Featured Dec. 28, 2016
Everyone, 114 pages

Imagine a world where everyone woke up one day and fully committed to doing the right thing. Blood donation lines would be out the door; Models would advocate against sweatshop labor; Animal poachers would no longer feel the need to kill; Oil companies would switch to green alternatives. It is possible to get a peak into that world by reading the RIGHTEOUS webcomic. Chapter Zero shows several different news scenarios where the main characters have a change of heart and actively try to make a positive difference. Each page will leave you feeling better than the last and might even inspire you to do the same in your own life.
The art is digitally colored and uses digitally inked lines and vibrant colors. The art style is even reminiscent of traditional comic book art.
Commit to do the right thing and read RIGHTEOUS by righteouscomic, rated E!

Featured Dec. 21, 2016
Everyone, 63 pages

This wonderful anthology comic in the making is a collection of gothic tales (who'd a thunk it?) although so far only the one has been published. It has sumptuous cover art and the first tale “The Spider” has beautifully stylized art and is light on dialogue. What dialogue the comic has, is in french but fear not it is very easy to follow even if you speak french like a British tourist. The art is detailed and oozes personality as it draws you into the gothic world depicted within.

Read Mr Valdemar and other gothic tales. Rated E

Featured Dec. 14, 2016
Mature, 89 pages

Little Lara is the last single human person left in the whole of the universe. She's a funny little girl with white hair and dark skin, which isn't surprising given the nasty radiation in space… Which is where she finds herself: picked up by some weird looking aliens on a big starship, filled with horrors who will soon become her friends and protectors. This is an action scifi story by the amazing and prolific Udyr! The colouring and art are the great stuff we've come to expect from Udyr. The story has comedy, pathos and intrigue. Come along for the ride! Read E X T I N C T, by Udyr, rated M.

Featured Dec. 7, 2016
Teen, 346 pages

Marco still lives at home with his mother, but that does not stop him from entering a world of adventure complete with larger than life creatures. Along his journey, he comes across a fighting Lion named Leo and a really aggressive chicken. It almost makes sense that he never leaves home without his bat. Also, the name of “Boys Land” is misleading because there is a girl inhabitant who lives in this world and her name is Tatyana and she works as a detective.

Boys Land is drawn in a black and white manga style that is read right to left. The cover pages of Boys Land as well as Boys Land and The Bandit Heist were drawn to enter in a contest for Shonen Manga.

Enter into the magical world of Boys Land and read Boys Land by Boysland crew, rated T!

Featured Nov. 30, 2016
Teen, 70 pages

From Essaybee, creator of Fusion comes Dude in distress.

Clark Peters is your average loser who can't get a date and is teased by his so called friends,
things change one fateful night when he is caught in the middle of a superhero battle between Femme Fantastic and Little Boy Boom.

Both the writing and art are reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. The story telling is light hearted and straight forward with slight subversion of an overly familiar genre. Meanwhile the art is bold and striking which perfectly suits the comic.

Dude In Distress, Rated T

Featured Nov. 23, 2016
Everyone, 573 pages

Jonathin Quackup has had a very adventurous life! There's battles, war, journeys, fierce warriors, hidden destinies, and even fishing! The creatures of Planet Weralt are humanoid animals, they live in a series of rival, warring communities. This is the story of how the legend of the great adventurer
Jonathin Quackup began, as he was chased out of his home and moved to a new kingdom to start again with his family… Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt is a fantasy story almost in the style of a biblical tale; there's a bit of David in there, a bit of Moses, the Exodus… it's very interesting! The art is consistent throughout, abstracted and stylised, but pleasing.

Read Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt, by Raytoons, rated E.

GRUNK by mg78
Featured Nov. 16, 2016
Everyone, 51 pages

Biological mutation experiment gone wrong? The Grunk is an olive green, bad-mouthed swamp monster who has a general disdain for Mondays…and pretty much everything. He lives close to the happiest of forests with inhabitants that appreciate everything from life, love and laughter. After escaping from his experiment tube, the Grunk runs into another sentient creature that calls itself a free spirit. GRUNK better be careful before he is ejected from his new aquaintance, too.
The art begins in full color, but a large majority of the comic is in black and white. Stylistically, the character designs for the Grunk are nicely done and original. There is a lot of shading that uses gradients.
If you dislike Mondays, and all things, you might have fun reading GRUNK by mg78, rated E.

