Featured April 26, 2017
Everyone, 67 pages

Poor Peter doesn't know what he's in for… His very first day at a new school and the other kids are monsters, LITERAL monsters that is. He shares class with a Frankenstein's monster, a vampire, a mummy, and a Cthulhu to name a few. This was certainly NOT what he was expecting! He's just a normal kid afterall. It's going to be very interesting to see how he copes!
This is a black and white comic, all conventionally drawn, in simple, cartoon styled line art. The characters look great and the art is pretty consistent. It's a very funny, monster high school story. This comic is just starting so it's easy to get into and catch up. It updates weekly!
Read Scared by the Bell, by Dylandrawsdraws, rated E.

Featured April 19, 2017
Mature, 88 pages

Sexy teens, a summer camp down by a lake, hormones, a mysterious legend of a roaming monster, and ancient Indian burial ground… all the ingredients are here and ready for a deadly red soup of murder! And a good old fashioned classic sex comedy. My fave characters so far are Sandra Van Dyke the douchey lesbian and Patricia O'Brien the aggressive Irish girl. This comic is a LOT of fun!
The art is black and white, the style is a sex-comedy, horror thriller. I have only two criticisms of the comic: the text in the beginning is a little hard to read and character lines are sometimes a little clumsy. Apart from that it's pretty good and always improving!
BE AWARE: this comic is rated Mature and there are instances of full frontal nudity.
Read Slaughter at Camp Notamoovi, by Freakenburger, rated M.

Featured April 12, 2017
Mature, 483 pages

Meet Jaysin, a real talented comic creator who has made a new year's resolution goal to, wait for it, draw a new comic every day for 2017. The heart and soul of this comic explores a day in the life of Jaysin. Watch as he tries new foods, goes to museums, works on projects, hangs out with his friends, hunts for Pokemon, recovers from getting sick, and plays video games with his wife, Andy. This is a relatable comic to read especially for anyone who loves to draw comics.
The comic is drawn mostly in black and white, but there are panels with color thrown into the mix. The characters have great facial expressions and a wide variety of perspective angles are used.
Why have a slice of life when you can have the entire pizza of life? Read Half Hearted Headache by JaysinO, rated M for Mature.

Featured April 5, 2017
Teen, 93 pages

Ying and Yan by TonyAlpsen

Ying and Yan are twin brothers who are joined at the hip…and the shoulder, and everything in between.

It's a simple, perfect premise for standalone jokes playing off the brothers' conjoined status, or the difference in their personalities, or snarky commentary on life in general.

The tone is somewhat dark but accessible humor, and reminds me of Willie Weirdie, the old series by Al Jaffee.

Ying is more open, curious, and straight-laced, while Yan is the snarky, mischievous one. That works out quite handily - if Yan's wry one-liners and punchlines came from the twin on our left, it would make the word balloons awkward! Tony Alpsen lucked out, there!

The art is digital, in full color, with simple character designs and facial expressions that are a lot of fun, especially the different reactions the brothers have to practically every situation.

The comic is a single-panel gag format. I flew through the archive very quickly and smiled and chuckled the whole way.

It's a premise I wish I'd thought of!

Ying and Yan by Tony Alpsen is rated T for Twins!

Featured March 29, 2017
Mature, 131 pages

High school student, Hitomi ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time of night when she witnesses a young girl wearing her school's uniform get attacked. Strange events begin happening around town including an unexpected visit to her room by Hayate, a young man who was seen the previous night during the attack. Should Hitomi make acquaintance with strangers?
The art is drawn in the traditional manga style. It includes sound effects written in katakana with translations below each panel. The pages are drawn using a variety of mixed media, but the clean black and white lines are from using vectors. There is incredible precision used in each step to draw the characters that can be seen in Avart's other comic page: The Gloom Portfolio.
Unlock the mystery of these strange visitors in town and read The Gloom by Avart, rated M! (mature language, blood, mild violence, some fan service)

Featured March 22, 2017
Teen, 171 pages

Numb by NiinaEveliina

Numb is a mysterious tale of three long term friends, Susan, Levi and Tim. I really can't say too much as it would spoil the comic for you,
but I highly recommend checking it out for the otherworldy feel and sumptuously inked and water coloured art.

