carl Jung's psychoanalytic idea of the the animus, an anthropomorphic archetype of the unconscious mind. A man wakes up alone, haunted from dreams of his past. He walks around the city at night, loitering at the local bars and logs into his computer under the alias schrodinger123. This comic is an exercise of staring into the face of isolation and loneliness. “Intoxicants might help you make the silent scream of agony. But depression is a drug far more real. The only true high.”
The art has a sketchy feel that is drawn with a digital tablet. There are interesting color selections with some pages entirely one shade of blue or red. The art style has an ethereal, dreamlike quality that has a surreal feel.
Slip into the madness of the mind and read Lake of No Return by koustubh, rated T.

Featured March 9, 2016
Mature, 96 pages

Satanic Ninjas are after a magical item of power and a sexy space pirate bounty hunter is slaughtering alien monsters, meanwhile nerdy all American teen Eddie just wants a hot date for the high school prom!
This is a gorgeous pastiche/parody of all the best of the 1980s: heavy metal, ninja martial arts films, high school sex comedies, horror films, B-movie Scifi, and more. True to its influences there's lots of blood and boobs here, so this is for mature readers only! The art is very 1980s in style, with lots of cool grids and neon effects, characters have big hair and letter jackets, it's glorious. This is a comedy, action, SciFi story, with the writing following multiple paths.
Read Satan Ninja 198X, by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron, rated M.


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