Featured Nov. 9, 2016
Everyone, 90 pages

Embrace the Pun! by Barry Corbett.

The title says it all, Embrace the Pun is a gag comic made up entirely of terrible puns. I say that with love, because personally I love bad puns.

The format is simple and effective, a single image and a pun, no more, no less. The art is clean black and white lines that has a lot of character.

All manner of subjects are covered, be they topical or otherwise, but the humour is always clean and safe for work.

Check out Embrace the Pun. Rated E

Featured Nov. 2, 2016
Teen, 59 pages

Marie Ingram is experiencing her high school years, the highs and lows of relationships, boys, crushes, dating, love and lust, all the things that go through a developing mind and body surging with hormones in those formative years. This a is cleverly told realistic drama story, using a clever blend of private dairy entries and illustrated scenes with minimal dialogue. A lot of the story is told by glances and body language alone. The art is in shades of grey, all digital simplified realism. The story is slow to unfold, but the drama connects with you emotionally.
Read Grow up, by akahnart, rated T.

Featured Oct. 26, 2016
Mature, 17 pages

Unlucky Fred has found himself unemployed on the day of the zombie apocalypse. Have you ever felt like a mindless zombie while at work? I bet it can't be any worse than being an actual zombie while looking for work. Observe Fred's journey as he makes his way to new job interviews, meets delicious bosses, grows a penchant for rat smoothies, and falls in love with his female coworker. “He's a zombie…just trying to make an honest un-living.”
The art is drawn in a full-page format and colored digitally using digital ink.
Make friends with the most charismatic zombie on Earth and read FRED by CrazyFred22, rated M!

Featured Oct. 19, 2016
Everyone, 43 pages

Miracles by lex40515

I wasn't going to do another 3D comic again so soon but this one popped out of the blue and screamed feature. The Miracles are a team of superheroes formed by a billionaire scientist with altruistic tendencies. The team is unofficially government supported to combat the rise of meta human threats.
The art is 3d renders that are heavily affected but the end result is a bright and bold style that suits a super hero comic down to the ground. The writing seems strong, only twenty odd pages in and the characters are fairly established and groundwork is clearly laid for further mystery and adventure.

Read Miracles by lex40515

Featured Oct. 12, 2016
Teen, 108 pages

This is a world where people have powers, become registered and work as superheroes. But what happens if you don't make the cut? If you have power, but not quite enough, or the right temperament to join the ranks of the heroes? You become useless, like poor Bonnie… she's not a normal and yet she's not good enough to make the grade either. Where does she fit in society?
This is a full colour superhero drama. The art is all digital and nicely coloured, drawn in simple, pleasingly stylised shapes. The writing is dramatic and told pretty cleverly, with the exposition woven into the art.

Read Useless by uselessvigilantes, rated E.

Featured Oct. 5, 2016
Teen, 15 pages

Sig Treifa has discovered a gem from his father's research that fused with his left hand. For reasons unknown, he and his sister, Anna, had to leave their hometown and have become full-time squatters in South Town, a place with too much sunlight. Sig and Anna have teamed up with Ellie, a pink-haired assistant with a bubbly personality, who is very helpful with house chores. On this particular day, a new hire named Tessa Grey has arrived at the house and it turns out that she is looking for a job as a bounty hunter. Under the guise of a company named “Bigger Badder Bounties”, Sig and Tessa must work together as an unlikely bounty hunting pair and go on a series of adventures to solve mysteries. But hold on, there are dark and mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows of South Town that Sig spots from the corner of his eye. What are these shadow creatures? Will our bounty hunters be successful?
The art is drawn and fully-colored with digital ink. ScottFalco has created unique characters with a wide range of expressions.
Read Story of the Soul by ScottFalco, rated T.

Featured Sept. 28, 2016
Teen, 32 pages

The epic of Blitzov is, shock horror, the tale of Blitzov a warrior and Explorer who resides in a settlement called Bunkeria.
Bunkeria is a seemingly dangerous place filled with distinct characters such as the doctor, a nihilistic surgeon with a fascination with dissection.

Light on explanation te story unfolds through the art as much as it does the dialogue, which is pretty sparse. This comic promises to be an adventure of discovery for both the reader and Blitzov himself.

Read The Epic Of Blitzov by Pit-face.