Read Numb. Rated T

Featured March 15, 2017
Mature, 12 pages

If you ever wanted to know some more about famous ancient Greek heroes and gods, but were fed up with the cartoony versions touted by Disney and the insane versions in Hollywood movies and video games, then this is the comic for you! This is a faithful retelling of the stories, coupled with amazing artwork that shows Greek people actually looking like Greek people. The artwork is beautiful, all in soft colour, there's great attention to detail on architecture, armour, clothing and even hairstyles. The writing is nicely adapted from original sources, but perhaps rather terse at times, although there is a lot of ground to cover in these stories so the brevity is understandable. -Warning: there is some tasteful nudity and a tasteful sex scene. Art by Anna Kharitonova, writting by Dimitris Manos, the same pen that brought us The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
By Centrifugal, rated M

Featured March 8, 2017
Mature, 121 pages

Poor Isabella finds her life turned totally upside down in a way she would never have expected… But then it gets worse. The ultimate indignity a teenage girl can suffer: being cut off from social media! That tips things over the edge, and when the going gets tough, the tough get weirder. Isabella and her best friend Marybeth become hitgirlz for the mob! This is a fun, murderous, action comedy from the the same team that brought us GAAK and Chevalier, the pen of Daryl Hughes and the brush of Monique MacNaughton. The art is in Monique's signature style, but slightly anime-fied this time, and all in black white and grey.

Read HitGirlz, by Coydog, rated M.

Featured March 1, 2017
Everyone, 19 pages

Were you ever excited to go on field trips to the planetarium or natural history museum when you were a kid? If the answer is “Yes!” then you may get a kick out of Sedna, a comic about two brainiac youngsters that like to make science references to space astronomy, dinosaurs, chemistry, and geology. Sedna is a very smart girl who is constantly seen with her enormous telescope. Dini is her best friend and frequent play buddy and the two are always seen making references to science. This comic is adorable, but most importantly, it is educational and you might learn a thing or two about Saturn's satellites by reading the archive. The art is drawn digitally and makes use of a monochromatic color scheme for each individual page. The art style has very clean lines.
Bring out your inner science nerd and read Sedna by thomasmcdonell. Galileo would be proud.

Featured Feb. 22, 2017
Teen, 47 pages

The World Outside of Time by lizinverse

Tsukue is born one day into a mysterious world where she is given a purpose but she isn't like the others people there. she is more curious and dreams, she questions the world around her and their mysterious creator. Manga styled line art is combined with coloured pencils, and later digital colouring, to give a distinct look to this otherworldly fantasy. read the world outside of time by lizinverse.

Featured Feb. 15, 2017
Mature, 55 pages

Rawdale is fast becoming our resident political cartoonist! Hot on he heels of Jesus 2016 comes TRUMPed, a humorous and satirical take on the start of this latest US presidential administration. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Trump is a pretty ridiculous figure who's pretty damn funny, Rawdale seems to agree with that and packs Turmped with both straight humour and biting satire!
This is a funny political photo comic!
Read TRUMPed, by Rawdale, rated M.

Featured Feb. 8, 2017
Everyone, 49 pages

Deep in the forest lives a pale, white squirrel (that might not be a squirrel at all) and it instills fear in the hearts of the country folk who believe it to be an evil beast. The prince of the kingdom has vowed not to marry a bride until the creature has been killed as a testament to the power this squirrel has on the people. There is one brave soul among the crowd, a female archer who has ventured into the forest hoping to kill the beast and renew a sense of calm to the land. Her compassionate side shines through as one of her strengths when she assists an injured bird that was left to die in the forest. This is a story about Good versus Evil, Girl versus Nature, Archer versus Squirrel.
The art is Beautiful!! It is a combination of black ink, handwritten letters, and watercolor paint on textured watercolor paper. If you are a fan of comics drawn in a traditional art style, then this is a must read.
Please read The Archer and the Squirrel by Tieback to follow the young archer deep into the dark woods and discover if she will come across the legendary squirrel. Rated E.