Featured Sept. 21, 2016
Mature, 29 pages

ACTION! Action, action, action!!! That pretty well sums up almost ALL of Aspect Immortal. We're dropped right into the middle of a very exciting war action scfi story, involving space marines, Egyptian god aliens, a sexy robot, and an even sexier Egyptian priestess lady (I'm guessing that's what she is). It's professionally illustrated, have interesting character designs, and bold colours. It's really a very pretty comic. But Aspect Immorality is actually the fourth chapter in a larger story called The Ruins of Hesh'imet, which you can see on http://www.richwallaceart.com/ruins/comic/prologue-page-1/ if you'd like to delve deeper and find out more about the interesting characters of Aspect Immortal.
Read Aspect Immortal, by rwallace, rated M.

Featured Sept. 14, 2016
Mature, 43 pages

Hand, Eye, and Voice is the moniker of the trio sworn to protect Sparta City. Hand knows the criminal mind and is the muscle, Eye is a supernatural powerhouse and crime lab rolled into one, and Voice is an ex-cop wrapped up in an invisible suit. The three are called when the world vomits out pure evil such as the Were-Pigeon. At the moment, Hand, Eye, and Voice must fight against, Carly Rand, a female nemesis who was once seen as an ally.
The comic is drawn in black and white using traditional inking methods. One interesting part of the art process is that some pages were sketched in 2011 and inked four years later in 2015.
If you would like to read a story about the “good guys” protecting a city, and if you enjoy the art style of detective comics, then read Eye Hand Voice by kalamitycomics' rated M!

Featured Sept. 7, 2016
Teen, 70 pages

Dragons in civilized lands by Robertrveith.

The story follows Tahni Vey, a singer whose life is changed when she is kidnapped to be part of a magical quest with other unwilling adventurers.

It's an epic sword and sorcery adventure in the vein of the black and white comics of the 70s and 80s with a touch of dungeons and dragons thrown in for good measure. It doesn't seek to parody the genre or reinvent the wheel but rather to pay homage to the roots of the genre in comic form.

The plot doesn't take long to get to the action and introduce the key characters, who rather fittingly
are exactly what you might expect from the genre.

The art is 3D rendered and filtered to give a black and white inked look which is quite effective and looks like it belongs in an old news paper.
This may help it appeal to those who aren't keen on 3D comics.

Read Dragons in Civilized Lands, by RobertRVeith. Rated T

Featured Aug. 31, 2016
Everyone, 29 pages

A well dressed young prince stalks his way into the dark forbidding forest in search of the house the the rooster legs… He's come to beg a favour from the forest witch, but what will it be? Will she grant his request? At what cost? Krasnosvit is a retelling of a traditional Ukrainian folk-tale in all its charming glory. A historical fantasy, it's rendered in loving detail by MadMindInk. The digital colouring is fine and streamlined, the art is intricate and very pretty. The writing is mainly expressed through the images of the comic, which only has minimal dialogue, but the art is very clear in intent so it doesn't need more than it uses. Read Krasnosvit, by MadMindInk, rated E.

Featured Aug. 24, 2016
Everyone, 49 pages

Military Varient is an honest portrayal of military life from an infantry Marine during the post-9/11 years. The comic follows a slice-of-life comic strip format from the perspective of Detone, who was only eighteen-years-old when he decided to enlist because he wanted his life to have adventure and to do something greater than himself. The comic takes you on a journey from boot camp, the early days of the school of infantry, experiencing deployment life abroad, returning home with less employment prospects, and PTSD. There is an entire art series in the comic that pays tribute to fallen servicemen. In truth, this comic is a very important body of work because it creates a human connection to an infantryman. The art is drawn with pretty, stylistic solid colors. In some pages, the art transforms to look more realistic with feathery brushstrokes when the subject matter gets more serious. The comic is shown in full comic pages and in full color.
If you were ever curious about the day-to-day life, conflict, and struggles of an infantry Marine, then please check out Military Variant by Gdetone. You will find what you are searching for right here.

Featured Aug. 17, 2016
Mature, 64 pages

High Explosives Play Mobil is the tale of slacker dude Warwick ‘Ricky’ Chesterton. Ricky glides through by working at his fathers company and hanging out with his stoner friends, until one day he ‘accidentally’ consumes the contents of a bottle from a genetic research laboratory. Hi-jinks ensue.