Featured Feb. 1, 2017
Mature, 100 pages

Kingdom of the Red Rose by Copper Mouflon

Kingdom of the red rose is the tale of Griffin, one of the 5001 grim reapers who ferry souls from the earth to the neather realms,
in the opening chapter we learn what vhoices Griffin has made that led him to be demoted.
The comic is of a very high standard with a complex back story that is unfolding with human stories within an other worldly epic.

Read Kingdom of the Red Rose. Rated M

Featured Jan. 25, 2017
Everyone, 7 pages

Short stories in comic form with a mighty sting in the tail! Fluke has illustrated a variety of one and two page stories from different writers, they all have a slight Twilight Zone look and feel to them. They're quite easy to get through and well leave you affected in one way or another. He's quite slow to update and there aren't many pages here but since they're short stories you're not missing out on plot development. the art is all digital, drawn in grey scale, which enhances the Twilight Zone feel. The style of writing is the classic O. Henry type! Read Fatal Lullaby, by Fluke, rated E.

Featured Jan. 18, 2017
Everyone, 20 pages

Unfruity and Nonchalant is the product you would get if you mixed a Keith Haring painting in a bowl with absolute cuteness. The simple style tells a quick story in one, two, three, or four panels while only using a single color (now THAT is talent!). The text dialogue is down to a minimum so it is up to the reader to make sense of the story in their head, whether it is a muffin top growing legs and walking away or an ice cream cone doing the same. This is a comic that will allow you to take a break from a long week, and trust me, you will be glad you did. The art is drawn digitally and it makes great use of monochromatic color choices.
Read Unfruity and Nonchalant by mparella rated E.

Featured Jan. 11, 2017
Teen, 81 pages

Witness the birth of Salamander, a super-heroine granted powers by a fire salamander.

Erin is a fairly average 22 year old working in a pet store until the store is hit by an arson attack,
when her life is in danger things take a dramatic change.

Salamander is shaping up to be a LGBT themed superhero tale with mysterious unfolding around the heroine. Sumptuous manga inspired art carries the action and delivers the drama excellently.

Check out Salamander by Saint Bree. Rated T

Featured Jan. 4, 2017
Teen, 178 pages

Witch Natasha gathers her ingredients, makes all the right preparations, chants the dark magic words and… nothing. She tries again and then notices a perky young lady behind her. Young, happy-go-lucky, naive Giselle isn't quite the succubus Natasha had in mind when she decided to summon a demon! My pet Succubus is a cheeky, sexy comic strip. It's funny and naughty, while never quite crossing the line; the best sort of tease comic! It's drawn in a cute, sexy manga influenced style. The art is very professional, smooth, consistent, and the colours are gorgeous. This is an entertaining, slightly titillating piece of good fun.
Read My Pet Succubus, by Carlos G, rated T.

Featured Dec. 28, 2016
Everyone, 156 pages

Imagine a world where everyone woke up one day and fully committed to doing the right thing. Blood donation lines would be out the door; Models would advocate against sweatshop labor; Animal poachers would no longer feel the need to kill; Oil companies would switch to green alternatives. It is possible to get a peak into that world by reading the RIGHTEOUS webcomic. Chapter Zero shows several different news scenarios where the main characters have a change of heart and actively try to make a positive difference. Each page will leave you feeling better than the last and might even inspire you to do the same in your own life.
The art is digitally colored and uses digitally inked lines and vibrant colors. The art style is even reminiscent of traditional comic book art.
Commit to do the right thing and read RIGHTEOUS by righteouscomic, rated E!