High Explosives Play Mobil is brought to you by Drunkduck regular and musical genius Gunwallace (creator of Character Development and All Unicorns to Battle-stations.) and was written using the “Banes method”. All delivered with the wit and charm you would expect from Gunwallace via the medium of photos and children's toys.

Read High Explosives Play Mobil!, by Gunwallace. Rated M

Featured Aug. 10, 2016
Mature, 203 pages

In the beautiful, verdant and luscious village paradise of Pyll’ar, young sorceress Roxy goes about her daily routine, but this day things are to be a little different… A strange pale man with black hair arrives to fight a terrible beast, and fails. Roxy takes in Ronig and nurses his wounds, showing him the ways of her people. Will love blossom between them, like the lovely flowers on the island? Only time will tell. What what IS the story behind the mysterious Ronig?
Cosmos song is a beautifully rendered fantasy comic with an amazing rainbow of colours and lovely glowing effects. The story features action and romance, it moves along at a very good pace and it really quite addictive as well as a treat for the eyes!
Read Cosmos Song, by Peipei, rated M.

Featured Aug. 3, 2016
Everyone, 137 pages

Zoey is completely caught off guard and bewildered when her father pushes her into an escape capsule located in his old lab the minute the aliens arrive. In a single moment, everything she has ever known is taken away from her and she is left stranded on a barren planet. But sacrebleu! What's this? While Zoey is lurking behind a clay rock, a pair of rubbish scavengers made up of a personified feline and a floating round android show up on the planet illegally. When these two worlds collide, we will find out once and for all if they are currently on Earth and whether or not all of mankind has gone extinct.
The art is so gorgeous and colored with digital ink. Even though it is all digital, it still has that quality of traditional line work and making brush strokes with a sharpie marker.
If you enjoy space or have a strong animosity toward aliens that want to eradicate life on Earth, then read to the galaxy and back by 5thezombie, rated E!

Featured July 27, 2016
Teen, 91 pages

Scapegrace needs a new lead singer… and who do they get? MAN BUN! What? Nooooo! But yes, Man Bun Fred looks like being their new official lead singer, mainly due to drummer Amber having a mega crush on him. Guitarist Katie seems mildly impressed but keyboardist Ivy doesn't like him at ALL! There are tensions building in the band but they need a good lead singer if they're to compete in the battle of the bands and Man Bun Fred is the best they've got. The drawing style is very idiosyncratic and simplified, but it does the job. It's stylised and charming. The story is a slice of life comedy set in the real world of garage punk bands, hipsters and dirty apartments!

Read Man Bun, by Nicolette Karas, rated T.

Featured July 20, 2016
Mature, 28 pages

A scratch on the arm may break the skin, but a nightmare of a bleeding woman in a dark alley runs deep. Newly widowed Charlotte is a dedicated florist at a flower shop. She loves her job even though she has to deal with her overly charismatic coworker, Mr. Tristan Burke. Charlotte's grieving process is about to get a little more complicated when Thomas, a recent customer begins to ask her questions about her late husband. It is possible that Thomas wants more than a floral arrangement from Charlotte.
The art is really, really professional and it is drawn thoughtfully using a Cintiq tablet. All of the pages are in full digital color. This story is just getting started, so it would be a great idea to hop aboard the Pestilent train while it is taking off. Hopefully Charlotte Coppens learns to cope with her husband's death by making new friendships. Please read Pestilent by Internecinevisuals, rated M!

Featured July 13, 2016
Everyone, 58 pages

It's that time of year again! The DD awards are upon us! Crashing down upon us from on high like a great avalanche of unhatched duck eggs of vast potential… WHICH will hatch the swan? Answer: none you idiot! Swans don't come from duck eggs duh! I can't believe how stupid you are… *shakes head*

Right now on the DD awards they have a thing going called For Your Consideration (FYC for short), It basically means that people who want to be voted for an award will present some artwork and a case for why they deserve it. But THIS year that's taking the form of a “comic Jam”, where all the comic creators get together and make all their art into an ongoing story. This one starts out with some TV Binge watchers on a couch watching Without Moonlight, this is of course done by Tantz Aerine!
Enjoy the FYC antics and please consider voting for the their comics!
Read Drunk Duck Awards 2016, By Niccea, rated E.


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