Featured Dec. 21, 2016
Everyone, 63 pages

This wonderful anthology comic in the making is a collection of gothic tales (who'd a thunk it?) although so far only the one has been published. It has sumptuous cover art and the first tale “The Spider” has beautifully stylized art and is light on dialogue. What dialogue the comic has, is in french but fear not it is very easy to follow even if you speak french like a British tourist. The art is detailed and oozes personality as it draws you into the gothic world depicted within.

Read Mr Valdemar and other gothic tales. Rated E

Featured Dec. 14, 2016
Mature, 103 pages

Little Lara is the last single human person left in the whole of the universe. She's a funny little girl with white hair and dark skin, which isn't surprising given the nasty radiation in space… Which is where she finds herself: picked up by some weird looking aliens on a big starship, filled with horrors who will soon become her friends and protectors. This is an action scifi story by the amazing and prolific Udyr! The colouring and art are the great stuff we've come to expect from Udyr. The story has comedy, pathos and intrigue. Come along for the ride! Read E X T I N C T, by Udyr, rated M.

Featured Dec. 7, 2016
Teen, 471 pages

Marco still lives at home with his mother, but that does not stop him from entering a world of adventure complete with larger than life creatures. Along his journey, he comes across a fighting Lion named Leo and a really aggressive chicken. It almost makes sense that he never leaves home without his bat. Also, the name of “Boys Land” is misleading because there is a girl inhabitant who lives in this world and her name is Tatyana and she works as a detective.

Boys Land is drawn in a black and white manga style that is read right to left. The cover pages of Boys Land as well as Boys Land and The Bandit Heist were drawn to enter in a contest for Shonen Manga.

Enter into the magical world of Boys Land and read Boys Land by Boysland crew, rated T!

Featured Nov. 30, 2016
Teen, 88 pages

From Essaybee, creator of Fusion comes Dude in distress.

Clark Peters is your average loser who can't get a date and is teased by his so called friends,
things change one fateful night when he is caught in the middle of a superhero battle between Femme Fantastic and Little Boy Boom.

Both the writing and art are reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. The story telling is light hearted and straight forward with slight subversion of an overly familiar genre. Meanwhile the art is bold and striking which perfectly suits the comic.

Dude In Distress, Rated T

Featured Nov. 23, 2016
Everyone, 583 pages

Jonathin Quackup has had a very adventurous life! There's battles, war, journeys, fierce warriors, hidden destinies, and even fishing! The creatures of Planet Weralt are humanoid animals, they live in a series of rival, warring communities. This is the story of how the legend of the great adventurer
Jonathin Quackup began, as he was chased out of his home and moved to a new kingdom to start again with his family… Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt is a fantasy story almost in the style of a biblical tale; there's a bit of David in there, a bit of Moses, the Exodus… it's very interesting! The art is consistent throughout, abstracted and stylised, but pleasing.

Read Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt, by Raytoons, rated E.

GRUNK by mg78
Featured Nov. 16, 2016
Everyone, 55 pages

Biological mutation experiment gone wrong? The Grunk is an olive green, bad-mouthed swamp monster who has a general disdain for Mondays…and pretty much everything. He lives close to the happiest of forests with inhabitants that appreciate everything from life, love and laughter. After escaping from his experiment tube, the Grunk runs into another sentient creature that calls itself a free spirit. GRUNK better be careful before he is ejected from his new aquaintance, too.
The art begins in full color, but a large majority of the comic is in black and white. Stylistically, the character designs for the Grunk are nicely done and original. There is a lot of shading that uses gradients.
If you dislike Mondays, and all things, you might have fun reading GRUNK by mg78, rated E.

Featured Nov. 9, 2016
Everyone, 90 pages

Embrace the Pun! by Barry Corbett.

The title says it all, Embrace the Pun is a gag comic made up entirely of terrible puns. I say that with love, because personally I love bad puns.

The format is simple and effective, a single image and a pun, no more, no less. The art is clean black and white lines that has a lot of character.

All manner of subjects are covered, be they topical or otherwise, but the humour is always clean and safe for work.

Check out Embrace the Pun. Rated E


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